Jessica Lyn Morgan has been found safe!

Jessica “Jesse” Lyn Morgan (34), also known as Jessica Lynn Benitez, went missing around 28th April 2020.

She said she was going to San Francisco, from Phoenix, Arizona, to meet her new Chinese boyfriend who helped her invest $2,000 she got from Gov’t.

The last person that heard from her was her ex husband, Jose Benitez, in Las Vegas via a phone call. He informed her mother about her plans.

She has been catfished and has been taken advantage of by men/”boyfriends” online before – this makes her mother worried about who Jesse went to meet on this occasion. Janice, her mother, just wants to know her daughter is safe and she is happy to let her live her life.

“She wants to be independent” Janice stated, “If anybody says anything to her about the dangers of internet dating she gets very defensive and cuts them off. When I told her that I thought I would never see her again she replied- ‘Oh yes, you will see me again and I’ll promise you I’ll keep in touch'”

The last time she went to meet a man she met online, he never showed. She then called her ex-husband for help and ended up in Las Vegas living with him for a couple of days, then went on from there to Phoenix. Arizona to stay with a friend.

Eventually, Jesse and her friend had a falling out. Her mother believes it was over warnings about being scammed over this studio apartment she posted about on April 8th.

Then tweeted on April 29th
“Chillin at the Los Angeles bus station until my bus to San Francisco arrives. I have one piece of advice to those who use an app called Roomster please be aware there are scammers on there posting fake ads with addresses they don’t even own.#StopRoomsterscams

Her twitter

Janice told me -“I don’t think she was prepared to leave at that moment but, she was desperate at that time and she was feeling vulnerable. So, this Chinese boyfriend pops up on her phone and all the sudden he looks really good and that’s my theory…she thought even less than she normally does about the danger of Internet dating and internet connections”

Jesse had a stroke that left her weak on left side and she walks with a limp. She had a lobotomy that she had when she was five which limits her ability to reason and left her very quiet in her demeanor.

Her mother says Jesse is fluent in Spanish, she is a fan of Charmed and Supernatural and she loves to cook.

Texting and her youtube is where Jesse is more confident, with her love of clothing, makeup and hair dye. She is on every social media platform.

Worryingly, for someone very active online, her facebook messenger says she unavailable and her phone goes straight to voicemail

Jessica’s Youtube-

Last video uploaded in January-

Her facebook-

Her tattoos- she has many tattoos, including the Charmed logo on the top of her left arm, and script on her neck .

Her twitter account liked this post on the 1st May.

If you see Jessica or have any information please call the Phoenix Police department on (602)262-6151 Case #2020-766118

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