New developments in the case of murdered teens Liberty German and Abigail Williams

On Monday December 6, Indiana State Police released a video regarding information they were seeking in relation to the Abigail Williams and Liberty German case.

They announced they were seeking information on an online user profile for an Anthony_shots.

This info is from nbcchicago:

The profile, in use from 2016 to 2017 on social media applications including Snapchat and Instagram, used fictitious images of a male model and portrayed the user as a wealthy individual who owned numerous cars, according to police.

The creator of the profile used the information while connecting with young girls to solicit nude images, their addresses, and attempt to meet the underage girls.

Police say that the man pictured in the images is not a person of interest in the investigation, but detectives are seeking information about the person who created the fake profile.

Investigators are seeking information from any individual that communicated with, met or attempted to meet the creator of the Anthony_shots profile. Individuals that did can contact law enforcement via, or by phone at 765-822-3535.

Those individuals are asked to provide information on how users communicated with the profile, what social media apps were used, and whether the individual attempted to meet the person or obtain their address.


For anyone not familiar with this case, teenagers Liberty German and Abigail Williams went missing on February 13, 2017 in Delphi, Indiana. Their bodies were found the next day and nobody has ever been arrested for their murders.

The murders have received significant media coverage because a video and audio recording of an individual believed to be the girls’ killer were found on Libby’s phone. Limited audio of the murderer has also been made public.

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