Everything you need to know about using the new True Crime Society – App edition

Where everything is:

The first thing you want to do is get to the group from the app home screen. To do that, you simply click the group!

That will bring you to a screen that looks like this.

Okay, let’s focus on the toolbar at the top first:

Yellow Circle – This will bring you to the “home page.” This page is pretty customizable in terms of what you want to see here. Give it a scroll and remove anything you feel you don’t need there.

  • If there is something on the home page that you want to remove, you can click the 3 dots in the upper right corner of any section and click “show less”

Green Circle – This is where all the forums are. You will recognize them as each of our groups – True Crime Society, Death After Dark and Pop Culture Dumpster along with the Rules and Guidelines. Inside each forum would be all the content for TCS/ DAD/ PCD.

Pink Circle – This is where the various timelines/ feeds are (like the endless scroll of a Facebook group). There are a few different filtered timelines you can choose from:

  • Timeline: Here you will find every thread/ topic from every forum (TCS/ DAD/ PCD) starting with most recent.
  • Unread: Here you will find threads/topics you haven’t read
  • Subscribed: Here you will find curated threads/topics from the forums you’ve subscribed to only.
  • Participated: Here you will find threads/ topics that you’ve participated in

So this gives you FOUR different options to use to read through content instead of going to each specific forum.

Purple circle – This is your inbox for private messages.

Orange circle – This is where your notifications are.

Now that we’ve got down the lay of the land, let’s learn how to participate!

How to comment:

You found a topic you’re interested in and you’re ready for the world to hear your opinion! To add a comment to the discussion, simply click the blue arrow on the bottom right of the screen. 

Which will bring you to this screen and I think you know what to do from there!

Want to add photos to your comment/ post?

To add photos or gifs to your post, click the little page with the plus sign in the bottom left corner as seen in the screenshot above. That will bring you here.

Click whichever source for what you want to add. For photos you will generally use “Gallery.”

That will bring you here, where you will check off the photo(s) you want and hit send.

Glitch alert: Sometimes, my phone doesn’t pull up any of my photos on this page. If that happens to you, click the 3 dots in the upper right corner and select “using system gallery” and then select where photos are saved on your phone.

Now your photo is attached. If you leave it as is, it will be posted at the end of your comment/ post. But what if you want it at the top or the middle?? Easy! Click the spot in the article where you’d like the photo to be (so your cursor is there)

And then, click the photo you uploaded. A menu will come up. Click “insert inline” – this will place the photo where your cursor is. It will show up as a code. 

Now your photo will show up after the second paragraph!

How to “mention” someone in a comment/ post

You can tag your friends or the person you’re replying to just like you would on Facebook. When you’re writing a comment or post and you’re ready to tag, type “@” and a new screen will come up.

Type their username in the box and select them from the drop-down menu.

It will show up in your comment as a code, that is where the “mention” will show in your comment. Proceed to type your comment before or after the coded tag. 

Quoting/ Replying Directly

Say you’re on a thread with a bunch of comments, but you want to reply to one specific comment, you can “quote” that comment. This is similar to how Facebook had comment replies.

Find the comment you want to reply to and click “quote”

It will bring you to the comment screen. There you will see the comment you’re quoting above where you type. Type your comment as you normally would. 

Your comment will look like this. Now, everyone will know who/ what you were replying to specifically. 

Advanced Quoting (if you feel fancy)

Sometimes, the comment you’re quoting will have other comments quoted on it, making a really long chain.

But what if you only want to reply to this comment without the entire chain coming up in your reply??

To do this, click ‘quote’ like you normally would. Once on the comment screen, click edit. 

This will show you some scary looking code, but it’s okay.

Now, all we wanted to reply to was the “Amazing” comment. We can see that there at the bottom. 

Any code used on the forum needs a starting tag and a closing tag. For every starting tag, you need a closing tag. Below, the starting tags are marked in purple, and the closing tags are marked in green. 

Now, to keep the “amazing” comment, we need to keep the starting tag with the appropriate username and ONE closing tag. Everything else can be deleted. We only want to keep what’s in green below.

So you end up with this

Type your reply after the code

Hit send, and voila! Only one comment is quoted instead of the entire chain. 

Signatures on Mobile

You’ve probably noticed when you’re using the mobile app, it changes your signature to “sent from my (whatever cell phone) using Tapatalk”

If you want to change this, back out of the TCS forum so that you’re on this page and click your account icon.

Then go to “Settings”

And go to “Signature” (note: there’s a bunch of other settings you can adjust here too)

From here, you can either shut it off completely or customize it.

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