True Crime Society is moving from Facebook!

You may have been wondering why we have been a little bit quiet. We have had lots going on behind the scenes. The time has come for True Crime Society to leave Facebook. This move is not happening by choice. Due to new Community Standards, we are unable to discuss crime without fear of having our entire group, its contents and our personal Facebook accounts removed. Two of our admin team have already had their personal accounts (that existed for over 15 years) ‘ zucced’, with no explanation or accountability from Facebook.

We suggest you read their Community Standards to ensure that you abide by their rules and keep your account. Facebook has now deemed that group admins are responsible for what a member posts. So for example, if you submit a post about a gun crime to our group and Facebook deems that it goes against their standard, the admin that approved the post gets a strike, as does the group and Facebook reserves the right to remove accounts/groups at any time with no warning. These are some other Community Standards that apply to our group, taken DIRECTLY from facebook documents:

  • Do not: Post, share, engage with content, or create accounts, groups, pages, events or other assets, either manually or automatically, at very high frequencies. (One of the zucced admin team was frequently restricted from posting in our OWN groups due to it being deemed as spam).
  • They have an entire section related to ‘Publicizing Crime’ which is essentially what a True Crime group does (according to facebook).
  • Do not post content that falls into the following categories:
    • Harm against people
    • Harm against animals
    • Harm against property
  • Facebook have also deemed that use of emojis (like the gun or knife emoji) may go against their standards.
  • We believe that our main groups of TCS and Death After Dark are possibly shadowbanned – this means facebook does not show them in your news feeds and you do not get full visibility of our posts.

We could go on for an entire post about why we can no longer stay on Facebook and we have included the above just as examples.

So, rather than lose the thousands of posts and gazillion hours spent on all our groups, and in an attempt to keep our community together, we have created our own BRAND NEW, TOTALLY FREE platform.

As of February 20, 2021, no new posts will be accepted for submission in the True Crime Society group on Facebook. All discussion will be moved to

All of our groups – True Crime Society, Death After Dark and Pop Culture Dumpster are now available on the new platform. In one week since our soft launch, we have almost 6k members and almost 3k posts in True Crime Society alone!

Some amazing features of the new site include:

  • The ability to create your own news feed, so you can choose exactly what you want to read!
  • A search function and notifications that actually work (unlike Facebook).
  • You can still tag, quote, send gifs and reply to comments, just like Facebook.
  • You can choose to read most recent comments or earliest comments first.
  • You can be as anonymous if you wish – so you can speak about local and personal crimes without worrying who is reading your comments.
  • Unlike facebook, we have a customer service team on the new platform that actually care about us and respond to our queries within minutes. We finally have responsive and accountable people to assist us!
  • And the best part is that you can discuss WHATEVER crime you would like without fear of losing your personal Facebook account. You can use words like potato (which you really can’t say on Facebook now, that’s how ridiculous it’s gotten!), talk about crime scenes, and have adult debates.

We are currently working on some step-by-step guides for the new site and they will be linked here when they are complete. We know that for some people this change will take awhile to get used to and we want to make the transition as easy as possible for our TCS family.

You may have also noticed that this website has changed name to – we will continue to update this in our usual way as big cases emerge.

We are so excited for this new TCS chapter and can’t wait to see you there! Come join us

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