Missing in California- brothers Orrin and Orson West

Police put out an appeal for two missing children, Orrin (4) and Orson (3) West on December 21st 2020.
They had been reported missing by their adoptive parents, Trezol and Jacqueline West, from their home in California City, CA at around 6pm.

Right away red flags were raised as they only had a photo of Orrin for the first media pleas and took a few hours to update to include a pixelated picture of Orson.

Trezol said that evening, at around 5 p.m, the boys were playing on their back porch. He says Jacqueline was inside wrapping presents while he went out the back gate to gather wood for a fire. When he returned, the pair had vanished. They searched inside the house and around the back yard. He then drove around the neighbourhood calling their names and talking to neighbours.

“I came home and I told my wife, ‘We need to call the cops’,” Trezol West said. “It’s getting dark and I need help, we’ve gotta get going.”


“I realized that I left the back gate open and I panicked and came inside the house, searched the house, me and my wife. Once that didn’t pan out, I got in the van, I looked down the street in both directions, it was getting dark, getting cold,”


Straight away, police and locals started searching. By Wednesday the boys biological mother, Ryan Dean, came to join the search.

“I just had to be here because my babies are supposedly missing from this house, So I just need to be here right now.”

Trezol and Jacqueline West

The family have lived in that house for three months. Trezol, Jacqueline, Orrin, Orson, two other adopted children, and two biological. The four other children were not in the home at the time and were with their grandparents for the Christmas holidays.

Distance between old house and new-

Weather that night

The couple have fostered Orrin and Orson since 2018 and adopted them in April 2019. Changing the children’s names from Classic and Cinsere to Orrin and Orson.

While it is not confirmed by law enforcement why Ryan lost custody of the boys, she claims it is because of medical marijuana use-

Police quickly got search warrants, K-9s to track any scent and took the family van. The dogs apparently did not trace anything of the boys leaving the home. Neighbours reported police digging in the backyard.

The family home

News interview speaking to the bio mother-

News live at the scene-

Interviews with adoptive parents-

News article about the FBI search

Statement Analysis -Analysis of Adoptive Parents of Missing Toddlers

Police news statement from 29th December-

Points of interested learned/confirmed in this interview-

  • One child had a fractured leg.
  • No sightings from any of the neighbours of the kids in the three months they lived there.
  • The couples other children were placed in protective custody.
  • The chief said he DOES suspect foul play.

AV News (who have done some great work getting information out about these boys) live streamed the next stage of the search-

No sign of the chalk drawings he claims they were making in the yard.

Anyone with information is asked to call the California City Police at (760) 373-8606.

Footage of the desert search of the boys where a Christmas gift bag bearing the name Orson was found, as well as an alleged knife and sock. 

 Footage from the neighbours CCTV.

Update 1st February

JUST IN: Authorities used imaging devices Monday to take photos several feet into the ground, in the backyard of the California City home where 3-year-old Orson and 4-year-old Orrin West were reported missing by their adoptive parents back on December 21.
PC: Jamie White

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    • Yes through tunnels under California city all leads back to hidden hills the park the house the rain the ranch

  1. I saw this at http://www.Brianspredictions.com . He had a recent dream about the boys and said “A woman has them and will kill them on March 14, 2021”, and “to look behind the apartment complex by the metal pole..look again… red marking with spray paint.” (He also said he fears they might already be dead.) He has been right before and helped authorities on other missing persons cases. Here is the link,, https://briansprediction.com/displayimage.php?album=2808&pid=1133608#top_display_media

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