Where is 5 Year Old Oakley Carlson??

Oakley Carlson (5) is missing from her biological parents home in Oakville, WA. She has not been seen by extended family in over a year.

As a bit of background into Oakley’s case, she was removed from the care of her biological parents when she was a baby – some reports say she was around 7 months old when she was placed in foster care in August 2017.  

Erik and Jamie Jo Hiles. Oakley’s foster mom told KING 5 there were “multiple red flags” while the 5-year-old was in their care.

Oakley remained with the Hiles family until October 2019.  The state contacted them and informed them that Oakley would be placed back in the care of her bio parents.

She was returned to the care of Andrew Carlson and Jordan Bowers in November 2019.

Jamie Hiles said that the decision to send Oakley back was “rushed,” and unsafe.

“They made a mistake,” said Jamie. “A big mistake. I told them in my last letter it was going to be on their shoulders if something happens to her.”

One of the last confirmed sightings of Oakley was in December 2020 – Christmastime. This information is from King 5 – 

Oakley goes to her grandparents’ home for Christmas with her family. During the investigation, Oakley’s grandmother told police Oakley “didn’t look well.” According to court documents, Oakley’s grandmother told police Oakley had dark circles under her eyes, pale skin and that she had scratches or sores on her face.

Oakley’s grandmother called Child Protective Services (CPS) after seeing Oakley, but never heard “anything about it after that time.” Court documents say Oakley’s grandmother contacting CPS regarding Oakley “made great waves within the family,” and Oakley’s parents have not spoken to or seen the grandparents since then.

The last reported sighting of Oakley was on February 10, 2021.  She was allegedly seen by ‘ someone who knows the family’.  Seems kinda vague.  Before this sighting, Oakley was last known to be alive on January 27.

On November 6, 2021, Oakley’s bio father Andrew Carlson called dispatch just before 5 p.m. to report a fire in their home earlier that day.  He told dispatchers his daughter used a cigarette lighter and caught the couch on fire and said he put the fire out himself. He said a response wasn’t needed but wanted to report the fire.

Jordan (the bio mother) had also told others Oakley had started the fire and that she and her husband “fought the fire for about four hours,” court documents say.

Fire investigators later confirmed there was a fire at the home, but said they believed the fire started from the microwave on the kitchen counter.

Oakville Elementary School Principal Jessica Swift went to Oakley’s home on November 10.  She took the family supplies after the fire.   She has said she stayed in the house for around 45 minutes and was told that Oakley was in her room – she did not see the child.  

Jessica went back to the house again with more supplies on November 24.  She saw Oakley’s 3 siblings, but not Oakley.  She only stayed for around 5 minutes during this visit. 

On December 4, 2021,  one of Oakley’s siblings went to Jessica’s house for a playdate/sleepover.  Jessica asked the child about Oakley and the child responded that ‘ Oakley was no more’.

When Jessica asked again, the sibling said Oakley went to live with her foster parents that she had lived with before. Deputies confirmed that this was not true.

On December 6, 2021 the Grays Harbor Sheriff Office received a call for a wellness check on Oakley from the school principal, Jessica Swift. 

The family had been living at a hotel following the November fire.  Police went to the hotel and found the rest of the family, except for Oakley.

Andrew (bio dad) told police that Oakley was with his parents but said he didn’t know his father’s phone number and could not remember the address of his father’s home.

When police spoke to Andrew’s father, he said he had not seen Oakley since December 2020.

When police told Andrew that Oakley was not with his parents, they said Andrew did not seem surprised. 

Police attempted to question Jordan and she became uncooperative.  She went back into the hotel room and refused to answer any more questions.  

After the police left the hotel, Andrew called police to report Oakley missing.  He didn’t seem to know though that officers went straight to the burned out home after leaving the hotel.  They had a search warrant. 

During a search of the family’s home, toys and clothing were located for all of the children except Oakley. Blood was found on the blinds and the front door, as well as a handprint on the wall in the downstairs hallway.

The FBI became involved with the search from almost day one.  Grays Harbor sheriff’s office detectives, Washington State Patrol troopers and the FBI were seen searching the areas surrounding the family’s property, which covers about 300 acres.

Bowers and Carlson were taken into custody and held on manslaughter charges. On Thursday Dec 10, prosecutors formally charged the two with Abandonment of a Dependent Person in the Second Degree after new information came to light about the parents withholding potentially lifesaving medication to their other 6 year old daughter.

They are not formally charged with anything in relation to Oakleys disappearance but officials do believe her disappearance was criminal. They are being held on $150,000 bail while they await their next court appearance on Dec 30th. This also gives officers time to build their case on Oakleys disappearance.

Officers have been searching a 300 acre property and have put out a plea asking for any information from anybody who has seen Oakley after Jan 27, 2021.

When police spoke to Oakley’s siblings, they found out some horrifying details.  Oakley’s older siblings witnessed Jordan “beating Oakley with a belt,” “putting her in a closet, possibly under a stairwell,” and was concerned about her starving. They also stated that Jordan told the 6 year old “not to talk about Oakley” and that she had “gone out into the woods and was eaten by wolves.”

Investigators released the following statement about Oakley:
‘The parents claim the last time they saw Oakley alive was November 30th.  The parents have given no indication that Oakley is in the care of an adult and cannot account for her whereabouts or condition.  Investigators believe Oakley would be unable to survive on her own for this length of time.”

On December 15, Oakley’s grandparents (who police say have been totally cooperative) released the following statement:
“The Carlson family have been and continue to be fully cooperating with this investigation. Our only objective is to find our granddaughter Oakley. We’re praying that Oakley will be found soon and also for the multitude of good people working around the clock to make that happen. We ask that the media respect our privacy during this very difficult time, and we do not wish to make any further statement for now. Thank you.”

On December 30, Jordan and Andrew appeared in court for allegedly not providing medication to Oakley’s 6-year-old sibling for 15 months, which is necessary for the child’s health.

Grays Harbor County Superior Court Judge Katherine Svoboda found probable cause for one count of abandonment of a dependent person in the second degree against both Bowers and Carlson. Bail was set at $150,000. 

Around 100 members of the public showed up to the December 30 hearing.  The crowd chanted Oakley’s name and things like “Kids Don’t Just Disappear,” “Make Them Talk” and “We Love Oakley.”

The charges that Jordan and Andrew will be facing ended up being:

  • second-degree abandonment of a dependent person, a Class C felony punishable by up to five years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines, for allegedly neglecting to give their 6-year-old daughter a prescribed medication for approximately 15 months.

The manslaughter charges they originally faced were closed and they will no longer face court for those.  

On December 10, a trial date for Andrew and Jordan was set for April 19.

Both pleaded not guilty.  Their cases have been joined so they will be trialled together and it is expected to take four days. Judge Dave Edwards was asked if four days would be enough time to complete the trial, Walker said “at this point, it is my best guess.”

Edwards replied, “I have concerns that the trial can be completed in that period, but we can make adjustments as we get closer to that trial date and counsel will have a clear picture of the scope of the trial and the number of witnesses that will be testifying.” 

An omnibus hearing to review the status of the case and go over what evidence will be needed for trial is scheduled for 9 a.m. on Jan. 31.

As a bit more info,  Jordan apparently pleaded not guilty as she couldnt afford the medication for her daughter.  

“That is a situation that occurred because her health insurance carrier refused to pay for it (the medication), said it was experimental or something,” said the Bowers’ attorney Michael Nagle during Bowers’ arraignment hearing in Grays Harbor County Superior Court on Dec. 10 while arguing for Bowers to be released on her own personal recognizance. “She spent a lot of time trying to get that (insurance) decision overturned,” said Nagle. “This is a situation that’s been discussed in Dependency Court for months, and why it would justify suddenly putting her in jail, I don’t understand.”

If you have any information regarding Oakley’s disappearance, please contact Detective Sgt. Paul Logan at 360-964-1729 or email sodetectives@co.grays-harbor.wa.us.

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  1. You forgot to mention ANGELA DAVIS and her superior Katherine who were the dcyf officers asked over and over to help Oakley but were lazy trash humans and did NOTHING. ANGELA AND KATHERINE SHOULD BE CHARHED WITH MURDER

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