Pleasantville, NY Murder/Suicide – The Liu Family (Updates)

A family-of-four, including two young children, have been found dead in their home in New York’s Westchester County on Thursday, Dec. 5 2019.

Police were called to 57 Romer Avenue in the village of Pleasantville to do a wellness check just before 2pm after the children did not show up for school.

When they were unable to make contact with anyone in the home, police entered through an open window and found the Liu family deceased.

Little information regarding the incident was released until a press conference was held on Friday (12/6/19) evening.

Chief Erik Grutzner and Mayor Peter Scherer

Press Conference 12/6/14 – Police Chief Erik Grutzner

  • Victims: Dorothy Liu (42) Adeline Liu (4) and Tennyson Liu (7)
  • Father, Chuan-Kai Liu (46), who goes by Tom, used a knife to stab his wife and children before killing himself.
  • From interviews police gathered that Tom was under a “considerable amount of stress,” but they have not established a motive.
  • The investigation is still ongoing. Autopsy reports have not been completed.
  • Schools Superintendent, Mary Fox-Alter, explained the attendance policy – a lot of kids walk to school and it’s a very small community. Parents are supposed to call in if their child will be absent that day. In the morning, teachers take attendance and notate which children aren’t in school. The main office then tries to contact the parents. If they don’t get through to the parents, they call the emergency contacts on file. If they cannot make contact with anyone they send “support staff” to the home. If the support staff cannot make contact they reach out to the police for a wellness check.
  • No prior domestic violence issues
  • Family and kids involved with the community‚Ķ Kids played sports etc.

Questions asked at PC but were unanswered:
What was found at the house?
What kind of stress was Mr. Liu under?
Any evidence of an extramarital affair or financial issues?
What kind of work did Mr. Liu do?
Was it a kitchen knife?
Were they all found in one room? On one floor?

Is it true that Tom picked the kids up from school early on Wednesday?

Answered Questions:
-How long did they live in Pleasantville? Since October 2016.
-How long were they deceased? They won’t know until they receive the medical examiner’s report.
-How do police go about a wellness check? Wellness check procedure explained.

Chief Grutzner added the reason the stress was mentioned at all this early is because they knew the community would be in shock.

Mr. Liu was the Financial Crimes Project Manager for MUFG Bank, the largest bank in Japan.

MUFG’s statement

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