Thrill Kill Kyle

Robin Burton Jr was a 28-year-old homeless man who took an offer of a warm meal and bed from the wrong person.

On Jan. 18, 2009, Robin’s body was discovered inside an apartment by a maintenance worker. The apartment belonged to Kyle Morgan, a 29-year-old mentally-ill and drug-addicted alcoholic, who had fled the scene. He was eventually caught in Tennessee after he struck two pedestrians and get his car wedged between a tree and concrete barrier.

Before Kyle brutally killed Robin, the two went to buy drugs and then back to Kyle’s apartment to drink beer and play video games.

Authorities called the crime scene “gruesome”, saying that there was blood smeared all over the walls and that the body had been “desecrated”.

Kyle then beat Robin in the head with a hammer. He also stabbed him 20-30 times and cut pieces of flesh away from his body.

“The offense was accompanied by exceptionally brutal or heinous behavior indicative of wanton cruelty,” the inditement against Kyle said.

One the wall, with a mix of his own blood and Robin’s blood, Kyle wrote, “It is better to reign in hell than serve in heaven”. He also sat three Uno cards reading “666” on top of Robin’s chest and placed a skull and crossbones die on his temple.

“Natural Born Killers” was in the DVD player.

In Kyle’s apartment, police found disturbing poetry and pictures. They also found letters he had written to Dennis Rader and Richard Ramirez.

He dubbed himself “Thrill Kill Kyle” on his MySpace page, which has since been deleted.

On it, he stated that he is “down with Satan“. He bragged about punching four police officers in the face, mentioned that he enjoys drinking women’s blood, and had images of women in bondage.

Here are a couple entries I found online.

“2 and a half years ago a girl I was in love with died of a heroin overdose. We used to watch Dracula together and have blood sex. She meant the world to me. These words speak of how I feel. I would submit to the darkest deeds in the world to just be able to kiss her beautiful face again.”


“this world needs a new revolution. not just in one way, the whole system has to change. we can’t fight it with peace or we will lose. the system fights with war, and what they shall recieve back is war. we need to organize a rebellion of all the outcasts punks, goths, skins, hardcore kids, serial killers, metal heads, terrorists, school shooters, anarchists, satanists, mass murderers ect. we have to unite and fuck up the system. its been to long of sitting around and doing nothing. unite the clans. unite the underground network. think of the damage we could cause. we could fuck it up hardcore. hahahahahzaha…. “

On a MySpace page dedicated to Ted Bundy, Kyle wrote this on September 22, 2007,


He had another MySpace account named “nihilist style”. He was also a member of the MySpace group “Cop Killers”. His photobucket account can be found here. It has images of mass shooters, serial killers, bondage, and vampires. All of his faves.

One time Kyle cut his neck three times and then slit both his wrists as he said “Man, I really cut deep this time”. He also slit his wrists and jumped from a second-story balcony after a fight with his girlfriend.

He had been hospitalized numerous times and had at least eight suicide attempts. He was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder.

As you can imagine, Kyle’s parents had him committed many many times over the years. He was placed in facilities all over the country. His father said he would briefly appear rehabilitated before relapsing again. His father also mentioned that they tried to have him involuntarily committed, but the judge rejected it because he hadn’t harmed anyone.

After that, a doctor prescribed Vyvanse- which he was taking when he murder Robin.

Here are the thoughts about this choice of medicine from two forensic psychiatrist and how it’s link to Kyle committing murder that I found in this article.

Dr. Jonathan Howard, a forensic psychiatrist, called the drug “poison” and particularly dangerous for those with a bipolar diagnosis. By increasing the dopamine level in the brain, Vyvanse can exacerbate psychosis and cause those with bipolar disorder to become increasingly irritable or prone to violent outbursts.

“In an individual with bipolar disorder … this is an extremely poor choice,” Howard said.

Morgan’s first violent episode was in 2008, a few weeks after starting the medication. He cut his then girlfriend in the butt before jumping from a second-story balcony, believing he could fly.

A second forensic psychiatrist, Dr. James Cavanaugh, described Morgan’s mental illness and substance abuse, dark thoughts and morbid obsessions as lighter fluid; Vyvanse was the match.

“[What] resulted is a state of mind simply out of control,” Cavanaugh said. “There was no impulse control and it made no sense. It wasn’t premeditated.”

He called the crime “an impulse” and not likely to reoccur.

“The Vyvanse is a medication that should not have been prescribed to Mr. Morgan in the first place. It was prescribed, the violence ensued and now Burton is dead,” the judge said. “(But) at the end of the day, Kyle Morgan must pay for his crime.”

Kyle pleaded guilty, but mentally ill, and was sentenced to 30 years in prison

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