Andrew LaFleur III (39) was shot to death by his 11-y/o son

On Monday September 7, at around 5pm, Deputies were dispatched to a home on Erble Lane in Moss Bluff, LA. Andrew LaFleur III (39) was found dead inside his home from a gunshot wound.

After an investigation, detective learned it was an 11-year-old family member was responsible for the shooting. He was arrested and booked into the Juvenile Detention Center.

This is a developing story but there are many online rumors about the case:

Some are saying that it was an accidental shooting:

Others are saying that there was a domestic dispute at the time:

There is also online speculation of abuse:

Andrew’s friends and family have started making online tributes to him:

One version of events that seems to be being repeated is that Andrew and his ex-wife got into an argument, and the child shot Andrew then.

Andrew’s obituary has been released and his children are named in it. We believe Wesley was the shooter in this case.


Allegations of abuse by Andrew have started to come out.


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Others have been coming out in support of Andrew:

As of September 13, Wesley remains in jail:

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