Massacre in Moscow, Idaho

On Sunday November 13, 2022, at around 11.58am, a call was made about an ‘Unconscious Person’ being found in a house on King Road in Moscow, Idaho. When police arrived, they were met with what has been one of the worst crime scenes that law enforcement have ever come across.

Four University of Idaho students were stabbed to death in their off-campus home. The victims are:

Madison Mogen (21)

Xana Kernodle (20) and her boyfriend Ethan Chapin (20)

Kaylee GonCalves (21)

Police held a press conference on November 16 where they provided an update on the investigation.

This is a summary of the PC, courtest of @lindstr on Instagram:

Ethan and Xana were at a party on campus Saturday night and the other two girls were at a bar, arrived home sometime after 1:45 a.m.

The attack occurred in early morning hours of Sun. Nov 13

Around noon officers received unconscious person call 4 were stabbed with knife but no weapon located

No sign of forced entry into residence

Police are continuing to collect evidence and develop timeline

Autopsies took place today on all victims

Based on details at scene we believe isolated, targeted attack on the victims

No suspect, police cannot say there’s no threat to the community, be vigilant

25+ investigators working the case plus ISP and FBI Contact police with any information you may have – call tip line 208-883-7180

Was it a crime of passion? – not going to stipulate whether it’s one thing or another – will continue to investigate

Any info about BFs, ex BFs, spouses? – we are looking at everyone

Other roommates who lived there were home at the time – reporter asked if it was a hostage situation? He said no – looking at everyone who has been in and out of the house

Other roommates were there, but not hurt (he believes it was two other roommates) – they were there when police responded

Question about unconscious individual report – that was the report they initially received

They don’t know why the call came in at noon and not sooner

Won’t say who the 911 caller was to protect the investigation

Anything missing from home? Nothing that they’ve identified

Won’t say if victims were found in same part of the house

Kaylee’s sister Aubrie has released the following statement:

Madison and Kaylee were seen on a Twitch live stream in the hours before they died. Police have used this footage to establish more of a timeline into the murders.

Idaho police have created the following website, dedicated to the case:

You can read obituaries for the victims here:

Maddie Mogen

Ethan Chapin

Xana Kernodle

Kaylee Goncalves

We have been very active with this case on our instagram –

On December 7, police released information about a vehicle that was seen in the immediate area of the crime scene at the time of the murders:


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  1. There was a similar case in the way-back: 7 or 8 young women killed at night with a knife. What may be relevant in this case is the psych of the killer in that case. In prison, the killer, Richard Speck, continued his gender evolution with breast enhancement surgery, and became quite promiscuous, so the stories go , being vocal about the pleasures of anal sex and even starring in a bootleg f/film. Now according to multiple websites Moscow is friendly to all the variations of homosexuality. This direction, I believe, may be the path forward in the hunt.

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