Felicia Johnson – missing after accepting a ride with a stranger

Felicia Johnson is a 24 year old woman who has been missing since April 15, 2022.  

Felicia was originally from California and she had just travelled to Houston, Texas – some reports say she was there to celebrate her birthday and others say she was looking for work.

On the night of April 15, Felicia went to the Cover Girls Club 

This info about the club is from clubplanet.com

it’s NOT your typical gentlemen’s cabaret… It’s NOT your typical night club… It’s Cover Girls / Club Seymoors. The first premier, upscale, multilevel adult entertainment venue of it’s kind. Located on the 1st level, Cover Girls has been heralded as “Houston’s ultimate gentleman’s club experience!” By utilizing this visually captivating, 8,000 sq. ft., ultra sophisticated lounge setting, we are then able to provide various amenities and different entertainment options to our guests in order pamper them, and cater to their needs.

I have read some articles that say she applied and was unsuccessful for a job at the club, other articles just say that she applied, so I am not sure which is correct.

I wonder if she was looking for a long term position at the club or one just for a few days during her trip?

Either way, when she went to leave the club, she accepted a lift with an unidentified male customer.  She had tried to order an Uber but accepted the other ride as the Uber was delayed.  

“No cell phone activity, no credit card activity, no social media activity, she has absolutely just vanished off the face of the earth,” A community activist Quanell X said at a news conference.

After her family could not get in touch with her, they called police and hired a private investigator.  

According to an article by KHOU, the investigator was the one to discover Felicia’s cell phone, discarded and covered in blood.

“That cell phone was found discarded on the side of the road at Bear Creek Park,” Quanell said. “And the phone was covered in blood.”

Quanell said the family called police and told them about the cell phone but they initially dragged their feet on the case. 

“Houston Police Department has to take these cases more seriously. This is the fourth one I’ve dealt with in six months of a missing African American female,” Quanell said. “And in every one of those cases of a missing African American female, HPD has dragged its feet and they did not do anything until I began to go public.”

Felicia’s father Kevin Johnson has been speaking regularly to the media.

“I can’t put it into words. I’m trying to hold myself together and not break down,” Kevin said. “I don’t know where my baby is or what’s been done to her.”

“I’m trying to hold myself together and stay strong for the family and for you,” said Kevin in a message to his daughter. “And I won’t rest for a day in my life until I have you back.”

He said his daughter was an aspiring model who loved to do hair and make-up.

“She wanted to be a dancer, model, anything had to do with glamour that’s basically who she was. who she is,” Kevin said.

An article by CNN says that Felicia’s personal belongings were found in her hotel room. I am not sure how they define personal belongings though, and they also say her last name is Moore in the article, so??

Cover Girls, the club where Felicia applied for the job is said to be cooperating and has handed over CCTV to investigators.

On April 27, the FBI announced that they were joining the search for Felicia.  Crimestoppers have also posted a $5,000 reward for information in Felicia’s case.





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