Alexander Pisch set up an easel to paint and then vanished

Alexander Pisch, 35, set up an easel to paint and then vanished – October 8, 2020.

A search is underway for a California man who vanished after setting up an easel for painting at a scenic spot along Diablo Lake in the North Cascades of Washington state, officials said.

The missing man, identified as 35-year old Alexander Pisch of Discovery Bay, Calif., was last known to be near the Colonial Creek campground on the shore of Diablo Lake on Thursday. Pisch’s white Toyota Corolla was parked along Highway 20 where he had set up an easel for painting.

On Saturday, a National Park Service employee noticed that the car and the easel were still there in the same location, with no indication that Pisch was in the area.

Park rangers began investigating on Sunday, then launched a field search Monday of the area around Diablo Lake and the Colonial Creek campground. The search continues Tuesday, said Denise Shultz with the North Cascades National Park.

Pisch is described as a white male standing about 6-feet-1-inch tall and weighing about 160 pounds.

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His appearance seems to have drastically changed in recent months judging by the news photo and missing flyer

His facebook profile-

His facebook had some worrying last posts, most of his content has zero reactions

His Instagram-

Booking information from 2017-

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