The lonely death of influencer Tyger Booty

Influencer Tyger Booty (real name Julie Diane Williams) was an American female aged around 35. Her real life seems to be have been kept very private and there are few details available online about her as Julie. Some online reports say that she was originally from Atlanta, GA and has three children.

You can see her Tyger Booty accounts here:

In early December 2021, Tyger Booty made some instagram posts and tagged her location as different places in Africa.

Her final post (pictured above) was made around mid December. And then she went silent.

On December 30, news started to emerge from Ghana that Tyger/Julie had been found deceased in a hotel room. Most comments insinuated that her death was either the result of an overdose or suicide.

It is believed that Tyger Booty may have been flown to Ghana by an unnamed billionaire. Many believe it may have been a man who goes by the name ‘Shatta Bandle’.

You can see Shatta Bandle’s instagram here:

On January 1, 2022, police in Ghana announced that they had arrested two people in connection with Tyger Booty’s death.

This is the 2 star hotel where Tyger Booty died:

Authorities are waiting for autopsy and toxicology results in relation to Tyger Booty’s cause of death. This blog will be updated as information becomes available.

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