Ethan Raible Rendlen-THE chucklefu*k rabbit hole.

So, this missing person case… We followed it at True Crime Society in real time and it was… madness. I wasn’t really blogging then and by the time I was it felt like the rabbit hole was too deep to chase, maybe not worth the effort it would take to dig through it all. Every now and again someone bumps the most recent thread with a comment that they have just fell right in and it brings me straight back in.

Some posts, links and facebooks have now disappeared from the internet but we have lots of screenshots because us online crime lovers know stuff often gets wiped. THE INTERNET IS FOREVER.

The power of a screenshot.

Now the world is shutting down, people (me) are stuck at home, maybe it is a good time to go back… care to join me?

It all started on 21st July 2019 when a wonderful TCS member posted the following facebook post by Tatina Badr

Tatiana Badr posted her “husband” (since last Sat) had gone missing in The Colony, Texas. That Sunday they were in the car, he pulled over to make a call to his father, she was napping as she was 4 months pregnant and not feeling great. He got out the car, so did she. They had a “small discussion” and he ran off and she never saw him again. No one around helped her.

In the comment section she went into a little more detail, about his bender weekend, and what happened after.

A start- Ethan Raible Last seen July 12th, 2019 in Dallas/The Colony ,TX

She later posted in a missing persons group and mentioned that he was having some sort of psych crisis.

While trying to work out what was going on, some group members found the believed area from Tatiana’s “missing husband” post.

The red arrow points to the embankment shown.

Here is where I personally think they were.

Red circle is a 7-11/Exxon.
Blue circle is a larger shopping center behind that with a Target.
Yellow circle is Car Spa.
Green circle is technically a Waffle House, but there’s an embankment behind there with a small creek/drainage.

This is the intersection of Beltline Rd and Marsh Ln. The Town of Addison jurisdiction ends at Marsh on the side of the intersection with the gas station and Target. City of Dallas is the opposite side, and she has commented a few times about him being missing in “Dallas proper”.

TCS group member.

Ethan’s facebook
His Old facebook
Tatiana’s facebook (now locked down)
Her instagram (now locked down) – she goes by Anya on this platform

Of course, with an open facebook, people started contacting her (coughnotfromourgroupasthatisagainsttherulescough) and asking questions, I have blocked names out but assigned them a colour to make it a little easier to follow.

More and more people started questioning this, things didn’t add up, there was no official missing persons or police posts about him being missing. His mother then commented on Tatiana’s post –

Her old gofundme via waybackmachine, created  June 6, 2013-

So, what can I say? How do I start this?

Hi, first off, my name is Tatiana. And I’m 26.

I’ve been on this Medical roller coaster my entire life, starting from a very early age.
I’ve beaten the big C twice in life, and that’s a huge thing, I suppose 🙂 Since then I’ve been pretty healthy, the only thing plaguing me were seizures, heart arrhythmias and anxiety. And the occasional scare about my CBCs being off. But, healthy.

But since moving to Illinois in the end of 2011, and being diagnosed with three pulmonary embolisms in November, life has gone in a downward spiral of sorts.
I’ve been fighting to keep myself in school and to keep working – but that hasn’t been an easy task. I have wonderful, amazing friends. But I also have Factor V Leiden, and I was hospitalized 9 times last year alone for Medical reasons related mainly to clots and heart issues.

I am also a VAWA immigrant (accepted & aprroved December, 5th, 2012, yay!), and I owe a LOT to my lawyer and her team and the wonderful women who made it happen. What that also means is that for an entire year, I was unable to work by law, because it was illegal before getting an approval. So the medical bills piled up.

Right now I’m going to a rough patch because it seems my marrow isn’t doing what it’s supposed to be doing – my blood thinning medication is not doing what’s supposed to be doing either and all the alternatives are way too expensive. I have no health insurance (and can’t apply for Government Aid because I haven’t been a Resident for 5 years yet) and my docs think it’s too much of a risk for me to be taking on full time or even part time work, so I survive giving out music lessons and doing translation/interpreting work. Needless to say, it isn’t really working out.

I have no family anymore or anyone who can be of any help in that regard. My family are my wonderful friends, amazing roommate and my feminist sisters.

To anyone who wishes to help, if there is anyone out there, I am willing to give out my Medical information to you, every exam you require, and my full and complete Medical information. I am right now being treated in two different hospitals in the Chicago area and all you need to do is get in contact with me through here and I will happily divulge all information to each and every one of you personally.

The high amount is not for medication only, even though it can get salty – for example lovenox alone gets up to 1200/2weeks – but for doctors visits (oncologist/hematologist visits can be pretty expensive, neurologists, specialists in general, surgeons, etc), some procedures like bone marrow aspirations, tests and the payment of bills from the embolisms that have turned my left lung into mush…it’s a never ending list.

Thank you for reading this. And much love to all of you!

– Tatiana.

Five days after the last wayback capture in June 2013-

So, Update

I spent the weekend in Telemetry at Illinois Masonic after another episode with Seizures and heart abnormalities.

They weren’t able to do much and I was discharged. I have three tests pending I have to do, but I can’t have them done because I have no insurance and my PCP can’t order them STAT because he’s from St. Joseph Hospital Laboure Clinic and the Clinic can’t do STAT orders.

So, here I am.

Tomorrow I start on another treatment cycle, my seizures are under control, I believe, but I’m still worried about my heart health, and I haven’t been able to have my echo done. But Telemetry didn’t find anything, so I’m thinking it’s a good thing?

Almost getting evicted, but me and my roommie are trying our best!

Thanks to everyone who’s donated so far! Thanks to you guys I’ll be able to get the 24hr Holter tomorrow and maybe with the discount, the 72hr EEG I need, as well.


Hanging in there, thanks!

Tatiana’s posts didn’t really make things clearer, everyone was looking at her old posts, seeing weird stuff that made them wonder- Is this the same person posting? Something felt off.

Everything is locked down now. You can’t see anymore why people felt that way (because it is so hard to explain here, there are more bits and pieces in this story that I haven’t included because they are wild off threads and somethings that became nothing) you’ll have to come join

But as a teaser.. TCS Admin Jeanette joined the thread and summed up all the offshoots into one comment

This is how I’m reading the case (Correct me if I’m wrong because it’s a whole lot to unpack)

Ethan is missing. Tatiana is his wife, maybe. She may also be trans.

Tatiana’s fb sounded normal a while back, but now it’s all over the place. If you compare Tatina’s recent posts with Ethan’s- they actually sound like….like maybe Ethan is actually writing the post??

None of Ethan’s family knows what is going on. “Tatiana” may be on a psych hold but nobody really knows.

So is Ethan really missing? Is Ethan not missing but maybe Tatina is? Is Ethan actually Tatiana? Or vice versa? GEEZ I think I’ve confused myself.

TCS Admin

Then people started digging into Ethan’s old facebook page, partly to make sure his mother was a real person…

7/11-7/14…claims he was on a bender (Th-Sun)
7/12….flier says he went missing on this date (in error maybe?)
7/13….got married (Sat)
7/14….when she says he went missing on FB post (Sun)
7/15….claims she filed MP report with police on a FB post (Mon)
7/16….claims in a different FB post that she filed a MP report (Tues)
7/19…nurse let her use her phone. Same phone she claims Ethan was using to call Dad when he disappeared.

TCS member tries to build a timeline. All screenshots are within Thread 2.

And then the story just kept building, now she was in her wedding dress…

And still, no official report being posting about Ethan being missing but Tatiana started posting on newssites+

As well as eviction notices and July 1st bankruptcy claims (all of which you can see in the threads) this came up, but not much more.

A member found this article that can not be opened and no cache is available

Admin found a text version -Charges were dismissed Monday against a 20 year old Normal man, indicted last year for a stabbing which left the victim in stable condition. The prosecution says it was forced to drop the case because it is now unable to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. Ethan Rendlen was charged with two counts of aggravated battery for the stabbing of a 21 year old. Police say a fight, involving several people, resulted in the stabbing in the 500 block of North Fell Avenue. The victim was first treated in the Twin Cities but transferred to Peoria’s OSF St. Francis Medical Center.

Then Ethan’s mom joined a group talking about her sons disappearance, to clear up a few “facts”

The Ethan’s friend,Phil, came and joined the conversation (and joined TCS)

Then Tatiana started to inbox people in different groups, that she was joining, to “correct facts”

At this point we had no idea what was going on, still nothing official, no police word. Were we being catfished? Are these people real? All one person?

Another weird af suggestion about the whole

She was blocking people asking questions and jumping in the inboxes of others. Is she being sued by a hospital in Brazil? You’ll just have to join the group for those subtinfoilhatholes.


At long last, July 22nd 2019, over a week after he went missing, The Colony Police Department made an official post on their facebook about Ethan.

The Colony Police Department is with Ricky Pope.
22 July 2019 ·

The Colony Police Department received information on July 15, 2019 of a possible missing person, Ethan Raible Rendlen. Ethan was entered into the State database as missing; Other Law Enforcement agencies have also been notified. As of July 22, Ethan has not been located. Foul play is not suspected at this time. If anyone has information on the whereabouts of this missing person, please contact Detective John Thacker 972-624-3933.

Someone else spoke to a friend of theirs, and spoke to Ethan’s love of drugs and partying, that they doubted suicide and the many red flags they had from Tatiana. This conversation takes place here

Our good friends at Heavy then posted about Ethan, *waves*!-

These are the things we have been waiting for, people from the outside confirming, at the very least, that Ethan was a REAL missing person.

At this point gofundmes got started (from his “friends” even with his name spelt incorrectly), the next few threads in True Crime Society exploded with normal and INSANE theories, some still thought it was a crazy social experiment. Can’t even sum up how fast comments were flowing, that is a rabbit hole all in itself.

Family poster.

One person started posting about Tatiana and her past on making things up. She was the Tee loooong before the Gannon case.

If this video is broken on wordpress, it is in thread 6 in group

Crazy stories kept coming-

Old MDSers- getting Baudelaire Twins vibes?

After days of more speculation, on 29th July 2019 a body was found in the area Ethan went missing.

Then the news came-

30th July 2019-

According to online data with the Dallas Police Department, a missing man from The Colony was found deceased yesterday morning near the Dallas / Carrollton border.

Ethan Raible Rendlen, missing from The Colony since earlier this month, was found dead in the area of Rosemeade Parkway and Marsh Lane yesterday morning at around 10:22AM.

The Colony Police Department was contacted on July 15th regarding the disappearance of Mr. Rendlen. They indicated foul play was not suspected.

Reports indicate his body was found in a wooded area near the location given above. The official report states the body was found in an “outdoor area.” No other details regarding the discovery have been released by officials. His death is listed as “unexplained.”

We will share any additional details when released by the police.
The wooded area where Ethan was found.

A lot of the buildings seem to be the same as Tatiana described, just in the wrong intersection. So he was likely close to where he got out of the car, but was he running from his “pregnant bride in her wedding dress?”

31st July 2019-

17th November 2019

Ethan’s COD has never been official realised but of course, Tatiana had something to say about that-

Then she got arrested for Drunk Driving…

Tatiana’s instagram then became active

9 months later…. No baby.

e have put in a FOI request in this case. Maybe one day we will get in back, and some answers.

And that, was that. No more news. Not sure how to wrap up this “rabbit hole”, except-

Made by Rachael McAlister Powers @raising_southern

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  1. PLEASE DO A PODCAST ABOUT THIS!!!!! No one has even spoken about it on any of the daily crime podcasts. I know it’s too soon to get a full story, but not even a mention?! PLEASE, please do a podcast on tis story.

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