Attention: Aussie True Crime Society members – you can no longer share news on Facebook

So, Facebook keep throwing the punches! On February 18, 2021, it was announced that Australian Facebook users would no longer be able to share or view news articles on that platform.

This info is from CNBC:

Facebook on Wednesday announced that it will no longer allow publishers and users in Australia to share or view news articles in response to a new proposed media law in the country.

With the legislation, the Australian government seeks to require online platforms like Google and Facebook to pay news outlets for displaying and linking to their content.

Facebook said it has decided to restrict publishers and Australian users from sharing and viewing news content in response to the proposed law.

Facebook really swung into action quickly on this one – it’s amazing how they can get things done when they want to!?? We did not even have time to warn our members of the changes.

So, what does this mean for us? Basically Aussies can no longer view ANY true crime news on facebook, nor can they share it. So wild. Who would ever have thought this was how Facebook would end up?

Our move to our new platform could not have come at a better time – jump ship and come with us! Sign up at

As of February 24, the Facebook news ban in Australia has apparently been overturned. But we are still waiting..

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