The bizarre disappearance of Heidi Planck

Heidi Planck (39) has been missing from Los Angeles since October 17, 2021. She was last seen in the 7800 block of Gardendale Street in Downey, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. “Heidi’s family and friends are concerned for her safety,” the LAPD said in a statement.

You can view Heidi’s Facebook here.

Heidi was seen on CCTV on October 17 – she was seen leaving her home with her dog. Her ex-husband Jim Wayne has said that Heidi went to watch their 10 y/o son play football, but that she left the game early.

“She may have been a little bit edgy. I don’t know,” Jim said. “I just know that was the last time we spoke to her.”

Heidi was due to pick up her son from school on October 20, and she did not show up. That is when her ex called the police. “She’s a good mom. She’s really a good mom,” he said. “She wouldn’t let a day go by without talking to her son, there’s no way.”

Randomly, on the day that Heidi was last seen, her dog was found in the evening — wandering around on an upper floor of a high-rise apartment building in downtown Los Angeles. The apartment complex where the dog was found has denied requests to search the building’s parking structure and security footage without warrant.

On October 29, Federal agents and robbery homicide detectives went to Heidi’s home with their guns drawn.

Sources said that the officers believed they may have been entering a crime scene. There are no indications as to what investigators were searching for in Heidi’s home, but initial speculation states that this may have something to do with her business, as her employer is under a federal securities investigation for possible fraud charges.

Heidi was last seen wearing jeans and a gray sweater, driving her 2017 gray Range Rover with a black-and-yellow California license plate of ‘U840X0.’

As of November 9, Heidi is still missing. Her ex-husband has applied for and been granted sole custody of their son.

‘I urgently need these orders to put (son) into therapy immediately because he is completely distraught at his mother’s disappearance,’ James Wayne said in the declaration.

James described in the custody court documents the last time he saw her was on October 17, 2021.

‘She left (son) and I at the football game early. (Son) was in my care and he kept calling and texting her that night with no response. The following day, on Monday, October 18, 2021, I also texted [Heidi] multiple times to inquire why she left the game early and see to why she was not responding to his calls or texts.’

Wayne then continued, saying on October 20, ‘[Heidi] did not appear at school, so we became even more worried. (Son) and I went to the police station directly after I picked him up from school to file a missing person’s report.

James also spoke about measures he has taken to try to find Heidi. He tried to look for her through a ‘find my phone feature’ on her iPhone and Apple watch, but the feature was disabled. 

‘I was able to retrieve her business phone from the home on October 20, 2021 and all of her calls get routed to her personal phone as well. Neither her boss, her boss’ wife, her friends, her boyfriend, her friends, her landlord, (son) or I have heard from her since we las saw her on October 17, 2021.’

‘(Son) is beside himself and uncontrollably crying, worried, and desperate to find his mother. We are at the point where we have to expect the worse and accordingly, I am requesting full legal and full physical custody so that I can legally enroll (son) into therapy immediately. This is an emergency if we hear from authorities that Heidi has been kidnapped or has died, I fear that (son) will be extremely distressed and inconsolable beyond his current mental state. ‘ 

You can see texts that her son sent to Heidi, as well as the custody document here:

More court documents have been released:

She is white, 5-feet-3 inches tall and weighs about 120 pounds, with blond hair and blue eyes.

Anyone with information on Planck’s whereabouts was asked to contact the LAPD Missing Persons Unit at 213-996-1800. Calls made during non-business hours or on weekends can be directed to 877-527-3247.

Anonymous tips can be left at Crime Stoppers by calling 800-222-8477 or submitted online at

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