The Murder of Jayda Kyle

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Own November 28, 2017, Jayda (3) was thrown across the room in her house and killed.

Jalen Vaden, Jayda’s mother’s live in boyfriend, confessed to the murder, and said he snapped after Jayda put on the wrong pajamas. Jalen is currently incarcerated for the crime.

Since his confession, Jalen has recanted and pled his innocence many times over.

Jalen’s family does not believe he did this and it seems they believe Devyn, Jayda’s mother is responsible. Indeed, they have some pretty incendiary, though not necessarily incriminating texts from Devyn to Jalen expressing in detail how she’d like to hurt her kids and that she hates them. Jalen appears to try to diffuse her anger and say that they’re just kids.

What happened?

Did Jalen take the fall for Devyn, because he loved her?

Was Devyn just having a mom moment of sheer frustration and venting?

Did Devyn somehow convince Jalen to harm her child?

I’m including the screenshots from the previous post, with OP noting inconsistencies she found in Devyn’s interrogation video.

OP noting inconsistencies

Links to other research done by OP-
Devyn’s instagram:

Devyn’s blog:



Jalen’s confession:


Interrogation video of Devyn:

Audio interview of Devyn at the hospital:

Interview with Devyn’s father:

Jalen’s notes/letter to a preacher who visited him in jail shortly after his arrest-

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