The disappearance of Allahnia ‘Fruity’ Lenoir

Allahnia Lenoir is a 24 year old woman who went missing on July 30, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Allahnia goes by the nickname ‘Fruity’. 

This info about Allahnia comes from  GFM set up by her family:

Allahnia is a beacon of light. She’s respectful, always happy, the life of any gathering, amazingly talented, fluent in Spanish, and a great singer, cook, and caregiver. Above all, she truly loves her family, and we love her more than anything.

Allahnia’s parents Jannette Jenkins and Abraham Lenoir spoke to the media about their daughter.  They described Allahnia as a sweet, loving, adventurous young woman who loves to cook and is bilingual. She has dreams of going to culinary school and opening up a food truck.

“She has her whole life ahead of her,” Abraham said.

On July 30, 2022, Allahnia and a friend travelled to Atlanta together.  They had plans to meet up with two men – Diante Reynolds and Steven Oboite (29).

I believe there is footage that shows Allahnia and the friend entering the Peachtree Midtown Apartment complex on the day.  The complex looks like a nice place to live. 

Allahnia is seen on the CCTV at around 8pm.

Allahnia’s friend have said they went to ‘chill’ with the two men.  They were all reportedly drinking alcohol.  

There is more CCTV footage of Allahnia’s friend leaving the apartment at around midnight.  Allahania is never seen leaving the apartment and has not been seen since that night.

“4 people were seen going into the unit and only 3 came out,” said Jannette, Allahnia’s mother.

Jannette has said that the Atlanta police aren’t sure what happened to Allahnia after her friend left.  “All I know is that they said she was ID-ed coming in but not coming out.”

The friend “said, ‘Yeah, we were fine. Everything was OK,’” said Abraham, Allahnia’s father. “I mean, ‘I left and Allahnia was fine.’”

“Were you guys drinking? Were you guys partying? What’s up? And she said, ‘no ma, I would have never left her.’ And I said, well, why did you leave her?” said Jannette.

Allahnia’s parents have said that the friend and the two men have given conflicting accounts of what happened that night.   I do not believe they have ever made those accounts public though.

Abraham told CNN that he suspects his daughter was abducted. 

Police took more than a week to search the apartment. Officers also initially told the family they were treating Allahnia’s disappearance as a “runaway,” 

“We are very concerned parents,” Abraham said. “There was a lack of urgency that was placed on this case at the beginning.”

Allahnia’s parents started the GFM to raise funds to pay for a private investigator in the case.  As of the time of recording, they have raised around $20k.

They have now retained PI TJ Ward.  Ward worked on the Natalee Holloway case in Aruba in 2005.  ‘We need to work from that apartment complex, work our way out to see if there’s any evidence,” Ward said. “I have cadaver dogs. I have drones. I have resources to assist me in trying to locate her.”

If you google Diante Reynolds, one of the first things that pops up about him is his mugshot.  He was arrested in 2020.

Diante Reynolds

The private investigator also mentions Diante’s record in an article with News Nation:

“She’s not in the apartment, and I know that there’s two individuals who might be called suspects now, and one of them is on probation in Rockdale county Georgia,” he said.

“We are looking into those two individuals along with law enforcement and trying to find what may have transpired,” he said.

Allahnia’s father has spoken about what he believes may have happened to his daughter.  “The least of the evil is that she was trafficked and somebody took her because then that gives us the opportunity to try and find her.”

Jannette believes that Allahnia may have been “moved” to Columbus or Upson County, Georgia.

“We’ve had a lot of tips, luckily the media has helped, just the circulation of the situation. It has allowed for people to give tips that she may have been moved, or these people were involved in something directly between the time she came up missing,” Jannette said.

“Know that your mother and I are going to continue to look for you until we find you, so just hang on, continue to hang on,” Abraham said.

Jannette is urging anyone with information to speak up.

“If she’s out there, even if it’s just her body. It’s important that if she was moved if they see them moving something if something is suspicious about these people in that area.”



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