Kenbian Ng killed his terminally ill 11 y/o daughter Angela in a murder-suicide – Davie, Florida

Just before 9am on August 10, 2020, gunshots rang out from a home in Davie, Florida. A woman raced into the room, only to find her husband and 11 year-old daughter with gunshot wounds.

The child was declared dead at the scene and the husband passed away in hospital from his injuries.

Davie police spokesman Lt Mark Leone confirmed the incident and said it was being investigated as a murder suicide. 

‘While we were speaking to the mother, we were told that the child has a debilitating, terminal illness, which is a possibility for why this tragic incident occurred,’ Leone told Local 10.  

This information comes from the Sun Sentinel –

The girl was born on May 10, 2009. It was Mother’s Day. Photos posted on social media from the girl’s early years paint a portrait of a happy, healthy little girl with loving parents. She performed in dance recitals. She did martial arts.

Family members said the little girl had cancer in her femur and that on Aug. 28, she was scheduled for an amputation in Boston. That day would have been her parents’ 27th wedding anniversary, records show.

Miriam Casanova, whose husband, Jorge, is the cousin of the little girl’s mother, said she and her husband have been wanting to call and check in with the parents more but often found themselves at a loss for words because the last phone call a few months ago was so difficult and sad.

During the phone call, the little girl’s father could barely speak through all the tears, Casanova said. “He couldn’t talk,” she said. “He just cried.”

Public records indicate that Kenbian and Annabel Ng own the home.

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