Doctor on the run? The disappearance of Joshua Hull

Dr Joshua Hull was a successful physician, working out of Temple, Texas. He drove an Audi and lived a quiet life. He has high online ratings for his medical service and his patients also spoke well of him ” He was very calm, he never seemed alarmed, he was very definitely informative, he was always able to answer all of our questions, he always you know, he knew pretty much right away with our symptoms, this is what’s going on and this is what we’ll do to get it fixed, so he was always very helpful which is why, you can go to so many urgent cares and we just decided to go see him every time.” 

Joshua’s family became worried when they hadn’t heard from him in October last year. His mother went to the Temple Police Department on October 22, 2018 and said she not heard from him since October 13. She had visited his apartment and his roommate told her that he moved out in July. She was also told that he had quit his job during this time. Joshua’s vehicle, an Audi Q5, was also missing.

A WebMD search says Joshua worked in Internal Medicine at Baylor Scott and White. In a statement, the American Family Urgent Care Clinic says “Dr. Hull has not been affiliated with the AFC medical facility in Temple since early this year. ”

A search was launched for Joshua with no results. He had no known social media and there are no posts online from family or friends, looking for him.

There was no news until April 2019, when it was revealed that his car had been found abandoned at Portland International Airport. The car was found way back in NOVEMBER 2018. It is unclear why it took so long for this report to come out in the public.

Image result for portland international airport carpark
Portland Airport parking lot

In the meantime, Joshua’s Texas medical license has become delinquent due to non payment.

Rumors have started popping up online about what happened to Joshua.

There is no record in Oregon for him applying for a medical license.

So, what happened to Joshua? He is not in NAMUS for whatever reason. Did he take off of his own accord? The police are still appealing for information about his disappearance. Did he get mixed up in the drug trade and he was murdered/made to disappear because of that?

If you have information on Joshua’s disappearance, please contact Temple Police Department at (254) 298-5500.

3 thoughts on “Doctor on the run? The disappearance of Joshua Hull

  1. maybe look into his crackhead brothers history. Considering the long line of possible people he could have pissed off along the way. Under investigation for prescribing meds + junkie brother = something fishy

  2. saw him as a pt. back in june, last year. we bacame friends over the medical books that i read “wow, he said” that book is at the M.D. level and it’s a good one.” i am a retired Rph and have an I/Q of 169, he noted that. on my next appt. he was gone. his employer offered no info. nor did other people. too bad, so sad, but this is what happens when medical people get involved in drugs. he was on speed, i know the symptoms. the druggers he was doing business with killed him.

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