The Search for Gabby Petito: Week 2

We decided to start a new write-up for week 2 of the search for Gabby Petito due to the length of the first one.

If you’re looking for updates from week 1, you can find them here.

We are going to break down all of the updates by day. This post will cover Sunday, Sept. 19 to Saturday, Sept 25.

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Sunday, Sept. 19th

The Search for Gabby Petito:

Location: Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Van Comparison: Gabby’s vs. one seen by Red White & Bethune on 8/27

Link to clip on Instagram

Many of the stickers match but it appears the black upside down triangle on the right and the rectangle one with palm trees are newer.

In the police cam video from 8/13 these stickers also are not on Gabby’s van (below photo).

For reference, the below photo is from the police after the van was in their custody.

The “Today is a great day” sticker is from Venice, FL.

The Search for Brian Laundrie:

Location: North Park, Florida

No media allowed in the area today, so we probably won’t see as many updates.

Brian’s family is now saying they picked up his car from the reserve on Tuesday and that he may have hurt himself.

After telling police he left on foot.

There was also some clarification (except not really because it’s still confusing) to the ‘parents picking up Brian’s car’ situation.

It’s being speculated the note was a courtesy note saying if the car wasn’t moved it would be towed.

Gabby’s remains are discovered:

On September 19, reports started emerging that a body had been found in the search for Gabby.

A press conference was held by the FBI and the body was confirmed as belonging to Gabby:

RIP Gabby 🙁

Monday, Sept. 20th

We start the day off with police saying they will not be searching the reserve for Brian today.

They later clarified and said they felt they exhausted all search efforts in that area, but they are still looking for Brian (see below).

A bit later in the morning, the FBI showed up to the Laundrie’s home and threw up some crime scene tape before bringing equipment inside.

Then they kicked out his parents. We got excited and thought they were being taken into custody, but they let them back in a little while later.

But then, his mom was escorted out again and taken away. Don’t have any other details yet.

Live feed from outside of the house here.

Brian Laundrie’s parents have been removed from the home

Parents back in the house??

Mom back out of the house:

Screenshots of the search:

Brian’s car is towed away and boxes of evidence are removed from the home

Search Warrant:

Link to download pdf

911 Call Released:


Rumors/ Social Media Chat/ Misc:

Please note that this info is NOT verified or official. It’s from people talking online.

This later came out which adds up with the above texts.

If you want to see the inside of their house, here’s the listing for it from 2017. They owned the house at this time and it didn’t sell.

There is some online speculation that Brian is alive. Check out this video for more info:

Tuesday, Sept. 21st:

Not a lot has happened today so far. They’re still searching for Brian in the reserve. The FBI is now assisting. Here are screenshots from the day.

Gabby’s death is ruled a homicide


Someone who saw Gabby and Brian on August 27 came forward today.  

“I have chills right now,” Nina Celie Angelo told Fox News Digital Wednesday. “It’s crazy because it wasn’t just like we passed them on the street — it was a full blown incident.”

Angelo told Fox News she and her boyfriend, Matthew England, were in town for a wedding in late August. They were out to lunch at Merry Piglets, a Tex-Mex restaurant, between 1 and 2 p.m. on Aug. 27, when they said Laundrie began arguing with a waitress. Four and a half hours later, a travel-blogging couple passed Petito’s van at a campsite north of town.

Angelo, a photographer, said she couldn’t overhear the conversation but that she believed Laundrie was arguing with staff over the bill or about money. She described his body language as “aggressive” and said he left and returned about four times.

At one point, Petito came inside and apologized for Laundrie’s behavior, Angelo said.

England told Fox News that he reported the incident to the FBI and that Petito appeared “visibly upset” with Laundrie as he hounded staff at the Merry Piglets Tex-Mex restaurant.

There has been some info emerging today from neighbours of the Laundrie’s, saying that they packed up a new camper for a trip, right after Brian returned from his trip with Gabby.

“William Guthrie recalled doing some yard work one day when the Laundries hooked what appeared to be a new camper to the back of their pickup truck – and didn’t think much of it.

“I saw them doing some work. And then when they prepared for their trip, I saw them loading the camper.”

They said the Laundries were gone “for the weekend” after packing up the new camper, and that when police later came to their home on what they were told was a missing persons case, they mentioned seeing the family go off for the weekend.

William added he found it odd that the parents would go off on a camping trip with their 23-year old son in such a small camper.”


An arrest warrant was issued today for Brian Laundrie – not for killing her, but for unauthorized use of a debit card after she died.

6 thoughts on “The Search for Gabby Petito: Week 2

  1. So sad all the way around, One family will NEVER see their child again. The other family loses their child also..

  2. A couple of questions..
    watching the travel bloggers video, someone pointed out that the van door closed quickly as they pulled up, then there are pictures of one flip flop outside the van after the dog was rushed closed. I feel like she was probably killed at that time. Then the location of her body was close by 60ft I believe. I’d be curious to see if she still had her flip flops on when she was found. I assume they’ve been back to that spot to see if the flip flop was still there or was found in the van in the search of the van.
    Also, can someone tag me in the picture of the timeline of the mustang in the driveway? When it was there and when it wasn’t this last week.
    And can someone explain the video or still pictures of the man caught on video at someone’s home? And the police department was still looking closer at it? Or have they decided it definitely wasn’t him.

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