Mysterious 911 call and the disappearance of Cheyann Klus

Cheyann Klus was only 22 years old when she went missing.

Her family last saw her at her home in Downers Grove on Nov. 27, 2017. She had taken her laptop and a few pieces of clothing when she left, but nothing that indicated she would be gone long. When she didn’t come home after a few days, her father reported her missing. 

Cheyann went to a house in Chicago on the night of Nov. 27, which was where 38-year-old Brian Biddle lived. Brian posted four photos to Cheyann’s Facebook wall the same day, two of her and two of a cat. According to other reports, she was still at Brian’s house on December 1st into the 2nd (but that doesn’t fit into the timeline according to the comments I have seen from friends). While there, they drank and spent all day and night partying together. After their partying, the two then slept for over 18 hours, according to Brian.

When Brian woke up, Cheyann was gone. 

In the early morning hours of Nov. 29, 2017, Chad Chanapai said he received several desperate texts and calls from Cheyann. She was asking him to come pick her up, but Chad didn’t see the texts until 20 minutes later. He tried to call and text her back but those all went unanswered. 

No one heard from Cheyann again. 

Except, on Dec. 11, 2017 Cheyann’s phone made a call to 911. The call was a hang up, so no one spoke to whoever the caller was. Police were able to trace the call, though, to Mallard Lake Forest Preserve. The preserve is 20 miles from Brian’s house and 18 miles from Cheyann’s home.

Since this was the only lead they had, a search was done Dec. 22, 2017. A second search was done on March 17, 2018, with over 100 personnel and five K-9 units searching the 86-acres. During the several searches of the preserve there were only a few pieces of evidence collected, but they haven’t been able to link any of it to anyone. 

According to Det. Jeff Leonard, Brian Biddle is not a suspect or even a person of interest. He told Crime Watch Daily that he is only a witness and that he has been cooperating. He let them search his home, phone, computer, and other personal devices. 

During the time of her disappearance, Cheyann was going through a rough time. Her mother passed away on January 13, 2016, after a long battle with liver failure. Not long after her mother died, Cheyann’s beloved dog passed away too. Both of these deaths sent Cheyann into a depression. She expressed herself through her Facebook posts.

Cheyann also wasn’t hanging around a very good crowd around the time she disappeared. A couple months before she went missing, she was arrested with a 31 year old man, Gabe Settecase. Cheyann was charged with obstructing identification and illegal transport of alcohol. Gabe was charged with possession of a controlled substance.

I’m sorry the timeline is all whack, there are a couple dates I’m unsure about. What I know is: 

Nov 27, 2017

  • Cheyann last seen at her home
  • Brian posts photos of Cheyann on her FB wall (9:18 am)

Nov 29, 2017

  • Chad says this is the last time he hears from Cheyann, when she texts him begging for him to pick her up from Brian’s (this is at sunrise)
  • Cheyann shares a post on Facebook (9:30 am)
  • Cheyann tags Brian on Facebook; it’s a YouTube video (9:35 am)

*So was she sharing posts with Brian after she begged her friend to come pick her up?

Dec 1 & 2, 2017

  • “Authorities learned Klus traveled to Chicago and was seen the night of Dec. 1 in the 2100 block of North Kilbourn in the city’s Hermosa neighborhood, the sheriff’s office said.”
  • Cheyann “traveled to Chicago and was in the 2100 block of North Kilbourn Avenue on Dec. 1 and 2, 2017, according to a Sheriff’s Office news release from December.” 

*Did she stay at Brian’s home for three more days then?

Dec 11, 2017

  • It’s said that *12 days later* (after Chad gets the “pick me up” texts) that Cheyann’s phone called 911, this would mean those texts were for sure sent on the 29th 
  • “Then on December 11, 12 days after anyone has heard from Cheyann, a beacon out of the blue.”
  • Chad posted on Cheyann’s wall (7:04 pm)

Dec 12, 2017

  • According to the DePage County Sherrif Office, Cheyann’s father reported her missing (even though it’s been said that he reported her missing “a few days after she was last seen” and also seen it reported as Dec 1st, which would line up with “a few days later”)

I have a couple theories.

1. Of course I am suspicious of Brian Biddle. He was the last person to see her. They had been partying all day and night and supposedly “slept 18 hours”. He is a known drug addict, being arrested after her disappearance for having a firearm and narcotics. They were romantically involved, but he mentions in comments that there is always women’s clothing around his house making it seem like he keeps a lot of women around. Cheyann is also a very gorgeous, young woman so either scenario could result in a jealous rage that ends badly.

So, maybe they got in a fight and it got physical resulting in her death and him disposing of her body. She also could have died from alcohol poisoning or a drug overdose, and he got rid of the body.

2. Maybe Chad did pick up Cheyann and something happened. I don’t have any proof of it, and there are no reports that she was picked up by another. But we also haven’t seen the actual text messages she sent Chad or phone records saying that he did miss all those calls and text or if he actually did get in contact with her. I came to this theory because this guy seemed to be obsessed with Cheyann. If you go to her profile and search his name, there are so many posts he posted to her wall or tagged her in. He calls her baby, baby girl, beautiful, and all those pet names a boyfriend would call their girlfriend. In other posts he says he loves her and even tagged her in a post that about “the cutest girl” and “when your crush is in the room (with a video)”. I don’t know, but I get creepy vibes from him.

Or maybe she got a hold of someone else that day, besides Chad, and that information is being withheld because of the on-going investigation. Maybe this person is the person of interest or suspect and investigators are waiting for them to slip up.

3. Maybe the depression from losing her mother and her pet, all the drink she had been doing recently, and trying to be in a relationship sent Cheyann over the edge. Maybe she decided to disappear for a while, eventually went out to the preserve where her phone pinged and attempted to commit suicide but it failed so she called 911 for help but hung up. After that she could have chose a different location to kill herself, this time succeeding.

4. The least likely thing I think could have happened to Cheyann is that she somehow got in to sex trafficking. Just because sex trafficking isn’t as prevalent as everyone thinks it is. Also, her running away seems very unlikely.

Here are some comments I have found also.

Charley Project


Police blotter about Cheyann’s attest



10 thoughts on “Mysterious 911 call and the disappearance of Cheyann Klus

  1. My comment is about Cheyann Klus. Well I suspect foul play myself. It’s not so much how long this guy slept but what his reaction was when he woke up. It seems she was at Brian’s place for the partying. Both guys were supposed to her really good friends. So what did her good friend do when he woke up? Was he concerned enough to go out looking for her? Didn’t he try to contact her to find out why she just up and left? Here we have a very attractive girl partying at his place. What was it just him and her? Why did she have the urge to have this other guy come pick her up? Was she afraid of her good friend Brian? Why did the other good friend fail her? Do either of have any emotions about this? I didn’t see any. I probably care more than they do and I don’t even know her. Ok how about this, she’s there partying with Brian, the party being a cover up for more malicious intentions, she gets scared and wants to leave but couldn’t as nobody came for her. Probably looking at wee hours of the night. All it would take is for this to happen is for it to be an exclusive party and another person ignoring her cry for help. In the meantime Brian takes her somewhere where it would be hard to find, bind and gag her. Authorities hasn’t offered any possible motive as to what might’ve happened. A pretty girl like that? And two men? Yeah I wonder what. Do they have a girlfriend or are they taking turns with her? I think the authorities need to keep a watchful eye on those two. They are the answer.

    • You are an idiot. They are using the term party as a synonym for getting wasted or heavy substance use. So yes it was an exclusive party. The ONLY two people being her an dher boyfriend.
      I do agree that if that other guy was such a good friend and he woke up JUST TWENTY MINUTES after she asked for help he would have driven over there immediately though.

  2. Listening to Chad speak of Cheyann and their relationship, I am very suspicious. Her “best friend” has an unusual sense of ownership over her, is convienantly inserted into the story of his “babe.”

  3. haha this tart is such a goner! stop taking so many selfies, conceited lover of self. makes me so satisfied to see these types of cases on Crime Watch. It’s so gorgeous that she could have had such a shallow life of easily getting what she wanted and hurting men but it’s all cut short now.

    • huh? so she deserves to be a goner (killed?) because she took selfies? yikes I think you might be an incel lmfao so pathetic. Where did you get “hurting men” from?? I swear you men nowadays are like toddlers with the most fragile egos on earth. You’re a straight up sensitive, weird, creepy, loser Ron (I’m crying laughing at your comment + your name paints a real funny picture, can’t even imagine what you’re packing HAHAHAHAHA)

  4. So this might sound weird but I’m an empath and as I’m reading this I’m feeling the emotional feelings of individuals and 100% i know it was Chad i feel the hostility when reading post but what did it for me 100% was the comment where he talks about gang initiations i knew right then …thats exactly what guilty people do when the start getting nervous about being caught they try to divert attention away

    • I FELT THE EXACT SAME THING. He would have searched for her 20mins after she called him. He would have driven straight to the guys house and woke up him and not let him sleep 18 hours to get more details if that was true

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