Everything you need to know about using the new True Crime Society – Browser Edition

How to join from your browser at truecrimesociety.com

  • Go to www.truecrimesociety.com and click “Join” – located in the yellow circles above
  • Choose your username and password. This username will not be the one you are stuck with in the group! You can change it after you are done joining.
  • Verify your email address – if you do not have an email from Tapatalk, CHECK YOUR SPAM OR JUNK FOLDER. If you still do not have an email, double check that you entered the right email address or send us a message. This is an important step in the process, it is required before you can access the group. At this point you will be asked to enter your preferred username for the group and your TCS Facebook Name. Here is where you can change the name everybody in the group sees.
  • Once your email address has been verified you may need to log in again.

    If you are still experiencing trouble with signing up or logging in after following these instructions, please send us a message and we can assist you.


This is how your homepage will look (yours may have a white background, mine is set to “dark mode” and we will show you how to change it!)

At the top of the page (the purple box) you will find Forums, Discussions, Gallery, Messages, and Notifications. 

  • “Forums” takes you back to the home page from wherever you are in the group.
  • “Discussions” takes you to all of the current topics we have posted. You can see all, unread, subscribed, or participated topics here. 
    • Subscribed topics are ones that you specifically choose to follow. When you click on a thread, you will see an option to subscribe and it will place it under this category.
  • “Gallery” takes you to all topics but sorts them by the first or featured image in the thread. 
  • “Messages” takes you to your inbox. You can privately message other members here if you want.
  • “Notifications” takes you to all notifications. Here is where you will see if someone has replied to your comment or has commented on a thread you posted or participated in.

All of the groups are listed here on the home page. You can click on each one to enter and find all related threads. True Crime Society is for crime related news and missing people.

Death After Dark is an Opt-In service for NON-Crime related deaths. If you’d like to join Death After Dark, please read here.

Start with the first forum (Start here: Guidelines & Tech Support) to get to know the new group rules and to practice commenting and posting!

The Hot Topics forum is a place where we will post all of the biggest and most current case info and major breaking news. (For example: Alexis Sharkey, Jason Landry, Delphi, etc.)

Below the forums are a few fun things that are all completely optional!

Yellow box: Tapatalk has a fun feature called “Gold Points” that you can earn and use as currency to gift others! You can earn Gold Points by checking into the group, liking and participating in threads, and voting for the group. Learn more about Gold Points here: https://www.tapatalk.com/goldpoints

Red box: Tapatalk allows users to pay for a premium membership to avoid seeing ads and to unlock other features. THIS IS 100% OPTIONAL. This will NOT change how the group works and it is not required to continue using the app or the forum. If you choose to sign up for the premium memberships, they do give you a free month plus 50 gold coins. You will need PayPal or a credit card to sign up. If you chose to do this you can still cancel at the end of the month – up to 24 hours before your card gets charged a monthly fee! Please make sure to read the fine print so you don’t get surprised by an unexpected charge!

Blue box: True Crime Society is run by your favorite group of admins for free. We have always wanted to keep our content available to everybody and we have put many hours of our life into keeping it a safe and inclusive space. Many of you have asked if there is a way to contribute to our group in a financial way or if there is a way to compensate the admin team for the hard work we put in. If you choose to donate to the admin team, you can do so here or by using the Ko-Fi link (in the green box).

Green box: These are the links that will take you to our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook group, and will give you the option to email us. You can also find the podcast links, the blog, our merch shop, and the Ko-Fi link to buy us a drink if you wish!

Purple box: This is where you can customize how you see the page. You can do Original, which is probably what your page already looks like. Customized is the same as original. Dark mode is how you are seeing the screenshots here. You can also increase or decrease the font size as necessary

How to submit a post to either True Crime Society or Death after Dark via browser/desktop

Instead of post approvals like we have on Facebook, we have created a process where all members can submit a post, and then a member of the admin team will place that post in the right spot.  Please note that you can submit posts directly to each topic/forum  on Pop Culture Dumpster, this process is only for the two large groups.

1 – From the homepage, click on the group you wish to post in.  For this tutorial we will make a post in True Crime Society.  

2- Do a search for the topic you wish to post to make sure it does not already exist in the group.  Search specific keywords like the name of a criminal such as ‘Melissa Caddick’ or a location.

3 – Once you have searched for your topic, at the very top of your screen in both groups, there should be a forum titled ‘Submit Threads Here’.  Click and enter that forum.

4 – Click the ‘New Topic’ button.

5 – Fill in the information required for a new post.  Include a subject headline with a name, location and any other important information.  Your message should include info about the crime/case and a link for further information.  You can play around and edit your post to include videos, images and other links if you have them. 

When your post is ready, hit ‘Submit’. 

6 –  Your post has now been submitted.  An admin will review and make any necessary edits and will move your post to the appropriate forum!

How to change your signature:

Click on your user name and photo in the upper right corner (yellow box) and select “My Profile”

Select “Control Panel”

You can then choose “Profile” (yellow box), then select “Edit Signature” in the purple box. At this point you can put whatever you would like in the signature box and it will show whenever you make a comment or a post! In this section you can also change your profile photo under “Edit Avatar”

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