Dr. Michele Boudreau Deegan (55) shot her 7 y/o twin daughters before she turned the gun on herself

On October 25, 2020, one of our admins was sent a message regarding a possible murder-suicide in Whatcom Co, Washington. The messenger said that a woman named Michele Boudreau Angelis had allegedly killed her two young daughters in a murder-suicide. There was no media about this case that had been released at the time, apart from this:

You can see Michele’s personal Facebook account here. She had many photos of her twin daughters on her page. And in the last few days of her life, she made many posts about narcissistic parents.

The messenger told us that Michele and her ex-husband had been going through a messy court battle, and that her ex wanted full custody of the girls.

Michele promoted herself as a Psychologist. You can see her business site for Rising Sun Psychotherapy here.

Her business website address is https://www.drmicheleboudreau.com

You can view Michele’s instagram here:

Information about Michele’s past started emerging. She has had many names in the past, likely from former marriages/common law relationships.

A group member also found that Michele was marketing herself as a Psychologist, when she was really only licensed to be a mental health counselor. She had also been put on probation 2011 and had received many negative reviews regarding her practice:

Carmen Cabrera-Fuentes launched a lawsuit against Michele in 2020. She alleged that the two met on Match.com in 2017 and they moved in together in October of that year. You can read all the legal documents here:

On October 26, the sad news was confirmed by Komo News:

A Whatcom County woman shot and killed her twin daughters and then herself in an apparent double murder-suicide late Friday, sheriff’s officials confirmed Monday.

Deputies responded to the scene, a home on Sunflower Circle in Sudden Valley, at around 1:15 p.m. Saturday after receiving a 911 call from a roommate at the multi-level residence. The roommate reported finding his landlord and her two daughters dead in an upstairs bedroom.

Detectives were then called to the home and spent the afternoon and evening collecting evidence, according to the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office.

A preliminary investigation found that the mother, identified as 55-year-old Michele Boudreau Deegan, shot her twin 7-year-old daughters while they were sleeping, then shot herself sometime on Friday evening, sheriff’s officials said.

The investigation indicated that Deegan had been involved in a custody dispute over the children, which appears to be the primary motive behind the killings.

The three bodies have been turned over to the Whatcom County Medical Examiner’s Office. Autopsies are planned.

The twins and their father

Homes are being sought for Michele’s pets:

The twins have been named as Katie Elizabeth and Mairy Anneliese. You can see their obituary here.

On October 29, Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Michele had drugged the twins before killing them.

The twins’ father Scott made a public post about the situation:

9 thoughts on “Dr. Michele Boudreau Deegan (55) shot her 7 y/o twin daughters before she turned the gun on herself

  1. This is utterly heartbreaking. As soon as I saw the headline, I said aloud, “Let me guess — family court.” I’d be willing to bet money that this woman had alleged abuse against her girls’ father, and the court was about to take her daughters away from her and hand them over to their abuser.

    Not to excuse murder-suicide, of course, but I’ve seen too many cases where this has happened. I was personally helping a woman in this situation in June/July, and unfortunately, she and her son’s lives ended in the same manner. She did it to save her son from his father, just like I bet Dr. Boudreau Deegan did.

    Family court needs a massive overhaul in the US. Women can’t even report abuse without fearing their own custody being stripped.

    • The woman was a manipulative thief who bilked someone out of tens of thousands of dollars and then murdered her children to spite their father, and you’re trying to call her ex husband a rapist pedophile?! After he just lost his two daughters because of their crazy mom?! In what world…

    • Did you not read anything in the article? You don’t have to guess. Your guess is part of the problem because YOUR guess is absolutely disgraceful to the father and the children’s entire surviving family members on both sides. Spend a day in Family Court and every case has a mother saying she is emotionally abused. It’s the mother playbook to hurt the father. This psychologist mother was mentally ill and in her court hearing that was posted on this site filed by a later female partner, the court said that nothing she said was true in that case. The father was trying to get help for his girls appropriately through the courts. I knew both the mother and the father. They were an in love couple at one time. The mother became mentally ill, made all types of false accusations against the father and if you read this stuff seems like she had lost it in her private practice too. She tried to alienate him from his daughters while she spiraled out of control. The daughters loved their dad. They have shared custody since their separation began. He had just gotten the court to approve some kind of a psych analysis because of her actions. Geez readd the court docs before you post. You need to sincerely apologize to these families who have been affected by this. Please… This story is about the tragedy of mentally illness.

    • I knew them. They were both terrible people. But she was absolutely manipulate and horrible. She lied all the time and was so wrapped up in herself.

  2. Created this account just to leave comment for this story. I’ve been following because I have worked professionally first-hand with this family and could not believe it. I never understood the custody issue reporting. Twins were with each parent at different time who collaborated on things, super happy with dad unless the mom was going to lose custody? The twins brought a high note to my day many times. It was obvious they had a special connection between them. I did not have a good feeling about their mom. Nothing terrible, just felt like she was an act and not real. I am a mother, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting my kids in a car with her to go on a trip to Menchies. Now I understand why I had that feeling. No mother on this planet (who is thinking rationally) could do this to their children. I can see alot more was going on. I’d be fine putting my kids in the car with the dad and having them spend a whole day with the twins and him – they’d come home smiling just as big as the twins did. Very sad, disturbing story. I smiled when I saw that I was going to see Mairy and Katy. I have said many prayers for them. We found out that there’s a fund at WECU for them. Just tell the teller it’s the Mairy and Katy Fund and they can process a donation. My heart goes out to both the families involved. Mairy talked about her grammy a lot I saw love when they were around and they put a smile on my face every time that I saw them. Sorry that I could not be at the funeral for them. RIP

  3. i created this account to post for this story. it has been a very tough thing to follow. i worked with this family professionally first-hand and am still in disbelief. i do not understand the custody issue the media was reporting unless mother was going to lose custody? not a bad thing it looks like. the girls were always with one of the parents who collaborated with one another. i’m a mother and just cannot understand how any mother on this planet could do such a thing. but when you struggle with mental issues things are’t rational. i can say this. i wouldn’t have put my kids in a car with her for a trip to Menchies and feel good about it. i would have been a happy mother if my kids spent the day with the twins and their dad. just felt like they’d come home with the big smiles that the twins always had when i saw them with him. they were okay with their mom. there were no signs that something like this could happen. i just always felt like she was putting on an act and he was natural. and now i know why i had that feeling. nothing terrible but just not real. we found out that there is a fund at wecu for the twins. just tell the teller that you want to make a donation to the mairy and katy fund. they’ll process it. it was so clear that they had something special between them. mairy used to talk about her grammy alot and my heart breaks for both families. such a terrible loss for all of us involved. people posting things seem to forget who all are also effected. i am so sorry that i could not be at the funeral. prayers for you. and prayers for their dad and for their mom who i know as a mother could not have been in her right mind. RIP mairy and katy.

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