Missing Child Alert: Taylor Rose Williams (5) is missing from Jacksonville, Florida

An Amber alert issued Nov. 6th. after mother, Brianna Williams, says she woke up and noticed Taylor missing around 7:20a.m.

Brianna told police she last saw Taylor in her pajamas in bed at midnight, but when she woke the next morning, the back door was open and Taylor was gone.

Originally Brianna was cooperating with investigators but when they started questioning some inconsistencies in her story she stopped cooperating. But she has not been arrested.

Until recently, Brianna Williams lived at the Southside Villas apartment complex on Southside Boulevard, where police were seen investigating Wednesday and Thursday. A dive team searched small ponds in the area and investigators dug through trash from the complex’s dumpster.

Brianna’s car was also searched for clues. Police have not said if they have found anything but biohazard bags could be seen outside Brianna’s old home.

Taylor’s father, Maurice Tate, is a truck driver who lives in another state. We know he has also been questioned by police, but it’s unclear if he has come to Jacksonville. He is said to be cooperating.

Police are asking for anyone that has seen Taylor and Brianna together in Jacksonville in the last 6 months to contact them. It has been said that Taylor was enrolled in a daycare on base but has not been seen there since spring.

A comment on a news post started circling around after a woman said she helped Brianna move into her new Apartment on Ivy St., but did not see Taylor.

When asked if it’s possible Taylor never came down to Florida with Brianna when she moved from Birmingham the sheriff said he couldn’t comment on that but they are working with Authorities in Alabama.

During a press conference the sheriff also stated that Brianna has no family that lives in Florida but they have been down to visit.

According to an Alabama newspaper, she was valedictorian of Linden High School in 2010. She studied mechanical engineering at Alabama A&M University in Huntsville before joining the U.S. Navy.

The Navy confirmed she is currently a petty officer first class at the Tactical Operations Center at Naval Air Station Jacksonville.

The craigslist post Brianna made the day before she reported Taylor missing is weird.

Florida Crime Stoppers is giving a $3,000 reward for anyone with info on where Taylor Williams may be.

Name: Taylor Rose Williams

Age: 5yrs old

Height: 3”0 / Weight: 50lbs

Eyes: Brown / Hair: Black (natural)

Clothing: Purple shirt and Pink Pajama pants (at bedtime)

3 thoughts on “Missing Child Alert: Taylor Rose Williams (5) is missing from Jacksonville, Florida

  1. Thank you for putting all the important details together in one place. It certainly seems like this little girl is not only deceased, but has been gone for quite a while.

    The mother works full time at NAS Jax so she would have needed daily childcare. So far, *no one* has been identified as caring for her and there has been no evidence of her attending a daycare or school.

    No new information has come out for several days and what little is known is sprinkled throughout multiple sources, making it difficult to get a clear, accurate picture. I hope you will continue to update this story and again, the work you’ve done is much appreciated!

  2. Mother arrested after trying to commit suicide, this baby’s body was found in Alabama where this POS “mother” dumped it wrapped in trash bags.

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