Facebook murderer Philip Schwab – Court Update

This is an update on our previous post – Philip Schwab went on a Facebook rant for days. And then he killed his girlfriend and their dogs.

Philip appeared in court on June 25, 2019. Horrific details about his crime have emerged.

Kaylynn Blue was stabbed in the neck as she slept on Sunday morning, 23 June. She awoke and tried to run away from her attacker. Philip chased her and continued to stab her. In an act of pre-meditation, Schwab placed the knife in a dresser-drawer days before the attack.

“Philip said that Kaylynn often thrashes around in her sleep. On this night, she thrashed around and was accidentally hitting Philip in her sleep,” court documents say.

At that point, Schwab disclosed that he got out of bed, retrieved the knife and stabbed Blue in the neck. She awoke and tried to fight him off. As he continued stabbing, she ran from the bedroom into the hallway and into the bathroom.

Schwab told detectives he continued the knife attack until he killed her.

He then went outside to their garden and softened the ground with a hose, before burying her in a garden bed. He then stabbed their two dogs and dumped their remains in a garbage can.

On Monday June 24, police turned up to the property to do a welfare check on Kaylynn after her colleagues became concerned when she did not show up for her shifts at Walgreens. Philip lead them to the garden and to the shallow grave he had dug for Kaylynn. Her face was still visible and police could see cuts on her neck and head.

Schwab was booked into the Bonneville County Jail on Monday evening and charged with first-degree murder.

Schwab was arraigned in court Tuesday afternoon via video conference from the jail. Schwab told Magistrate Judge Steven Gardner that he intended to plead no contest, and he was unable to answer whether he had an attorney.

Gardner appointed John Thomas as Schwab’s public defender.

Schwab is being held without bond, and his next court date is scheduled for July 9.

If convicted Schwab could face the death penalty or up to life in prison.

Kaylynn Blue tried to run as boyfriend stabbed her to death, court documents reveal

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