Fallon Harris (38) shot her son dead because he lost a memory card

Fallon Harris (37) and her husband Lavon Ingram had two children together – Brianna who was 18 and Kaden who was 12.

Kaden has said that he wanted to help people when he got older.  He alternated between wanting to be a police officer and a paediatrician. And sometimes he wanted to be a professional wrestler.  This info about Kaden is from the Chicago Tribune:

Unlike so many of his electronics-obsessed peers, Kaden wasn’t scrolling TikTok for the latest dance trend or pranks and practical jokes, according to his father. The Robert A. Black Magnet Elementary School student and history enthusiast spent much of his free time on YouTube, watching videos about figures in world history, such as Adolf Hitler and Genghis Khan.

“He said, ‘I’m going to keep my grades up, I want to go to Whitney Young (High School),’” according to his father. “Kaden was a very lovable child. He was still a child of innocence, with a pure heart. The heart of a kid.”

Kaden also loved baseball.  His favourite team was the Cubs.  “Obsessed,” his father said. “He was more ecstatic about them winning the World Series than I was.”

Kaden was becoming increasingly independent.  His father said: 

“He wanted to be able to ride the train or take the bus on his own. I was going to get him a Ventra card, and I figured I’d follow him the first few trips to make sure he could do it.” 

In late 2021, Lavon separated from Fallon and moved out of the home they all shared.  He spoke to the media and said that their marital problems stemmed from her increasing paranoia and distrust.

“I talked to her and said, ‘We have to look at some type of therapy. We have to seek some type of counseling,’” Ingram said. “She wasn’t eating. She wasn’t her normal self. I wanted her to get evaluated, I pushed her to go see a therapist. Her first session was the day before … ”

Fallon’s mother Mia has also spoken about how Fallon had some things going on.   Fallon would not take Mia’s calls. Mia lived in Arizona but was so worried about Fallon that she flew to Chicago, just days before this event took place.  “I needed to see her. She just didn’t sound like herself, so I decided to come hop on a plane,’” Mia said. “I figured she can’t hang up on me if I’m sitting in her face.”

Mia and Fallon spent Friday, September 10 together.  They met with Fallon’s employer (Chicago Department of Transportation) and all parties agreed that Fallon needed treatment.  It was agreed that she would go to see a psychotherapist. 

After Fallon saw the psychotherapist, Mia asked how it went and Fallon said she did not want to talk about it.  “She would say, ‘Mom, I just want to be Fallon again.”

Fallon had lost a lot of weight leading up to September 2021 because she had no interest in food.  She had also stopped socializing.  

Mia has also mentioned that Kaden knew something was going on with his mom.  “I spoke with him and he was suddenly so mature. He said, ‘There’s something wrong with my mom, but I’m going to pray for her,’” Mia said. “I didn’t even know he knew how to pray.”

On September 11, 2021, Fallon asked Kaden where he had put an SD card that he had removed from her vehicle the night before.

Just to note, Fallon had no criminal history before this event.  She owned two guns and had a concealed carry permit.  

This whole event was captured on video, which is why the timeline is so clear.  

After Fallon asked Kaden about the card, she threatened him with a gun.  When he didn’t give the card to her, she shot him once.  Kaden can allegedly be seen on the video, conscious and crying after the first shot.

Fallon then answered her phone.  When she was done with the call, she walked back to Kaden and asked again for the card.  When he said he didn’t know where it was, she shot him again.  He collapsed and died on the kitchen floor.

Fallon told family members what she had done.  Those family members called police.  When police arrived at Fallon’s home, she answered the door and led them to Kaden and a silver revolver. She was arrested and charged with first degree murder.  

When Fallon appeared in court, she broke down “Can I talk to my momma?” she asked.

Lavon said at the time that he didn’t believe Fallon was detached from reality.  “I don’t even think she understands what happened,” he said.






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