Vanished: Heidi Broussard (33) and Margot Carey (2wks)

01/07/2020 Update Magistrate Assessment

Magen booking photo

Warrant of Arrest-

Order of commitment

01/06/2020 Update Affidavit-

12/20/19 Update

APD Press Conference :

APD received numerous tips of people who thought they had seen Heidi or Margo, had information related to their location, and those tips were vetted and explored and investigated fully. As the week progressed a lead was generated that created a location of interest in the Houston area, in Harris County.

During A search of the area, a baby was located who is currently safe, currently healthy, currently in the care of Child Protective Services. That child’s visual appearance is consistent with that of baby Margot. Officers located a deceased adult female on the property. 

Law Enforcement will not release a suspect name. They are aware of the photos and name being discussed on social media and it was left at that. No confirmation yet.

An autopsy confirms the woman found dead is Heidi Broussard. Heidi was strangled.

APD STATES THAT SHANE IS NOT A SUSPECT. They do not believe he was involved in the murder.

What we know from Social Media:

Magen Fieramusca, 33, was arrested hours after the body of Heidi Broussard was found in the trunk of a car in Houston, Texas. Magen has been charged with Kidnapping and Tampering With a Human Corpse.

Magen appeared in court Friday afternoon for multiple previous charges related to six traffic tickets from April 2018 including expired registration, no driver’s license on demand, driving while license invalid, failure to report change of address or name, expired driver’s license and no car insurance. She pled no contest to all six tickets and was found guilty. She was fined $50 each for four of her outstanding tickets and $175 for the remaining two.

Magan in court for traffic violations 12/20/19

Austin lawyer Jackie Wood has been appointed to represent Magen on the charges related to the death of Heidi Broussard.

According to friends, Heidi and Magen were “bestfriends” and knew each other for 20 years. Magan was at the hospital when Margot was born and Margot “had a baby” within the past few weeks. She had a girl “Luna” and gave birth at a nursing center with a midwife.

Heidi and Magen

12/19/19 Update

Numerous law enforcement agencies- DPS, Texas Rangers, FBI, APD- have swarmed a home in Houston in connection to a “high profile missing persons case”. They were focusing on a car in the back.

The home comes back as owned by Christopher Green, who is the boyfriend of Maygen Humphery. Maygen is one of the best friends of Heidi. Supposedly Maygen was expecting a baby boy in the same date Heidi was due, Dec 1.

Recently Maygen contacted Heidi for advice on breastfeeding.

Maygen “had” a baby a couple weeks ago, turns out it’s a girl and her name is Luna so there is speculation that the baby is actually Heidi’s.

12/17/19 Update

APD held a press conference at 1pm. Here is what we know.

* APD believes the last known location for both is the apartment complex where they live, and that they were there “some time that morning”

*APD does have digital evidence that they’re analyzing, i.e., they’re tracking HB’s electronic footprints

* MC and HB were first reported missing to the APD at around 7:30 pm

*Investigators are trying to remain neutral and not jump to any conclusions. They are working the case from all angles.

*APD has called in The Texas Rangers and The FBI to assist.

Austin Texas – Heidi Broussard (33) and Margot Carey (2wks) were last seen on surveillance, dropping her child off at Cowan Elementary School, located at 2817 Kentish Drive around 7:30 Thursday (12/12/19) morning.

Police believe they returned to their home near West William Cannon Drive and South First Street afterward, but they haven’t been seen since. Her vehicle, purse and baby bag were all left at apartment home and the door was wide open.

  • 7:30 am
    • Surveillance shows Heidi dropping off her son at school.
  • 8:00 am
    • Shane Carey (live in boyfriend) states he spoke with her at 8am.
  • 12:00 pm
    • Shane called Heidi and it went to voicemail.
    • Heidi is seen walking around the apartment complex. – This was initially said by friends on the day Heidi went missing. It has not been said since.
  • 2:00 pm
    • Shane returns home from work. He notices the front door open, diaper bag and car are also home. Heidi and the baby are missing.
  • 3:00 pm
    • Neighbors report hearing an argument in their apartment.
  • 6:00 pm
    • The school contacts Shane to inform him that nobody picked up Heidi’s son – not sure if it is his son as well? Shane picks him up.
  • 7:00 pm
    • Shane reports Heidi and Margo missing.
Distance from school to apartments.

Shane initially told friends and reporters that he did not return home until after the school called at 6pm. He picked up their son and went home to discover the suspicious scene. He now states he returned home at 2 pm.

Shane was seen at T-Mobile trying to get phone records on Friday 12/13/19.

Friends have reported domestic abuse in the relationship. This abuse went unreported to LE.

Police helicopters were searching on Friday evening, none have been been since.

Trash day is said to be Monday and as of Saturday 12/14 the dumpsters were full of trash.

Where is Heidi and Margot? Did she have plans to meet up with someone online? Maybe she was buying or selling baby items and she met this person around noon? Maybe she was kidnapped or is this a “Husband did it” case?

Please contact the Austin Police Department with any information about the whereabouts of Heidi Broussard or Margot Carey. Dial 311 for local calls and 512-974-2000 for out of area.

Austin Police Twitter


A Texas woman accused of killing a close friend in 2019 who had just given birth and abducting the baby as part of an elaborate scheme to pass the infant off as her own pleaded guilty to murder charges Thursday, prosecutors said.

Magen Fieramusca, 37, was sentenced to 55 years in prison for the death of Heidi Broussard, 33, Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza announced in a statement. Fieramusca waived her right to appeal

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