Human remains have been found in the search for missing woman Sarah Everard


Sarah Everard (33) has not been seen since March 3, 2021 when she left her friends house near Clapham in London, to walk to her own home in Brixton – a walk that should have taken around 50 minutes.

DCI Katherine Goodwin, who is leading the Metropolitan police’s investigation, said: “This is definitely a missing person investigation at the moment, but I remain open-minded as to all possibilities in the investigation.”

The last known sighting of Sarah was on Poynders Road, which links the two areas, where she was captured on film by a private door camera as she walked alone from the junction at Cavendish Road in the direction of Tulse Hill, south of Brixton.

Sarah is seen here on CCTV

Police have been carrying out a large scale search for Sarah and have spoken with over 750 people. On Monday March 8, searches continued in the area, with police examining a small park close to where Sarah’s mobile phone signal was last registered. Divers were searching the pond in Agnes Riley Gardens, while sniffer dogs scoured the area. Officers were also searching a housing estate. Missing posters asking for information on her whereabouts have been pasted on lamp-posts in a wide radius around the area.

The search for Sarah

Sarah’s family have said that her phone does not ring and all messages that have been sent to her have not been delivered.

A white hat that had some similarities to the one Sarah was wearing was found in Clapham but the hat has now been ruled out as belonging to Sarah.

The hat that was found
Searchers looking for Sarah

You can view Sarah’s social media here:



On March 9, police cordoned off a block of flats in Clapham, near where Sarah was last seen.

“Pictures from the scene at around 4.30pm on Tuesday (March 9) show a large police presence and forensic teams preparing to enter a block of flats just off Poynders Road (the A205), close to Agnes Riley Gardens.”

You can read more here : Police searching for Sarah Everard cordon off block of flats close to spot where she was last seen

On the evening of March 9, an arrest was made in connection with Sarah’s case. The Metropolitan Police issued this statement:

On March 10, human remains were found during a search for Sarah. They were found in a wooded area near Ashford, Kent.

Sarah Everard: Human remains found in Kent woodland

British media sources have named the arrested man as Wayne Couzens (48). It is believed that his wife Elena may also have been arrested.

Updates 28

29th September 2021

Today is Wayne Couzens sentencing day after being found guilty for Sarah’s kidnap, rape and murder.

The day started with a statement from MetPolice

Start of the court day he was described as “unstable”.

Sky News are following todays court appearance

Key points: 

  • Ex-Met Police officer to be sentenced for murder of Sarah Everard
  • Wayne Couzens is appearing at the Old Bailey where he could face a whole-life prison term
  • Couzens ‘may have used COVID lockdown rules’ to arrest and handcuff murder victim
  • He has admitted the kidnap, rape and murder of Ms Everard, 33
  • The marketing executive disappeared as she walked home in Clapham, south London, on 3 March
  • Her body was found a week later in woodland in Kent
  • The murder sparked protests over the rates of violence against women
  • Couzens faces a two-day sentencing hearing before Lord Justice Fulford
  • Live updates from the Old Bailey by David Mercer

Sarah Everard was handcuffed by her murderer as he pretended to arrest her for breaching Covid guidelines.

Met Police officer Wayne Couzens abducted her as she walked home from a friend’s house in Clapham on 3 March.

Couzens flashed his warrant card before restraining Ms Everard and putting her in his hire car and driving away.

His sentencing hearing at the Old Bailey was told that her ordeal could be summarised as “deception, kidnap, rape, strangulation, fire”.

The 48-year-old had worked on Covid patrols in January, the court heard, and so would have known the appropriate formal terms regarding potential breaches.

The whole kidnapping took less than five minutes.

Ms Everard was handcuffed at 21:34 GMT and four minutes later she was being driven to Dover, where Couzens transferred her to his own car.

Couzens then drove to a remote rural area he knew well, where he raped Ms Everard. The sexual predator had clocked off from a 12-hour shift that morning.

‘Not a gullible person’

Prosecutor Tom Little QC said Couzens must have taken Ms Everard’s mobile phone from her and removed the Sim card, which he tried to destroy.

Ms Everard was described by a former long-term boyfriend as “extremely intelligent, savvy and streetwise” and “not a gullible person”, the court heard.

He could not envisage her getting into a car with someone she did not know “unless by force or manipulation”, said the prosecutor.

A week after she disappeared, Ms Everard’s body was found in a woodland stream in Ashford, Kent, just metres from land owned by Couzens. Her body had been set alight after he killed her.

More at link-

He admitted to her rape and murder
In court

The prosecutor said her murder was reported on social media as #shewasonlywalkinghome but the more appropriate five words to describe what Couzens did were “deception, kidnap, rape, strangulation and fire”.

Her family spoke of the torment they have endured

His defence barrister said his client was filled with “self-loathing”.


Sarah Everard murder: Wayne Couzens handed whole-life sentenceSarah Everard murder: Wayne Couzens handed whole-life sentence

During court it came to light his wife was not involved and other details in the case can be found in the sentencing documents here

Wayne Couzens: Sentencing Remarks

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4 thoughts on “Human remains have been found in the search for missing woman Sarah Everard

  1. They have arrested the police officer with sarah Everard murder. A body has been found but has to be identified. He is called Wayne Couzens 48yrs old in the Met Police Force. His wife has also been arrested with helping an offender. They have 2 children and live in Kent. He has been a Police Officer for 10 years, hes really high up in the force and has firearms.

      • A second post mortem has been done as the first one came back as inconclusive. Wayne cuzens wife has been let out on bail until a hearing in April. A rookie police officer who was guarding the scene when Sarah’s body was found has been taken off the case because he had gone on WhatsApp and sent cartoons of a police officer abducting a girl and made some joke about it and sent it to colleagues in the force. Sarah was found in a builders bag in a wooded area about 30 miles from Couzens home.

  2. Couzens will be still on his full wage of £33,000 until the court hearing. The police are searching an area in Sandwich, they are looking for her mobile phone. They are also searching the river and a car park area. Couzens was at court to give his name and address, a trial is due in September 2021.

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