Two Fort Hood soldiers found dead – are their cases related?

Vanessa Guillen (20) was reported missing from the Fort Hood military base in Texas on April 22, 2020.

Her car keys, barracks room key, identification card and wallet were later found in the armory room where she was working earlier in the day, according to the Fort Hood Press Center release. Her car was also found on site at Fort Hood.


As of June 2020, Vanessa is still missing. Actress Salma Hayek has become an advocate for her:

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CCTV footage of the last time Vanessa was seen has also been released:

Vanessa’s family believe that she is still alive.

On Monday June 22, Tim Miller with Texas Equusearch confirmed that they had received a tip about Vanessa and were searching an area near the Leon River. Investigators are also looking into claims that Vanessa was sexually harassed before she disappeared.

On June 30, 2020, it was announced that human remains had been found near Leon River during a search for Vanessa. While the remains have not yet been officially identified, Tim Miller from Texas Equusearch has said the search for Vanessa is over.

The Army CID issued the following statement:
Due to extensive investigative work conducted by Special Agents from the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command, agents have returned to an area of interest close to the Leon River, Bell County, Texas for more investigative work in the search for PFC Vanessa Guillen. After receiving additional information, agents have discovered what has been described as partial human remains after analysis from a forensic anthropologist. Army CID agents are currently on scene with the Texas Rangers, the FBI and Bell County Sheriff’s Department. No confirmation as to the identity of the remains has been made at this point and we ask for the media and public’s understanding that the identification process can take time. Due to the ongoing criminal investigation, no further information will be released at this time.

Another fellow soldier Gregory Wedel-Morales (23) also disappeared from Fort Hood. He was last seen August 19, 2019. Gregory was scheduled to process out of the miliary in September 2019, so his family believes he did not go AWOL. He was also scheduled to get divorced and he has missed a family tragedy since he disappeared.

His mother, Kim, said she is sick with worry, and she has no idea where her son could be.

“In my opinion, that’s not like him, so something is going on” she said.

Gregory was last seen driving a black Kia Rio. He purchased the car a week before he disappeared. His mother said “no payments have been made on the car that we can track…he just disappeared, and he had just bought it the week before.”

In a strange twist, that is possibly unrelated to Gregory’s case, his estranged wife was arrested in October 2019 for criminal trespass:

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In November 2019, the house of Kim Wedel mysteriously burned down. Kim is Gregory’s mother.

Gregory’s family posted this update on April 29 on Facebook:

‘It has been 7months and we have literally heard absolutely NOTHING!
They haven’t found his car, no sightings of him, phone hasn’t been used at all, no cash has been pulled, no debit card purchase, how did he just disappear into thin area. It’s not right by any means it’s not possible. Someone knows something out there.
It hurts me that my husband, two daughters, and I are sitting at the dinner table eating and my husband gets quiet I ask what’s wrong and he said “ I’m sad because our girls will never know their uncle “ hearing him say that hurts, the fact that’s true hurts.. they never got to meet him because he was always gone serving our country!
Please help us locate my brother in law Gregory Wedel-Morales. He has been missing sense 8.19.19 from Fort Hood, Tx. No one has heard from or seen him since that night. He was scheduled to process out of the military last September just a few before he went missing, so going AWOL just doesn’t make sense. If you have seen him or have heard from him please let me know or call the MP’s at Fort Hood. 254-287-4001 The police won’t look for him , they suggested posting on fb so here I am, again. Please share until he is found. He had just bought a black 2018 KIA Rio. Paper tag. Be anonymous if you need to be but please help find my brother in law to give my husband and mother in law closure. He’s now 24 about 5’11 brown hair and eyes.’

In May 2020, Gregory’s family spoke to the media.

“The only actual lead we found is my daughter-in-law found a CarFax report and it showed It was inspected in Dallas in December,” said his mother, Kim Wedel.

On Friday June 19, 2020, human remains were found during a K9 search in Kileen, Texas. Fort Hood Criminal Investigation contacted Killeen police in reference to a tip it received.

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The remains were quickly identified by dental records as belonging to Gregory. His death is being treated as foul play.

Vanessa and Gregory aren’t the first soliders to go missing from Fort Hood.

Pvt. Dakota Stump (19) went missing on October 10, 2016. He was last seen leaving his barracks room.

“The remains of Pvt. Dakota Lee Stump, 19, were discovered next to a flipped-over vehicle, which was registered to Stump, in a wooded area approximately 100 yards from the roadway near Building 43028 on Fort Hood on November 3, 2016,” the post said.

Dakota Stump and his vehicle

“The whole time he was laying in the woods, and nobody would go look,” Stump’s mother, Patrice Wise, told Army Times after he was found. “He knew going into this that he could be giving his life for all of us, and they couldn’t even go look for him. We were told that we were taking time away from their training.”

It is believed that Dakota had been drinking before he car accident and that he died when he missed a turn while speeding. His car was flung hundreds of feet into a treeline, killing him as it impacted, flipped and then impacted again.

As Gregory is still missing with his vehicle, did he suffer a similar fate to Dakota? Did he wreck his vehicle and he just has not been found yet? But, what about Vanessa? Her vehicle and her car keys were found on site at Fort Hood. Why is there no CCTV showing her final movements? What is going on at Fort Hood?

In March 2020, a prostitution sting was carried out at Fort Hood. 14 people were arrested, including 6 soldiers. According to

Twelve traffickers were arrested for agreeing to engage in a sexual act for a fee. Six of the 12 traffickers are active-duty enlisted soldiers at Fort Hood, according to the Temple PD.

Two women were arrested for prostitution, a class A misdemeanor. They were also on probation for felony narcotics charges.

This is not the first time there has been trouble on the base:

We came across this information online which outlines other Fort Hood suspicious deaths:

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  1. Obviously the poor girl Vanessa was kidnapped by someone in power at that base. No one just steps away from their post or whatever and leaves all of their important things behind like that. There are sex trafficking rings all over the place and people who are very good at it. Look up David Parker Ray. He seemed to be connected to people in Florida and who knows where else. People think he did all that stuff for himself, but I’m willing to bet there were a lot of other people involved. They should all be hunted down and killed. And where’s the surveillance footage of people coming and going? Women should be much more protected with protocols that protect their safety without infringing in their free movement around that base.

  2. I’m Dakota Stump’s mom, my heart goes out to Pvt. Morales’s family and support all media keeping Vanessa’s name out there until she’s found. Thank you for remembering Dakota’s story …

    • I am so sorry to hear about your son. This breaks my heart as a mom. I noticed all of these people were very attractive and I wonder if it was some sort of trafficking ring. God bless you…so sorry.

  3. Thank goodness there are private citizens like all of you who don’t let these murders/deaths go unreported, and unsolved.

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