2019- Jane & John Does that got their name back.

The wonderful resource Unidentified Wiki put out a post today looking at all the Jane and John Does who finally got their names back in 2019.

Here is the list with a brief overview and links about each person.

Annie Lehman, AKA “Annie Doe.”

1954 – 1971

Anne Marie “Annie” Lehman (August 1954 – 1971) was a teenager found deceased in Oregon in 1971. Before her identification, she was coincidentally known by the nickname “Annie Doe.”

Her identification was aided by the DNA Doe Project.

Lehman went missing in 1971 at age 16 from Aberdeen, Washington in the winter or spring. The circumstances surrounding her case are unclear, although it is rumored she was a victim of human trafficking.

However, her sister, Virginia, recalls seeing her sister packing luggage. Virginia asked why her sister was packing her stuff, and where Annie was going. Annie told Virginia, “With her.” Annie then motioned to a slightly older woman. The woman was tracked down and told a relative Annie had been possibly taken to San Francisco, and that she was sold into the sex trade.

Dana Dodd AKA “Lavender Doe”

1985 – 2006

Dana Lynn Dodd (September 6, 1985 – October 28, 2006), formerly known as Lavender Doe, was a young woman whose burning body was found hours after her murder in 2006, in Kilgore, Gregg County, Texas. Her cause of death is undetermined, but is investigated as a homicide.

The body of Dodd was found soon after she died, but was rendered unrecognizable because her body was set on fire. She was also presumably raped, as semen was found at the scene.

Her nickname while unidentified, Lavender Doe, originated from the sweater she was found wearing. Little clothing survived the fire.

Her face was reconstructed in various methods, by sketch, clay and in 2014, a digital 3D reconstruction. In August 2015, NamUs updated her age range to be up to 25 years old.

In August 2018, a person of interest, Joseph Burnette, confessed to the Dodd’s murder, as well as that of a former girlfriend. He stated her name may have been “Ashley.” She may have been seen alive at a Walmart store in Longview, Texas.

The DNA Doe Project successfully obtained her DNA profile and her case has been funded completely. They found a suitable match for the victim, which was confirmed by law enforcement in January 2019. They stated her identity would not be released until the trial concluded, however, it was released in February 2019. It was later revealed that Dodd disappeared sometime in 2003.


Anthony Sanchez

c. 1987 – 2007

Anthony J. Sanchez was a young man from Prescott, Arizona who fled his home in November of 2007 after a police checkup. His skeletal remains were found two years later about 30 yards North of Deering Park near Sosna Drive in the Prescott area of Thumb Butte. He was identified in October of 2019 via DNA testing. His cause of death has not been determined, but foul play is considered to be unlikely.


Audrey Cook
1955 – 1985

Audrey Lee Cook (November 25, 1955 – December 1985) was a woman found deceased in 1986. She was one of the Texas Killing Fields victims. Her DNA indicated she was native to Tennessee. She was identified in 2019.

Cook moved into the Houston/Channelview area with her girlfriend in 1976 from Memphis, Tennessee at age 21. Cook worked as a mechanic for a golf cart company in 1979, Harrison Equipment company in 1980, Balloon Affair in 1981, and then as a mechanic for National Rent-A-Car during unknown times.

She was last heard from in December 1985 and is believed to have sold and used cocaine.

Cook’s remains were found in a field in the 3000 block of Calder Road, as well as Laura Miller’s remains. The victim’s bodies were not “buried,” rather hidden from view.


Marcia Bateman

c. 1960 – 1988

Marcia Kaylynn Bateman was a young adult whose nude body was found near a highway intersection in 1988.

Her case was taken on by the DNA Doe Project and her identification was announced in November 2019.

Marcia was known to visit relatives in Dallas and Los Angeles. She lived alone in an apartment.


Beth Bentley

c. 1976 – 2017

Benedetta “Beth” Bentley was a woman from Illinois who went missing in May of 2010 after taking an unusual weekend trip with a female friend. Her severely burned remains were discovered in December of 2017 near the intersection of Saddle Club and Miller Lake roads in Jefferson County, Illinois. She was identified in October of 2019. An investigation is ongoing. Bentley is survived by a husband and three sons.


William “Bill” Reed

1955 – c. 1988

William “Bill” Carl Reed (born March 21, 1955) was a man whose skeletal remains were identified in March 2019

Reed was last seen on or around August 13, 1987, in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Another date for his disappearance is December 9, 1987. 

It was believed that he may have been working for local drug dealers, as he was a known drug user and a biker. He used numerous different dates of birth, including March 12, 1955, March 31, 1955, and March 21, 1956.

At the time of his disappearance, Reed was between 5’7″-5’8″ (170-172 cm), weighed between 155-175 pounds (70-79 kg), had brown/black hair, brown eyes, and a tattoo of a cross on one of his arms. He had a partial plate on his two front teeth and was last known to be wearing a black shirt and blue jeans.

On July 21, 1988, Reed’s skeletal remains were discovered in a gully in the town of Chouteau, Oklahoma, approximately 50 miles from Reed’s last known location. The remains were estimated to have died as soon as 1988 or as late as 1968. The remains were estimated to be between 24-35 years old, stood at approximately 5’6″ (167 cm), and had periodontal disease. He was found wearing overalls and white socks with blue and red trim. 

In 2007, Reed’s case was reopened at the request of his family. Four years later, in 2011, DNA samples were collected from Reed’s family members.

In March of 2019, Reed was identified and his case is currently being investigated as a homicide, though the actual cause of death remains unknown


Joanne Burmer

c. 1947 – 1973

Joanne Dolly Burmer was a woman whose skull fragment was found near the location of her disappearance in 1973. She was identified via DNA testing from the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office in 2019.

Dana Lowrey

1983 – 2006
Reconstruction by Carl K

Dana Nicole Lowrey was a female located in Ohio in 2007. She may have used the name “Diane/Diana” and was nicknamed “Vicky” by authorities.

Suspected serial killer Shawn Grate confessed to her murder in 2016. In 2019, she was identified.

On March 10, 2007, the skeletal remains of a female was found in an area off of surrounded by fields. The body had been there for 1 to 5 years. She most likely died in 2005 or 2006.

In 2016, it was announced that suspected serial killer Shawn Grate claimed to have killed the victim, who was apparently selling magazines door-to-door. He claimed to have abducted and stabbed her to death and dumping her body along the road it was discovered.

Her suspected killer claimed her name started with a “D,” possibly as Dana, Diana or Diane.

Isotope testing results showed that the victim may have been born in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida or Georgia, and lived in Florida or Texas for a long period of time.

The DNA Doe Project aided in the victim’s identification through genetic genealogy. Lowrey’s identity was released on June 4, 2019. She was last heard from in Ohio in May 2006 after calling her estranged husband. Lowrey was the mother of two small children. Lowrey was reported missing in May 2006, although a live stream from the Marion County Sheriff’s Department stated her disappearance was unreported.

On September 11, 2019, Grate pleaded guilty to Lowrey’s murder. Grate was sentenced to life without parole plus 16 years.

TCS LINK https://www.facebook.com/groups/TrueCrimeSociety/search/?query=dana%20lowery&epa=SEARCH_BOX


David Waue

1986 – 2018

David Glen Waue (December 19, 1986 – September 4, 2018) was a male who was found deceased inside an empty apartment in Chicago, Illinois in 2018. He was identified in early 2019 and his identity released in September 2019

TCS LINK https://www.facebook.com/groups/TrueCrimeSociety/search/?query=David%20Waue%20%20&epa=SEARCH_BOX

Debra Jackson AKA “Orange Socks”

1956 – 1979
By Carl K

Probably one of the most famous Does.

Debra Louise Jackson (September 28, 1956 – October 30, 1979) previously known as “Orange Socks”, was a young woman that was found nude, except for a matching pair of orange socks, which led to her nickname. Henry Lee Lucas, who confessed to her murder, was later acquitted, as it is believed that he was untruthful. Lucas confessed to over 3,000 murders, including that of Tammy Alexander and Carol Cole.

DNA Doe Project announced in August 2019 that the victim had been identified.

Jackson’s body was found face-down in a culvert along a highway in Georgetown, Texas. She had been sexually assaulted and was strangled. Along with the pair of socks on her body, she also wore an abalone/mother of pearl stone on a ring.

Debra’s ring

While unidentified, Jackson was believed to have been a transient or a runaway. Strong evidence supported this, as she had keys from an Oklahoma motel, long nails, insect bites (revealed to be impetigo scars post-identification), unshaven legs and a makeshift sanitary pad. She had salpingitis, which was due to having untreated gonorrhea.

One woman called after the case was featured on television and stated she had seen a person matching Jackson’s description hitchhiking in Texas. She gave no other information of the victim in life.

Henry Lee Lucas confessed to her murder and was sentenced to death. It was later discovered that police officers from the area had him look at crime scene photos and then confess during interviews, which they would use to gain recognition for solving cold cases. Lucas’ death sentence was commuted in June 1998, but he remained in prison for other murders until he died of heart problems on March 12, 2001.

The DNA Doe Project took on the case in 2018. Samples were sent to a lab for analysis.

At least two males may have been involved in Jackson’s murder, as DNA was discovered on the socks she wore. Law enforcement is unsure whether the profiles are strong enough for additional tests.


TCS LINK- https://www.facebook.com/groups/TrueCrimeSociety/search/?query=ORANGE%20SOCKS&epa=SEARCH_BOX


Delilah “Dee” Hopkins

c. 1958 – 2000

Delilah Dawn “Dee” Hopkins was a woman found in Detroit, Michigan in 2000. She had been shot to death and burned. She was identified on May 30, 2019.

Delores Griffin

1941 – 1975

Delores Raye Jones Griffin was a young woman who disappeared in 1975 from Romeoville, Illinois. Her body was discovered shortly afterwards in a lagoon at Sterling State Park in Monroe County, Michigan, but was not identified until 2019.

On October 24, 1975, Delores’ daughter came home from school and found that her mother and her new car were gone, as well as her father. She would never see her mother again and suspicion quickly fell on her father, who was abusive towards Delores. The following day, her father returned covered in mud and started behaving strangely. He burned the clothes he wore that day, cried all the time and refused to sleep in his own bedroom. Six months after Delores disappeared, he committed suicide. He remains the main suspect in Delores’ death.

Delores’ body was discovered shortly after her disappearance in Sterling State Park in Monroe County, Michigan. She had been stabbed and beaten. Fingerprints and other evidence were taken from the body, but no leads could be generated.

Eventually, police in Michigan received a phone call from former Michigan State Police forensics expert Lori Bruski, who now worked at the North Texas University in the missing persons bureau and noticed the similarities between the body found in Monroe County and Delores Griffin. DNA was taken from the victim’s hair and compared with family members, and the match was made.


Donna Brazzel

? – c. 1980
FACES reconstrution

Donna Gayle Brazzell was a female whose partial skeleton was found in a wooded area in Rapides Parish, Louisiana. Two men were charged with her kidnapping, rape, and murder. Her cause of death was not made public until her identification

Donna had been found within months or years after she died. Skeletal remains of a dog were found at the scene, along with wool gloves and some hair. A man stated he had shot the dog but was not aware of the victim’s presence at the scene.

Two suspects were reportedly identified in 2014 and were later arrested for her kidnapping, sexual assault and murder.



Judy Gifford

1962 – 1976

Judy Ann Gifford (January 31, 1962 – October 1976) (also known by the last name Shin) was a teenager whose remains were discovered partially buried in sand behind the pumping station at Lake Merced in October 1976. She was identified in 2019 via her half-brother

Gifford was initially believed to have disappeared sometime between 1974 and 1976 from San Francisco, California. Her body was later discovered by a pedestrian and his dog, who noticed one of her hands extending from the soil on the shore of Lake Merced. The postmortem interval was not specified but likely occurred on or a few days before October 1, 1976, as she was in a “recognizable” condition. Despite this, another news report states she died weeks before and was too decomposed for visual identification.

The remains were determined to be that of an Asian female between fifteen and twenty-five. She was fully clothed, except for footwear. No cause of death was listed publicly. Reportedly, she was identified through DNA comparison with her half-brother.



Gloria Rieken

c. 1952 – 1970

Gloria Frieda Reiken was a young woman who disappeared in 1970. Her body was discovered in the debris of a burned home near Milaca, Minnesota. The fire was not the cause of her death, although it is unknown how she died

Rieken was known to hitchhike and was last seen in early November 1970. Some agencies listed November 16 as the day she disappeared. She left her apartment in Minneapolis with the intention of travelling to her University Campus. She did not attend any classes that day.

Her body was discovered the day following a house fire near Milaca, Minnesota on November 10. Investigators could only confirm that the decedent was female and did not die as a result of the fire.

The unidentified body was exhumed in 2018 and matched to Rieken through DNA in February 2019.



Hassan Alkebu-Lan

c. 1977 – 2016

Hassan Alkebu-Lan was a male found by a fisherman on the shore of a river in Virginia in 2016. He was identified by Parabon NanoLabs in 2019.



Horace “Dany” Prescott

c. 1927 – 1976

Horace Jack “Dany” Prescott, Jr. was a male whose partial remains were discovered in Washington between January and April of 1978. He was identified in November 2019, nearly a year after his name was discovered on clothing associated with the remains.

A dog initially carried the skull from a field in early 1978. Additional remains were discovered in that location in March and April. Little information is known about the case, as the files were previously destroyed.

Following his exhumation, the name “Prescott Horace” was discovered on the man’s shirt, leading to strong speculation that the remains belonged to Horace “Dany” Prescott, 49, who disappeared from Seattle in 1976. In November 2019, both cases were removed from NamUs, and the medical examiner confirmed via Twitter to verify the match.

Homicide is not a factor in his death.

Donna Prudhomme

1957 – 1991

Donna Marie Gonsoulin-Prudhomme (April 23, 1957 – July 1991), previously nicknamed “Janet Doe” was found in 1991. She was one of the Texas Killing Fields victims. DNA linked her to potential relatives in Louisiana. She was identified in April 2019.

Donna Prudhomme was born in Port Arthur, Texas, in 1957. She moved from Beaumont, Texas, to Austin, Texas in approximately 1986. She then moved to Seabrook, Texas in 1988 and then to Nassau Bay, where she was last heard from in July 1991. She moved around in order to escape an abusive relationship.



Ivy Matory

1965 – 1977

Ivy went missing alongside her sister Violet Matory, her half-sister Yolanda Williams, and Sir-Kristopher Marshall when their house was set on fire early in the morning.

The guardian at the house was found deceased in the home by strangulation. The main suspect in their disappearances and presumed murder is now deceased.

The other children have never been located.



Ilsy Barrios

c. 1983 – 2012

This has to be one of the most terrifying reconstructions I have ever seen.

Ilsy Barrios Monterroso was a woman discovered in 2013 in a shallow grave. She was identified in 2019.



LOTS OF INFO ABOUT THIS STORY- https://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/crime/article227175794.html

Jack Lowry

? – 2004

Jack Donald Lowry was a possible identity of a man found dead in a transient camp in Arizona. He was identified in 2019. Despite this, his body has yet to be claimed.


Jake Conner

c. 1986 – 2017

Jacob “Jake” Dewitt Conner was a man found deceased in Fargo, Georgia, in 2018. He was reported missing on February 1, 2017, at his job site.

CLINCH CO., GA (WALB) – The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) announced Wednesday that the remains of a man found in dense forest nearly two years ago, have been positively identified as those of a man who went missing in 2017.

GBI Agent Park Pro told WALB that the remains belong to Jacob “Jake” Dewitt Conner, 30, of Fargo. They were confirmed through a DNA test.

Conner was reported missing at his job site on February 1, 2017. He was reported missing by co-workers from his job site, near the intersection of Score Bridge Road and Plumb Bush Road near Homerville. The area around Fargo is very rural, remote, and forested.

On New Year’s Day 2018, the GBI’s Douglas Regional Office received a request by the Clinch County Sheriff’s Office to assist with the recovery of human remains.

He was last seen wearing a “Conner Timber” dark gray shirt and uniform work pants.

Pro would give no details about whether such clothing was found in the area, only that the remains were skeletal. He would not speculate on a cause of death and said that he would be meeting with Conner’s family soon.

The GBI had offered a $10,000 reward for information that would lead to Conner’s location.


Jessica Manchini

c. 1987 – 2016

Jessica Ashley Manchini was a 29-year-old woman whose skeletal remains were discovered inside a suitcase in a wooded area off I-985 in Buford, Georgia in 2016.

Jessica was born in Pennsylvania, and later moved to Georgia. In the years prior to her death, she had been arrested for prostitution several times.

The suitcase had not been thrown from a vehicle and had been placed at the location.

Manchini was reported missing in December 2014 by her mother. A faded tag in the suitcase was reexamined and provided a partial name and address. She was identified through dental and medical records in June 2019.



Kerry Lucas

c. 1961 – 2018

FACES reconstruction

Kerry A. Lucas was a man found deceased in a wooded area in May 2018. He was identified in February 2019.

Lamduan Armitage AKA “Lady of the Hills”

c. 1966 – 2004

Lamduan Armitage (née Seekanya) was a woman who was found deceased in 2004 in North Yorkshire, England. Her cause of death has never been determined, yet homicide is suspected. Before her identification, she was known as Lady of the Hills.

In March 2019, she was identified as Lamduan Armitage. Her husband is pointed as a suspect in her murder.

Lamduan was originally from the Udon Thani province in northeast Thailand. She and her husband moved to England where they had lived in Portsmouth and Rugby, and had three children. In 2003 they moved from Rugby to Cumbria to live with his parents. Following Lamduan’s disappearance, her friends and family had been told she had vanished or had returned to Thailand. Lamduan’s husband moved back to Thailand several years ago.

Lamduan was discovered face down in a stream on September 20, 2004 near the village of Horton on the Pennine Way in North Yorkshire, England. She was wearing only socks and jeans and a ripped bra hung from her left arm. Due to decomposition, her cause of death could not be established but it was concluded that she had not been shot, bludgeoned or stabbed. Despite public appeals for information, no leads could be generated regarding her identity and she was nicknamed Lady of the Hills.

In early 2019, it was announced that investigators were examining a link between Lady of the Hills and a woman who had not been heard from since 2004. According to her family, she is originally from Thailand, married a British man in 1991 and moved to the north-west of England four years later. In March 2019, fingerprints and DNA identified her as Lamduan Armitage.


Leonard “Len” Dyck

c. 1955 – 2019

Leonard Dyck, also known as Len, was a formerly unidentified man found deceased near Highway 37. He’s believed to have been murdered by Kam McLeod and Bryan Schmegelsky. The duo were also suspects in the murder of Lucas Fowler and Chyna Deese, who were found deceased along the Alaska Highway. On August 7, 2019, the two fugitives were found deceased in northern Manitoba.

Len was a married father of two. He worked as a teacher at the University of British Columbia since 2003, where he taught botany. Leonard was passionate about his research, which mostly consisted of seaweed and how it survived when exposed to different environments.

It’s believed Leonard left Vancouver to go on a camping trip by himself, something he’d done before.

The Dease Lake Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) received information about a vehicle fire located south of the Stikine River Bridge on Highway 37. After the RCMP arrived at the site, a passing motorist informed the RCMP about a body located two miles south, at a nearby highway pullout.

The vehicle was eventually confirmed to belong to Kam McLeod and Bryan Schmegelsky. They were charged with the second-degree murder of Leonard the same day he was identified.


Louise Flesher

1915 – 1979

Louise Virginia Peterson Flesher (June 16, 1915 – 1979) was a woman found strangled in 1981.

She underwent testing by the DNA Doe Project. The analysis indicated she could have originated from Cabell County, West Virginia. Extended relatives were identified. Her identity was confirmed in July 2019.

While unidentified, she was known as “Belle in the well”.



Andre Brown

1989 – 2019

Andre Contreal Brown (July 26, 1989 – September 26, 2019) was a man found burned on a couch in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He was identified on October 7, 2019.

Firefighters were called to a field near 6800 block of NE 50th and Sooner Road after a caller reported seeing a couch on fire at around 5:30 p.m. on September 26. After the fire was put out, Brown’s body was recovered.


Marlyse Honeychurch

1954 – c. 1978

Marlyse Elizabeth Honeychurch (January 28, 1954 – c. November 1978) was one of four female homicide victims found in Allenstown, New Hampshire. She was the only adult victim.

The family, perhaps, had died during or after May 1980, as a woman using the name “Elizabeth Evans” in legal documents may have been Marlyse. By October 1980, however, “Elizabeth” was absent from future documents.

As Rassmussen was dating Denise Beaudin by November 1981 and later left the state, it can be assumed that Marlyse and her daughters were likely deceased by this time.

Marlyse was last seen by her family in 1978 in California, where she had an argument with her mother and took off with her two children, Marie Vaughn and Sarah McWaters.

Honeychurch was found dismembered in a barrel with Marie Vaughn, the oldest of the three child victims. The woman is believed to be the mother of the oldest and youngest child, based on recent DNA testing.

The father of the middle child has been identified as Robert “Bob” Evans, a convicted murderer and a suspected serial killer. He is considered a suspect in these murders. He died in 2010. In August 2017, “Robert Evans” had been identified as Terry Peder Rasmussen who left his family in Arizona around 1974 and was never seen again by his relatives. At the time of her disappearance, Marlyse was dating Rasmussen.

It is theorized that she may have been used the alias name “Elizabeth Evans“, since Rasmussen listed this name as his spouse’s at the time of his arrest in October 1980. The name may have also been the name of the middle child‘s unidentified and unrecovered mother or maybe none of these women – as it’s possible Evans lied about having a wife and “Elizabeth” had never existed.

In June 2019, Honeychurch was identified, along with her daughters Marie Vaughn and Sarah McWaters. The middle child remains unidentified.

Marie Vaughn

1971 – c.1978

Marie Elizabeth Vaughn (December 6, 1971 – c. November 1978) was a girl who was found murdered in a 55-gallon drum with her mother, Marlyse Honeychurch. In 2000, two additional victims were found, who are believed to have died at the same time.
The family, perhaps, had died during or after May 1980, as a woman using the name “Elizabeth Evans” in legal documents may have been Marlyse. By October 1980, however, “Elizabeth” was absent from future documents.

Vaughn was the first of the children to be found, inside an overturned 55-gallon drum off a wooden trail adjacent to Bear Brook State Park. The adult who was also in the drum was maternally related, indicating she was either the victim’s mother or much older sister. The two had been dismembered to fit inside of the barrel.

Marie’s younger sister was discovered in May 2000, in the same location. She, alongside Bear Brook Jane Doe, had been disposed of inside another barrel.

In 2017, the father of the middle child was identified as convicted murderer Terrence Peder Rasmussen, who is presumed responsible for all four deaths, plus that of his former girlfriend Denise Beaudin. He died in 2010 while serving a prison sentence for the killing of his wife.

In June 2019, Vaughn was identified, along with her mother Marlyse Honeychurch and younger sister Sarah McWaters. The middle child remains unidentified.

Additional photographs of Marie were discovered, picturing her during her birthday party between 1977 or 1979. None of the other children have been identified and the location is unknown. Police are seeking information that may reveal who these potential witnesses were or where they were at the time the images were taken.

Max Lower

c. 1920 – 1943

Max W. Lower was a WWII veteran that died during “Operation Tidal Wave” on August 1, 1943, in Ploiesti, Romania.

His remains were found in January 2009. Under the mantra “No Man Left Behind”, The U.S. Military exhumed the remains in 2013. Lower was identified by DNA in 2019.

Michelle “Chelle” Carnall-Burton

c. 1965 – 1987

Michelle Evon “Chelle” Carnall-Burton was a woman who was found in Lincolnville, Kansas on September 21, 1987. Her wrists and ankles had been bound with rope.

She was identified in December 2019 by the DNA Doe Project.


The Kansas Bureau of Investigation says the remains of a previously unidentified homicide victim have now been positively identified over 30 years after her murder.

The woman was identified Monday as 22-year-old Michelle Carnall-Burton.

On September 21, 1987, a road crew discovered human remains off of 290th Street near Lincolnville, Kansas. Investigators determined that a female victim had been murdered but the usual identification methods were unsuccessful because the body was badly decomposed. 

The K-State Anthropology Department examined the remains at the time and created a physical profile of the victim. They determined that the victim was a white female between 20 and 35 years old who had likely died around two to three months before her discovery.

In February 2019, the DNA Doe Project assisted KBI agents and forensic scientists to identify the woman using DNA testing and forensic genetic genealogy searching. Investigators were able to identify a distant cousin who had submitted DNA to an online service. 

A family tree was constructed and determined that the victim was closely related to the Carnall family from Cherryvale, Kansas. 

Carnall-Burton lived in Wichita. She left her Cherryvale home in 1986 and had lost touch with her family. 

Anyone with information on Carnall-Burton’s whereabouts in June or July of 1987 is asked to contact the KBI at 1-800-KS-CRIME, or submit a tip here.



Sandra “Sandy” Morden

? – c. 1978

Sandra “Sandy” Renee Morden was a teenager whose partial skeleton was found in Washington in 1980. It is believed that she died in the late 1970s. She was identified in October 2019 via forensic genealogy and the help of Parabon NanoLabs.

Sandy and her parents, Andrew “Andy” Bain Morden and Kathryn Irene “Irene” Morden, moved to Portland, Oregon from the San Francisco Bay area. Andy, who was a Marine Corps veteran of the Korean War era, worked in the maritime trades on tugboats providing service to pulp, paper, and logging interests on the Willamette and Columbia Rivers.

Andy and Irene were divorced in the early 1970s, with Andy assuming custody of Sandy. Following the divorce, Irene lived separately at various locations in Portland and in the Bay area. Andy and Sandy lived in Portland and Vancouver.

Sandy attended Binnesmead Middle School (now Harrison Park Middle School) on SE 87th Avenue in Portland in 1974 and 1975. She attended Gaiser Middle School on NE 99th Street in Vancouver in 1975 and 1976. She attended Wilson High School on SW Vermont Street in Portland in 1976 and 1977.

Irene Morden passed away in San Francisco in 1988. Andy Morden retired to Ilwaco, Washington, where he died in 1999.

On the morning of February 24th, 1980 Jack D. Bannister and his son Jack P. Bannister of Vancouver, WA were panning for gold along the Fly Creek near NF-54 at the split with Canyon Creek. While doing this, the two stumbled among the remains of a young woman’s skeleton, minus her torso and hands. The father alerted Clark County Sheriff officials at the Chelatchie Prairie General Store, where investigators were led to the remains. Photographs were taken of the scene and the partial skeletal remains of the woman were taken to the Clark County Medical Examiner’s Office, where then-coroner Arch Hamilton studied them.

The initial findings were that the remains were that of a young person, unsure whether male or female and that a cause of death was undetermined. A few days later, updates were made to include that the remains were that of a female between 13-18 years of age with a likely range of 15-16 when she died.

Police combed the area of the discovery for two weeks, including using specialists with the Portland Police Bureau and the King County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit out of Seattle. These efforts did not yield any new results.

Periodic postings of the case made their way to the Oregonian and the Clark County Columbian. An initial composite of the Jane Doe was made shortly after the discovery by FBI agents at the Portland Office, yet this composite has since been lost. In 2004, a reinvigorated effort to identify this woman began and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children became involved with this effort. In 2005, NCMEC released a new composite of the Jane Doe using new technology that NCMEC created to help identify young deceased individuals.

She was initially believed to have Native American or Hispanic traits based on the formation of the skull. She had well-developed neck muscles, indicating that in her past, she had either played sports or was an active laborer. DNA phenotyping by the Parabon Nanolabs disproved the previous assumption she belonged to racial minorities. The results indicated she was of European descent. A more recent effort began to identify the Jane Doe in 2016, with Dr. Nikki Costa of the Clark County Medical Examiner’s Office taking the lead. A new NCMEC reconstruction was commissioned using new software analyzing a 3D rendering of the skull; producing a nearly lifelike photograph of the girl.

In 2018, a volunteer research effort dubbed “The Fly Creek Jane Doe Task Force” was founded. The organization later announced there would be a $500 reward is being offered for information that would lead to the successful identification of the Jane Doe.

On October 29, 2019, the Clark County Sheriffs Office announced that The Fly Creek Jane Doe was identified as Sandra “Sandy” Morden and that they are attempting to speak with any acquaintances or friends of Morden’s and the timeline of her disappearance. She had last been heard from in 1977. Her identification was aided by Parabon Nanolabs’ Snapshot program and did not rely on public genealogy websites such as 23andMe or Ancestry.

The victim was identified prior to the release of their own artistic rendering, which incorporated phenotype results. They approximated coloration of Morden’s eyes, hair, and complexion, which were previously undetermined following the effects of decomposition.

Matthew Wolf

? – 1986

NCMEC reconstruction

Matthew Alan Wolf was a male who was killed in a hit-and-run in Covina, California in 1986. He was identified in January 2019. His identification was made public later that month

Wolf was seen under a cell box under the Via Verde ramp along Interstate 10 and was struck by a vehicle as he attempted to cross. The driver fled the scene, according to a relative.

Additional details about his disappearance are unknown at this time.

Robert “Bobby” Whitt AKA “Mebane Child”

1988 – 1998
Myoung Hwa Cho

1954 – 1998

Robert “Bobby” Adam Whitt (January 7, 1988 – July 29, 1998) was a boy whose remains were found in 1998. He was identified in February 2019. Whitt’s father confessed to his murder, along with that of his mother. Whitt was known as “Mebane Child” or the “Boy Under the Billboard” while unidentified.

Whitt was believed to be taken by his mother, Myoung Hwa Cho, to her native South Korea and therefore no missing file report was filed by their family. Myoung Hwa was found dead in South Carolina, but had not been identified until her remains had been matched to her son by DNA testing in 2019.

Whitt’s skeletal remains were discovered near a billboard alongside Industrial Drive, which is adjacent to Interstate 40 and Interstate 85.

There were no signs of trauma at the scene, and is believed to have died elsewhere.

Authorities did not believe the child was from North Carolina. Isotope testing initially revealed he likely hailed from the Southeast U.S, highest potential areas including Alabama and Georgia. The isotope testing turned out to be not quite correct, as Bobby Whitt, Michigan-born, was living in Ohio prior to death.

He was originally believed to be Hispanic, but DNA phenotyping revealed he was a mix of European and East Asian ancestry.

Originally, his cause of death was not released. In 2018, it was announced he had been strangled.

Both Whitt and Cho’s remains have been cremated and sent back to family in Ohio.

Darlene Norcross

1953 – 2014

Darlene Wilson Norcross (November 4, 1953 – 2014) was a woman whose skeletal remains were discovered in a wooded area in 2015. She was identified in 2019. She was not reported missing due to family estrangement.

Norma Pacheco

c. 1979 – 2019

Norma Pacheco was a woman whose burnt body was found in a wooded area in Government Canyon in April 2019. She was identified two months later.

On April 4, 2019, the body of a woman was found in a field near Government Canyon in Bexar County, Texas. Investigators were hopeful that the body belonged to Andreen McDonald, a woman who disappeared on February 28 of that year. After several tips came into authorities, the woman was identified as Norma Pacheco. Pacheco was not reported missing and her family described her as a drifter and “transient in nature”. Investigators have determined that Pacheco’s death was a homicide.


Peggy Johnson

1976 – 1999

Peggy Lynn Johnson (March 4, 1976 – July 20, 1999), also known by the last name Schroeder, was a young woman who was murdered by her caretaker in July 1999. She has been nicknamed “Crystal Rae.” In November 2019, law enforcement announced she had been identified.

Peggy Lynn Johnson was born in McHenry, Illinois with cognitive disabilities. She lived with her mother up until age 18 when her mother passed away. Peggy started to live as a transient and was found by Linda LaRoche at a medical center in 1994. Linda took her in with her husband and their five children until her death. LaRoche coerced the victim into providing daycare and housekeeping services in exchange for residing at the house. Johnson was only permitted to sleep in the crawlspace of the home.

Throughout the five years that Johnson stayed with LaRoche’s family, she was frequently abused by Linda, both verbally and physically. Johnson herself confirmed the abuse to the children when they asked what caused a black eye. They would later recollect that she had, at one time, stabbed Johnson in the head with a pitchfork.

Johnson died approximately on July 20, 1999. Linda LaRoche’s (now ex) husband told police he saw the victim after she expired from the abuse and harsh living conditions. LaRoche claimed she had witnessed Johnson stealing medication in the bathroom and subsequently overdosed.

She stated she would dispose of the body and was absent for two hours. She would later tell police that she had abandoned Johnson along a Wisconsin highway, unharmed. Ultimately, her statements implicated another, unknown suspect for Johnson’s murder. Despite this, she admitted to abusing the victim.


The following day, two individuals consisting of a father and daughter were walking along a rural road near Raymond, Wisconsin. Upon the discovery, it could be determined the victim was murdered, as signs of abuse were visible on the body. The daughter later stated in a later interview that the woman’s arm appeared to be broken, given its “unnatural” position. Police did not mention any injuries to the limbs but confirmed the case was a homicide.

The body was clothed in a gray, Western-style shirt with red flowers. She also reportedly wore a pair of dark sweatpants. Since no shoes were recovered, there was a strong possibility she was not killed at the location. The night before Johnson’s body was found, it had rained, which hindered police from gathering useful forensic evidence.


The victim appeared to have undergone substantial abuse and malnourishment during the final months of her life. One of her ears displayed a “cauliflower” deformity, commonly seen in cases of abuse. There were many areas of her body that displayed cuts and bruises. Her nose had also been fractured. Scars were found on both shins but have not been stated to have resulted from abuse. It was speculated she may have been abducted and held captive for some time. The victim had also been sexually assaulted.

The body was autopsied and the victim was estimated to be between 18-30. There was a possibility she was up to 35. It was also revealed she was potentially mentally disabled. Each ear was double-pierced and it appeared her brown hair had been highlighted blond. Her eye color was reported to most-likely be brown, although other reports list the possibility of them being hazel or green. Her teeth had not been well-cared for. The toxicology revealed that there were no drugs in her system when she died.

The victim’s case was compared to that of Mary Kate Chamizo, who was murdered in December 1999. She was located 30 miles from her residence in Illinois and died under similar circumstances. There was eventually a series of convictions, yet they were later overturned.

Johnson’s case was popular in the online sleuthing community. She was frequently compared to Aundria Bowman, who disappeared from Michigan a decade before. DNA eventually excluded Bowman from the case. Other individuals such as Nyleen Marshall were also ruled out.

Isotope testing was performed on the remains following an exhumation in 2013. The results indicated the victim had spent time in Alaska, Montana, Southern Canada or the New England states. Johnson was last known to live in Illinois; details surrounding her childhood and the possibility she had moved from another area have not been reported.

Peggy was identified in November 2019 after a “concerned citizen” reported that when Linda was intoxicated, she claimed to have killed a woman during the period she lived in McHenry, Illinois. Linda was arrested in Florida for a DUI and the report was brought to the attention of the Racine County Sheriff’s Office in late September 2019.

Following her arrest and interrogation, Linda LaRoche was charged with Peggy’s murder and waived extradition charges. She will face charges in Racine, Wisconsin.

Law enforcement announced that she would be exhumed and reburied next to her mother in Illinois.

Perrean Tamar Flennaugh Gray

Perrean Tamar Flennaugh Gray was a young woman whose burning body was found in a dumpster in 2001.

She was identified in November 2019.

Gray was reported missing from San Francisco on June 1, 2001, however, her family and friends have reported seeing her in the San Francisco and Oakland area. There was a hospitalization record from 2003 and she was seen possibly driving in Oakland in 2007. Her family suspected that she might be in Las Vegas.

On June 16, 2001, Gray’s charred body was discovered in a fiery dumpster. Examination showed she was alive when her body was set afire. She was thought to be either white or light-skinned of another race for sixteen years following her discovery, however, DNA analyses proved her to be of primarily African descent with some European ancestry.

She has a thread over at Who Are You Doe on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/WhoAreYouDoe/

Randi Stacey Boothe-Wilson

1961 – 1994

Randi Stacey Boothe-Wilson (known by her middle name) was a woman found deceased in North Carolina in 1995. She was identified in February 2019. No cause of death could be assessed, yet the cause of death remains to lean towards foul play.

On October 28, 1994, Boothe-Wilson disappeared from her mother in law’s home with the intention of meeting her sister. Her estranged, visiting husband claimed she called him a day later from Manhattan, asking for him to pick her up. Boothe-Wilson and her husband argued about their strained marriage. Her abandoned vehicle was located in a disputed location.

Her husband later found letters addressed to her children explaining she was leaving them. Later, her debit and credit cards were mailed to him. The deed to her vehicle was stolen from her sister’s apartment in January 1995.

Some believe she willingly left the state and had relatives living in North Carolina. She had also spent time in the area for military assignments.

Her remains were discovered in Jacksonville, North Carolina on December 6, 1995. No cause of death could be determined, yet the placement of the body suggests that she was murdered. It is possible Boothe-Wilson died the day or days after she disappeared, suggested by the fact the clothes she wore when she disappeared were the ones she was found deceased in.

Although Stacey was African-American, her recovered remains were believed to belong to a white woman.

Robert Schwartz

1944 – 1988

Robert Lyle Schwartz (January 16, 1944 – March 1988) was a man who was found buried in a shallow grave in 1988. He was identified in 2019.

Roger Kelso

1943 – c. 1963

Roger Hearne Kelso (August 28, 1943 – Fall 1963) (nicknamed “Oscar” when unidentified) was a male discovered during a construction project in 1985. He was identified in 2019. He initially disappeared in 1963 after failing to show up to an important family gathering.

Takaylah Tribitt

c. 2005 – 2019

Takaylah Tribitt was a female discovered in Indiana in 2019. Following the release of her reconstructions, a tip was submitted by potential friends and family members. She was identified in October of 2019 and her identity was publicly released the following month.

The female was found in an alleyway in Gary, Indiana. Authorities stated she was shot to death. Her body was tied to a utility pole. The initial reports stated she was beaten. The condition of her body was never reported.

Following the release of information surrounding the case, a potential match was suggested by the family of a young woman who hadn’t made contact with them for several weeks.

Outdated dental records proved insufficient for identification; DNA comparison is now underway. The process was estimated to take around ten days.

Family and friends of Takaylah Tribitt, 14, voiced a possibility she was the unidentified teen. She disappeared from West Town, Chicago on September 1, 2019. DNA was taken from her biological mother.

On October 11, the female’s NamUs was removed. Eventually, her NCMEC poster was taken down. In November 2019, it was revealed to media that the unidentified decedent was indeed Takaylah Tribitt.

Timothy Conrad

c. 1960 – 2018

Timothy D. Conrad was a man found deceased in Washington in 2018. He may have been seen alive weeks prior to death. His DNA was later entered into Gedmatch, which linked him to distant cousins.He was identified in April 2019.

Tina Cabanaw

c. 1963 – 1999

Tina Len Cabanaw was a woman whose nude body was found in a field northeast of Angola, Indiana on September 6, 1999.

She had a bra wrapped around her neck, indicating that she had been strangled.

In July 2019, it was announced that she had been identified.

Tracey Hobson

1966 – 1987

Tracey Coreen Hobson (August 13, 1966 – June/July 1987) was a young adult who was murdered in 1987. She was identified in November 2018 by the DNA Doe Project, and her identity was confirmed in January 2019.

Little is known about Hobson’s disappearance, although it is definitely known she went missing in the summer of 1987. She was however a local resident to the Anaheim area.

Hosbon’s body was found about fifty feet off of Santa Ana Canyon Road, which is a frequently traveled highway. The remains were found in a “grassy,” fifty by fifty area.

No clothes or identification were found on and/or near her body. The cause of death was never successfully determined, although it is being treated as a homicide.

Tracey Coreen Hobson (August 13, 1966 – June/July 1987) was a young adult who was murdered in 1987. She was identified in November 2018 by the DNA Doe Project, and her identity was confirmed in January 2019.

Little is known about Hobson’s disappearance, although it is definitely known she went missing in the summer of 1987. She was however a local resident to the Anaheim area.

Hosbon’s body was found about fifty feet off of Santa Ana Canyon Road, which is a frequently traveled highway. The remains were found in a “grassy,” fifty by fifty area.

No clothes or identification were found on and/or near her body. The cause of death was never successfully determined, although it is being treated as a homicide.

Tracey was identified in November 2018 after the DNA Doe Project analyzed her DNA. Little has been made public about her disappearance, nor is much known about it.

Tracey’s age range was inaccurate, as she was estimated to be 15 – 19, although she was 20. The homicide investigation is quite active according to authorities.

Her murder remains unsolved.


Trinity Jones
c. 2009 – 2019

Trinity Love Jones was a young girl who was discovered partially inside a duffel bag at the bottom of an embankment on a hiking trail in Hacienda Heights, California in 2019.

Investigators believe that she had been deceased up to 48 hours prior to being dumped at the location and it is unknown if she was alive before being placed in the bag.

On March 5 2019, Jones’ body was discovered inside of a black duffel bag. Workers landscaping the nearby hiking trail in Hacienda Heights reported that her body was ‘partially inside’ the bag. It is theorized that the child had been placed in the bag and was pushed off a roadway embankment, and had not died at the scene. It is estimated that she remained in that position for 24 hours until she was discovered. According to law enforcement, there were no signs of trauma to her body.

Initially, her death was considered suspicious but after conducting an autopsy, it was ruled a homicide. It is not known at this point what led to the ruling of homicide and the cause of death is being withheld.

Her mother and her mother’s boyfriend have both been arrested in relation to Trinity’s murder.

There is a thread in TCS

Zlatko Brajko (12 May 1964 – c. 18 July 1998) was a Croatian tourism entrepreneur from the island of Brač who went missing in the summer of 1998. His cadaver was found on the 18th of June in the Tyrrhenian sea floating in an area between the island of Capraia and the city of Livorno, Italy. He was identified in March of 2019.


Brajko was last seen on the 1st of July 1998 in his home town of Bol on the island of Brač, Croatia. He was a tourism entrepreneur intent on expanding his business activities to include organized tours for German and Italian tourists. Brajko was featured in a 1991 interview for The Washington Post commenting on the impact of the War in Croatia on the tourist season. Brajko owned a personal motorboat and he frequently used it for leisure. He also expressed interest in doing humanitarian work in Africa.

His naked cadaver was discovered near the Italian island of Capria on the 18th of June 1998. His body had been floating in the Tyrrhenian sea for days. He had extensive sunburns over his body, a Casio wristwatch, a single size 47 Vogel brand shoe and a wedding ring with the name Caterina engraved. An autopsy performed in Pisa revealed the cause of death to be drowning. Foul play was ruled out.

The lead investigator in the case, Ilario Sartori, could not solve the case before his retirement but continued to search through modern databases of missing persons from EU countries. He made the connection with Brajko after finding his profile and noticing a distinctive hole in the chin much like the one the unidentified decedent had. A positive identification was made in March of 2019. Caterina, an ethnic Italian woman, is Brajko’s widow. He is also survived by a son.

Terry Deggs

c. 1949 – c. 2014

Nathaniel Terrence “Terry” Deggs was a man whose remains were discovered in 2015.

In September 2019, it was announced he had been identified by the DNA Doe Project and in December 2019, his identity was revealed as Nathaniel Terrence “Terry” Deggs, who had ties to Baltimore, Maryland and the Bronx, New York.

While Deggs was still unidentified, he was known as the Mill Creek Shed Man. His surname at birth was Davies. The surname Deggs is from his foster family.

Deggs was born to a teenage mother in Baltimore, Maryland. He was taken in by a foster mother in his youth and they both moved to the Bronx, New York. This is where he took the last name Deggs. Not much is known about Deggs’ youth. After the death of his foster mother in 1984, Deggs disappeared and appeared to live off the grid in Washington. It is unknown why he came to Washington.

Reconstruction by Natalie Murry

In October 1985, Deggs was discovered by the owner of a property in Mill Creek. He was found staying in a barn that was falling apart near his home. He eventually became part of the family and did odd jobs for them, but he rarely left the shed behind the house. The family did not learn much about him and he went by the name of Jerry.

The property was sold in 2007 and Deggs still lived in the shed afterwards. Mill Creek police did witness a man walking along Bothell-Everett Highway and when they talked with him, did take notes but he was never arrested or fingerprinted.

Deggs was found deceased in the shed in 2015. His cause of death was undetermined, however foul play is not suspected.

It was theorized that the owner of the shed had given him permission to live there. A man named Jerry Diggs (or Deggs), with a possible birth date of 12/31/1949, had once lived on the property. The surname, alias, year of birth and the alias of the decedent turned out to be in line with these theories.

Bertha Holguín

? – 1997

Bertha Alicia Holguín Barroterán was a young woman who was found near 34th Street and Broadway Road in Phoenix, Arizona.

She underwent testing by the DNA Doe Project and her identity was announced on December 9, 2019.

Right after I posted this another was announced!

DNA Doe Project Case Announcement: Clark County John Doe – Idaho (1979)

🔹 Status: SOLVED

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed the identification made by the DNA Doe Project. The former “Clark County John Doe” was Joseph Henry Loveless, Born 3 Dec 1870 in Payson, Utah Territory. He most likely died in 1916, making him about 46 years old at the time of his death. His remains were preserved in the Buffalo Cave for as long as 63 years, well surpassing the estimated post-mortem interval of six months to five years.

🔹 No photograph of Joseph Henry Loveless has been found. The image shown is a composite created from photographs of his immediate family members and the physical description on his wanted poster. Composite image by Anthony Lukas Redgrave.
🔹 Watch the press conference here: (link coming soon!)
🔹 If you have any further information on this case, please contact the Clark County Sheriff’s Office at:
Sheriff Bart May
Clark County Sheriff’s Office
224 W Main
Dubois, Idaho 83423
We are grateful for the hard work put forth by our volunteer genealogists, the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, Dr. Kate Reedy, Dr, Samantha Blatt, Dr. Amy Michael, Department of Anthropology Idaho State University, Othram Inc., Dr. Gregory Magoon of Aerodyne Reasearch, Justin Loe at Full Genomes Corporation, Inc, DNA Solutions, Inc., GEDmatch, Family Tree DNA, our generous donors including the Dyer Family Foundation, the DNA matches who uploaded and opted in to law enforcement matching, and the countless law enforcement officials, anthropologists, search teams, and students who have invested time and effort into closing this incredible case.

🔹 Links to More Information:
DNA Doe previous post:

🔹 For more information on the DNA Doe Project and our other cases, visit our website: http://dnadoeproject.org/
🔹 If you would like to learn how you can help solve cold cases by uploading your raw DNA and opting in to law enforcement matching, please visit: Help.forensicgenealogytraining.org
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Idaho #GEDmatchOptIn #OptIn


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