When it’s okay to go ‘real life’ – the case of Meghan Godfrey

A young blonde woman was seen on the streets of Washington DC over the month of July. She seemed to be homeless and she had a tote bag, cigarettes and takeaway cup with her.

The Australian woman wound up homeless after she was robbed of her ID and wallet. Photos showed her sitting on the street outside of a building in the same top featured in the composite image

On the other side of the world in Australia, a family was frantically looking for their daughter, Meghan Godfrey. An outreach officer was working with the family, helping them to find Meghan. Megan had been robbed and had no money or identification. She emailed her mother in early July saying that she wanted to return to Australia. Nobody had seen Meghan on the Washington DC streets since July 12.

It was revealed Meghan had emailed her mother about two weeks earlier asking to take her home saying she was 'ready to go back'

On July 16, 2019, a woman jumped from a building on the George Washington University campus. She was estimated to be between 15-30 years old and was 5’3, weighing 130lbs.

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The day after the woman was found, Meghan’s mother Janelle Moncrieff  arrived in Washington DC to search for her daughter, who nobody had heard from or seen for days.

She spent 10 days working alongside Washington DC Police, Amtrak Police, Union Station security, the Australian Embassy, Australian Ex-Pat Community, and street outreach hoping to bring Meghan home.  

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Meanwhile, the unidentified woman was added into national databases such as NAMUS and her details were spread online, in the hope that someone would recognize her.

The online posts made their way into True Crime Society. Group members started discussing possible missing people that may match the unidentified deceased woman. Members came across the missing woman Meghan and made a connection. They created composite images of the deceased woman v Meghan’s photos. The composite image of the deceased has the same shirt that Meghan is seen wearing inthe photo of her on the streets of DC.

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Group members contact the ‘HER Resiliency Center’ and other relevant authorities and gave their tips about the unidentified woman possibly being Meghan. The body was fingerprinted by authorities and it has been confirmed that it is indeed Meghan Godfrey.

Ms Godfrey's mother is expected to formally identify her body and then begin the process of bringing her home to Australia

Ms Godfrey’s mother formally identified the body and is now in the process of taking her daughter home to Australia.

The Daily Mail has reporters in our group and they picked up the story of what happened in TCS. They used direct quotes from our group but unfortunately, provided no credit.

You can read the entire thread about Meghan at TCS here.

The 27-year-old, who family described as 'charming, trusting, personable and full of adventure' wound up living on the streets

Rest in Peace, Meghan.

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