A body has been found in the search for missing TCS member Tiffany Booth

Tiffany Booth and her boyfriend Eduardo Clemente are missing. They live in Las Vegas and left for a trip on Saturday October 3. She never returned to work on Monday October 5.

You can see Tiffany’s Facebook here.

You can view Eduardo’s Facebook here.

Tiffany’s family have put together a Facebook page for her. They have included a timeline of the disappearance:

  • Monday – Wednesday – Sept 28-30 – Security footage was deleted for Tiffany’s condo and they possibly left Wednesday.
  • Thursday October 1 – Tiffany texted her mother Judy that they were staying in Boulder City, Nevada for the night and took a day off of work for Friday Oct. 2 and were supposed to be back that day.
  • Saturday Oct 3 – Tiffany’s San Antonio friends group chat noticed Tiffany was in Idaho and her last text to anyone was at 7:49 pm.
  • The group chat still had her phone in Idaho Sunday morning Oct 4. Then it was turned off.
  • Monday, Oct 5 – it was noticed that the car had not returned all weekend. Judy filed a missing person report.
  • Possible sighting of the two at Perry, Utah Monday Oct. 5, between 12-1 pm.
  • Tuesday Oct 6 – Tiffany’s Facebook goes inactive about 1 pm
  • Tiffany’s bank card was used in Idaho on Tuesday at a McDonald’s and Stinker’s Store gas station
  • Oct. 7, Police spoke to their work. They hadn’t called in since the Oct. 1
  • Thursday Oct 8, Tiffany’s car was found in Ely, Nevada with the license plates removed.
  • Saturday Oct 10 – CSI searched condo and there was a search conducted of the area surrounding the car. Torn clothing was found.
  • Sunday Oct 11, police search of Tiffany’s car.

The Ely Times have an article on this case:


On October 21, news started emerging that Tiffany’s body had been found in Indian Springs, Nevada.

The Ely News has since confirmed that the body belongs to Tiffany:

Eduardo’s whereabouts are still unknown. Tiffany’s family are pleading for information:

On October 28, Las Vegas Police finally released some more details. Tiffany is now considered a homicide victim and Eduardo is the main suspect.

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One thought on “A body has been found in the search for missing TCS member Tiffany Booth

  1. Were they a couple? I guess they were. Did they suffer from medical issues?. If they did I would not think that both became unwell at the same time. I wonder if they were car jacked? Or robbed if they had been in the casinos, maybe won a bit of money. People watch people and take advantage of them. I think foul play could have happened to these people.

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