Slipped through the cracks – where is Harmony Montgomery?

Harmony Montgomery is a child who is 7 years old if she is still alive.  The last time she has been confirmed alive was in 2019 – making her around 5 years old.  This case has a lot of holes due to the time that has gone by so we have done our best to fill them in.

At the time she was last seen, Harmony was in the custody of her father Adam Montgomery.  

Harmony’s mother is a woman named Crystal Sorey.   Crystal and Adam first met in August 2012.   Harmony was born on June 7, 2014.   They eventually parted ways. 

Crystal struggled with substance abuse issues and she lost custody of Harmony in 2018.  When Adam took custody, he blocked all contact with Crystal.

Crystal has said that the last time she spoke with Harmony was Easter 2019 – around April 21 on a Facetime call.

Adam was living in Manchester, NH with Harmony and Crystal lived in another state, Massachusetts.

Crystal has spoken to the media since this case has been made public and she said she made many attempts to contact Adam and Harmony.  

Crystal first told police it had been around six months since she had contact with Harmony.  But she then changed her story and said that the last time was actually on a facetime call in Easter 2019.  She said that Harmony looked scared during the call.

Crystal has also said that she called New Hampshire schools, drove by homes associated with Adam and made multiple calls to the New Hampshire Division of Children, Youth and Families.

October 2019 is the last time that Harmony was confirmed to be alive and well.  She was apparently seen by Manchester Police during a call out to Adam’s residence. 

Adam was granted full sole custody of Harmony in 2019.  Boston25News obtained DCF records for Harmony and they state – “Custody of Harmony was returned to her father in February 2019. Once Harmony was returned to her father’s care/custody, her involvement with the Department ended as she does not live in Massachusetts,” 

Adam also had struggles with drug addiction and has an extensive criminal record.

Dating back to 2007, Adam’s charges in New Hampshire range from burglary, first-degree assault to stalking.

In January 2014, he was charged with armed robbery and assault with intent to murder in Haverhill, Massachusetts after Adam shot a man in the head during a drug deal, police records state.

At the time of his arraignment, a Haverhill District Court judge ordered Adam to be held without bail and considered him too much of a danger to the public if released.

Charges were later reduced, but he served time in connection with the incident.

Family members say that he had also abused Harmony.  In 2019, he allegedly gave her a black eye and said he ‘ bashed her around this house.’ 

What actually happened in the period between October 2019 and December 2021 is largely unknown.

Crystal has said that she kept trying to contact Adam on social media and her kept blocking her. 

Manchester Police said on December 31 that in the week prior, they had received a report stating that Harmony had not been seen for over two years.

“The circumstances surrounding this prolonged absence are very concerning and are being thoroughly investigated,” the department said in a statement.

Detectives have been investigating “non-stop” since becoming aware that Harmony was missing, the department added. They said they were working in conjunction with the state Division for Children, Youth and Families and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

“At this time I have dedicated all available resources and personnel to locating Harmony. I encourage anyone to contact the Manchester Police Department with any relevant information which will help us in locating Harmony,” Police Chief Allen Aldenberg said.

“For us to have a two year delay, that is extremely concerning. That’s not something that happens to us on a regular basis. It doesn’t happen every day.”

Aldenberg said investigators have spoken with “many family members,” but wouldn’t reveal whether that includes her parents or who it was that reported her as missing. He said the last time she was enrolled in school was in Massachusetts.

No Amber Alert has been issued, he said, because investigators have not met the threshold for issuing one, given that there is no specific information about who Harmony might be with or a vehicle she might be in.

Police tracked Adam down quickly – he was living out of his car with his girlfriend Kelsey Small in New Hampshire.

The girlfriend told police that she had been with Adam for about a year and that he had never really spoken about Harmony.

Adam gave the police many differing stories – he told them that he believed Harmony was in Crystal’s care and had been since November 2019. He said he did not know why Crystal would say she didn’t have Harmony.  In one interrogation by police, he told them he had ‘nothing else to say’.

In late December and early January, police searched a home on Gilford Street in Manchester, New Hampshire, multiple times, which they said in a news release “is a focus of the investigation because it is the last location where Harmony was known to reside before her disappearance in 2019.”  Police have said the owner of that home has no involvement in the case, but noted she has been cooperative with police and has assisted them in their investigation.

I believe at the time that Adam lived in the house with Harmony, it was owned by Adam’s grandmother and possibly also his aunt.  

At some point in 2019, online records say that the house was foreclosed on.  I believe that Adam and Harmony moved in there in either August or September 2019 and there was possibly no electricity or water connected to the home at that time.

I did find this timeline online with supporting court documents:

Adam had been married at one stage to a woman named Kayla.  Police questioned Kayla –

She told them she had last seen Harmony in late 2019.  

Adam told Kayla that he was driving Harmony back to her mother.  Kayla never saw her again after that.  

Kayla and Adam split up and became estranged in November 2021.  

Kayla also confirmed that Harmony did have a black eye once, but Adam said it was because another child struck her with a toy.

Adam’s uncle Kevin also spoke to the media about the black eye incident.  “I walked in the house, and Harmony had a black eye, like you see in a boxing match between two men.” 

He also told investigators, according to court documents, he observed other forms of abusive discipline, including Harmony forced to stand in the corner for hours, and told to scrub the toilet with her toothbrush.

Kevin Montgomery says family members made multiple reports to New Hampshire’s Division of Children, Youth and Families.

“I don’t know how they missed it,” he told NBC10 Boston.

He also spoke to the Daily Beast about why nobody in the family noticed that Harmony was missing.

“Then the pandemic hit, and I just assumed Harmony and that side of the family was ok. I was worried, of course, but assumed everything was ok because I had not heard anything.”

On January 4, 2022, Adam Montgomery was arrested on a warrant charging him with felony second-degree assault arising from 2019 conduct against Harmony, as well as one misdemeanor charge of interference with custody and two misdemeanor charges of endangering the welfare of a child pertaining to Harmony, the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office said.

Adam pleaded not guilty.

On January 5, Adam’s ex-wife Kayla was arrested on a warrant for one charge of welfare fraud, the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office said.

This info is from NBC Boston:

Prosecutors allege that between December 2019 and June 2021, Kayla Montgomery obtained $1,500 in food stamp benefits by failing to remove Harmony Montgomery from Kayla’s family account with the state Department of Health and Human Services and continuing to collect food stamp benefits for Harmony despite the fact that she was no longer living with Kayla and her husband, Harmony’s father Adam Montgomery.

On January 8, Crystal Sorey spoke to NBC 10 Boston.  “Hi, baby. If you can see me and hear me, I want you to know that I never stopped looking for you and I won’t stop fighting until I find you, okay? You stay strong and mommy’s right here fighting for you. I love you!”

Crystal has been polygraphed in relation to Harmony’s case – the results of that have not been made public as far as I know.  She has also submitted her DNA.

Harmony has a little brother Jamison who has been adopted out.  He was adopted by Blair and Johnathon Miller in 2019.

“Harmony was the only thing consistent in Jamison’s life, through unification with the mom, back into foster care, Harmony is all Jamison had,” Johnathon Miller recently told Fox News.

I have read reports online that say that the Millers wanted to adopt Harmony as well as her brother, but for some reason she was returned to Adam’s care.  

Blair is a news anchor and he has been tweeting about this case.

On January 9, police returned to the home on Gilford Street where Harmony was last known to live.  

In the past few days, it appears that authorities have been checking under concrete 

Police were also seen leaving the house with evidence in paper bags – this has led to online speculation that the evidence may be blood based/biological. 

I read this comment on Twitter – 

On January 10, police returned to the Gilford Street house yet again.  The FBI Evidence Response team used hot water piping to attempt to thaw the frozen ground in the backyard.  They were also spotted hauling away sheets of insulation. Nothing was ultimately found and I believe search teams have wrapped up their efforts.  
Harmony’s mother Crystal spoke to the media again on January 10 and has said that she believes Adam sold Harmony.

“I’m not going to lie, I’m hostile at this point,” Crystal said. “I have a lot of hostility to a lot of people that failed my daughter. And I’m included, I’m always going to own the fact that I played my part on this. But I never gave up on her.”

On January 11, Kayla Montgomery had her charges changed.  

This info is from wmur – 

Kayla Montgomery is now facing eight more misdemeanor charges of welfare fraud connected to fraudulently receiving food stamp benefits for a child.

Prosecutors have dropped the Class A felony charge of welfare fraud but charged Montgomery with a new felony charge of theft under a different statute.

I believe Kayla will next appear in court on February 25 and Adam is scheduled to appear on March 4.
Police actually held a press conference a few hours ago at the time of recording.  They announced that the reward for information in Harmony’s case has reached $104k and that they have had over 300 tips come in.  They said they are investigating every tip and taking them very seriously.

At the time she disappeared, Harmony was described as 4 feet tall, weighing about 50 pounds, with blond hair, blue eyes and glasses.

Anyone with information can call 603-203-6060.

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  1. Y’all asked if children were really sold for drugs, and you asked if anyone knew of a case of it happening Fayetteville, NC, Shaniya Davis was sold or traded by her mother to clear the mother’s drug debt of $200. So, selling children for drugs really does happen. So sad. Shaniya Davis was raped and murdered.

  2. The Massachusetts Office of the Child Advocate completed a full review of the case in Massachusetts – it’s posted on their website. I think it sheds a lot of light on how Harmony ended up in New Hampshire to begin with.

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