Lawrence Anderson killed his neighbor Andrea Blankenship, cooked her heart and tried to serve it to his family

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On February 9, Andrea Lynn Blankenship (41) was murdered in her home by her neighbor Lawrence Anderson. It is believed he stabbed her to death. There are few other details available about her murder.

You can see Andrea’s Facebook here.

Lawrence cut out Andrea’s heart and took it to the home of his aunt and uncle – Leon and Delsie Pye.

‘He cooked the heart with potatoes to feed to his family to release the demons,’ an OSBI agent wrote in a court filing.  

After the ‘meal’ he stabbed Leon to death. He also murdered Leon’s granddaughter Kaeos (4). He stabbed Delsie in the EYES but she survived. Officers with the Chickasha Police Department discovered the two murders in the Pyes home at 214 W Minnesota Ave on February 9 after Delsie called 911.  

Leon and Kaeos

Anderson was arrested at the home after officers ‘observed [him] throwing up in the living room into some pillows,’ the OBSI agent wrote in a request for a search warrant.

Nobody knew of Andrea’s murder at the time. Her body was discovered two days later, on February 11, after investigators interviewed him at a hospital where he was being treated for undisclosed injuries.  

‘He confessed to going to 227 West Minnesota Avenue, Chickasha,’ the agent wrote, referring to Blankenship’s home. 

‘He used his shoulder to knock in the back door. There were two German Shepherd dogs in the house. Anderson advised he killed the female resident and cut her heart out.’

In the search warrant request, the agent said investigators wanted to collect ‘pots, pans and any utensils for cooking’ as evidence from the Pye home.  

It has since emerged that Lawrence was released from prison in January. He had been sentenced to 20 years in prison for probation violations on a drug case in 2017. Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt commuted the sentence last year to nine years in prison, and he was released after serving a little more than three years.

Grady County District Attorney Jason Hicks criticized the criminal justice reform that led to the commutations of hundreds of Oklahoma inmates.

“It is time that we do better,” Hicks said. “If we have the highest incarceration rate in the world, OK. We can look at our citizens and be honest with them and tell them that you’re safe. I can’t tell the people in my district today that they’re safe.”

Lawrence appeared in court on February 23. “I don’t want no bail, your honor. I don’t want no bail,” he said.

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