Fotis Dulos, suspect in the disappearance of his wife Jennifer Dulos, found dead in his home

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE 1/28 –  Although multiple sources reported Fotis Dulos had committed suicide just before he was scheduled for an emergency bond hearing, it is now being reported that he is being rushed to the hospital with a weak pulse.

We will update as we know more.

**Non graphic photo of his body in the driveway at the end of this blog**

Jennifer Dulos, 50, has been missing from wealthy New Canaan, CT since May 24, 2019. She is said to be embroiled in a bitter custody battle with over 500 documents filed with her estranged husband Fotis Dulos. Fotis is the president and CEO of a building company called the Fore Group. The two had been married for 13 years before Jennifer filed for divorce in 2017. It was reported that according to court documents Jennifer had filed for full custody and that she feared her estranged husband would harm her in retaliation for her attempt. Her request was denied. In the affidavit, Jennifer Dulos claimed Fotis Dulos had exhibited “irrational, unsafe, bullying, threatening and controlling behavior.” He allegedly has a history of violent outbursts. It is also reported that Fotis owed Jennifer’s parents a large sum of money.


On the evening of May 24, 2019 the New Canaan Police Department received a missing persons report for Jennifer, filed by two friends that claim they hadn’t heard from her in over 10 hours and that she had missed several appointments.  She was last seen driving her black 2017 Chevrolet Suburban which was later found abandoned at Waveny Park.

Fotis and his girlfriend Michelle Traconis were both questioned by police but were let go at first, however they were both arrested in June for tampering with evidence and hindering the prosecution. Police allegedly obtained arrest warrants after seeing surveillance video of Fotis throwing away garbage bags of evidence that contained Jennifer’s blood and other household evidence, such as a kitchen sponge. He was also seen on video throwing away a license plate that had been altered and dumped in a storm drain. The two are believed to have stopped more than 30 times to dispose of evidence that day. At a second residence owned by Fotis, the police found multiple blood stains in the garage and evidence of an attempt to clean the crime scene. Michelle and Fotis were both released on bail with a restraining order keeping them separated.

Fotis has tried to use the “gone girl” defense in this case – he claims that Jennifer staged her entire disappearance to harm him. Unfortunately for him, that defense didn’t work and the couple was arrested for a second time in September after police found Jennifer’s blood inside of Fotis’ truck.

FINALLY on January 7, 2020 Fotis and Michelle were both arrested and charged with murder in the disappearance of Jennifer. Kent Mawhinney, an attorney related to a separate Dulos case, was also charged with conspiracy to commit murder. 


** photo of Fotis dead in his driveway below **

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