Moms Who Murder – November 2023


Tiffanie Lucas posted a lot of her life online.  Her Facebook is wide open and she posted many pics with her two sons, Jayden (9) and Maurice (6).  Maurice’s nickname was Peanut.  

In a Mother’s Day post on Facebook in May, Tiffanie wrote that her sons were “always together” and “never apart,” adding that together they were three souls and one heart. She added that she wouldn’t know “how to smile, love, or survive if it wasn’t for them.”

Tiffanie lived with the boys in Bullitt County, Kentucky.  I haven’t been able to find out much about Maurice’s father, but I did find an article stating that Jayden’s father was murdered in 2019.  I believe he was shot to death.

This is part of his obituary.  

Durrell Howard

Louisville – 38, passed away Saturday, July 6, 2019.

He was a member of Bates Memorial Baptist Church.

Durrell was preceded in death by his father Darrell Ray.

He is survived by his parents, Regina and Gino Rowen Sr.; children, Durrell, Jr., Mazziah and Jayden Howard, Jayda Debow; brothers, Dontrail Howard, Mark Jones, Jr., Gino Rowen, Jr.; grandmother, Ola Mae Howard, finance Nikki Gregory a host of aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.

Tiffanie does have a few prior mugshots online and she was arrested in the past for things like receiving stolen property and possession of a controlled substance.   She previously spent a month in jail for a drug possession conviction.  She didn’t have any convictions for a violent crime. 

On Wednesday November 8, 2023, at around 11am, Tiffanie’s neighbor felt like something was off.  The neighbor entered the property and found Jayden and Peanut in a bed.  The boys were covered in blood and there was a gun on the bed.

The neighbor found Tiffanie collapsed on the lawn at the front of the house.  

911 was called and the boys were taken to Norton’s Children Hospital where they underwent surgery.  Around 2:50 p.m., police said both children had died from their injuries.

Around 3:45 p.m., Tiffanie was booked into the Bullitt County Detention Center and charged with murder.

A neighbor, Amanda Magnis, spoke of the shock of the murders.  “It makes me sick, just thinking of any kid getting hurt or possibly losing their life- it’s just devastating,” she said.

The following day, Thursday November 9, Tiffanie’s bond was set by a judge at $2m.

Since the murders, family and friends have come out and spoke about the circumstances leading up to the tragedy.

Jayden’s father had an older son, also named Durrell (Jr), and he spoke about losing his brother.

‘I should have did more,’ he told WLKY News. ‘If it came to me snatching the boys out of the house, I should have and I will hold that on my back for the rest of my life. For both them boys.’

Durrell claims that CPS was alerted to things happening with the family for years, and no action was taken.  

‘We wanted them. We would have taken them with open arms. We loved them so much,’ he added.

‘I just know Jayden and Peanut they’re together. And I know our father was probably waiting on them, waiting on both of them.’

Durrell spoke about the last time he saw the boys. 

‘We just played a card game, just a card game. It was as simple as that and we had the best time. The best time ever,’ he said.

Col. Alex Payne, a chief deputy with the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office, suggested that Tiffanie may have turned violent due to “pure evil,” a mental health crisis, substance abuse, or a combination of the three.

“Pick your poison,” he said, according to WLKY. “None of it’s good. The result is horrific.”

Tiffanie appeared in court on Tuesday November 14.  We learned some more about what happened on the day of the shooting.

Ring video surveillance from the neighborhood showed Tiffanie coming out of her home and going over to her neighbors. The detective said no other people were seen leaving or entering the house, apart from Tiffanie.  

In the video, four gunshots are heard.  After the last gunshot, Tiffanie can be seen leaving the house and looking for help at the neighbor’s home.

The neighbor told police when he pulled into the driveway, he saw Tiffanie walking down the stairs of his porch before collapsing in the driveway.

Tiffanie told the neighbor that her “kids were dying.” That’s when he went inside and found the boys. He stayed with them until EMS arrived.

When Tiffanie was interviewed at the Sheriff’s Office, she was asked if she meant to hurt her children.  

She responded, saying, “It was an accident.”

Tiffanie was also asked about the gun she used.  She said that someone had given it to her and that she had left it in the bedroom.  

She told detectives no one else had been to the house that day.

Tiffanie also made comments during the interview like “I’m in such a bad spot,” and “I’m so stupid,  I would never do anything like this unless someone manipulated me.’

Detective Beahl testified that Tiffanie ‘made statements that she was being manipulated through Facebook, through the internet or through Wi-Fi…into doing what she did.’

We also learned that Tiffanie shot the boys in the head and left the gun on the bed afterwards.

Judge Jennifer Porter decided to keep Tiffanie’s bond at $2 million cash, saying she remains a danger to the public. She also moved the case forward, finding probable cause to have it go to trial before a grand jury.


Brandy McCaslin (39) had been struggling with her mental health earlier this year.  Brandy was a mother to three children – Noelani McGee who was known as Noe (11), Bryce Collier McCaslin (9) and Billy (9 months).

Billy’s father, also named Billy,  told the media that in January 2023, Brandy had tried to take her own life and had to have a gun wrestled out of her hand.  

Billy filed for emergency custody of the baby and it was granted.  

“Everything was good for about a month. She did a little treatment, and they decided to give her back supervised visitation, which I was hesitant of that as well, I was scared that there wasn’t anything changed,” Billy said.

Billy also spoke on social media about how Brandy had tried to change the baby’s name,

“She tried to change my son’s name because she was mad at me because I wasn’t coming back to her. His name was Billy from day one. I never stopped calling him anything but that and it was wrong of her to do so. Out of respect to me and my son, who had no choice in the loss of his life due to his mother. Please do not refer to my child as anything but Billy. He deserves that.”

Lucretia Pitre, a McCaslin family friend, said that Brandy had posted a photo of herself and the baby on Facebook in July 2023.  Brandy wrote in the caption that “she was so happy,” but “I could tell by her face that she was struggling with something. I mean she just looked sad.”

In recent years, Brandy had faced the death of her sister, mother, uncle and her grandparents.  Those deaths had involved cancer, suicide and a drug overdose.  

Local pastor John Kerr said “Lots of tragedy, suicides in the family, drug use, all the brokenness we see in our communities all the time.” 

On July 20, 2023, Verdigris Police Chief Jack Shackelford said that a woman bought one of Brandy’s children to her home for a supervised visit.  The woman had two other children with her also.

When the woman arrived at the house. Brandy threatened her with a gun.  She made the woman and the other two children go into a garage where she trapped them.  Brandy took her own child into her home, where her other two children were.  Brandy barricaded them in.

A Verdigris police officer who was driving down the street saw fireworks coming from a house and “knew there was something wrong” and so called for backup.  The woman who had been locked in the garage set off a Roman Candle firework through a broken window in the garage, in an attempt to signal for help.  

“I had two grandbabies there that could have been gone,” Janet Whisman, the grandmother of both Bryce and one of the kids that was held in the garage who escaped, told Fox 23. “I’m just very lucky that the lady in the garage, my daughter-in-law, was smart enough to try to get help. She’s the one blowing the Roman candle out the window.”

A standoff between Brandy and police ensued for the next three hours after law enforcement arrived.  

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation issued this statement about what happened that day.  

Negotiations quickly began, as they worked to make contact with 39-year-old Brandy McCaslin. A stand-off ensued for the next three hours. After no response, officers made entry into the home where they found McCaslin, along with her three children, dead inside. The children included a ten-month-old, as well as a six and eleven-year-old. It was determined that McCaslin shot all three kids and then turned the weapon on herself.

There are three separate gofundme’s for the deceased children which leads me to they all possibly had different fathers.  Noe’s family gave some more information on their fundraising page.

On Thursday my parents got the worst phone call- during my sweet little sister’s supervised visit at her moms house, her mom took Noe’s life, her two little brothers life’s, and her own.

My parents have done everything in their power to keep my sister emotionally and physically safe. Their lawyer and guardian ad litem were working to ensure the judges knew how concerned they were for Noe’s safety with her mom. But unfortunately the system and courts failed our sister, and her sweet little brothers- Billy (9 months old), and Bryce (5yo).

Noe was 11. We called her our Hawaiian princess. She loved horses and all animals, the picture here was taken just a few weeks ago at a cat cafe mom and dad took her to and it was the highlight of their vacation. She loved making jewelry and drawing. Her favorite meal was my moms cheesy chicken spaghetti. Everyone who met her said how beautiful she was, with her beautiful big brown eyes, and the prettiest smile. She was fun and silly and loved making people laugh. She was the baby.

After the murders, Lucretia, the family friend said “I’m just at a loss for words,” she added. “My heart’s just like — I don’t know. I’m just numb right now.

“I was hoping no one would be here, honestly, so I could just sit outside and pray, but everybody’s still here” as police were processing the crime scene into the night.

“This is heartbreaking,” Lucretia said. “This family’s seen a lot, you know. Mental health has I feel like just really, really, really affected this family when it comes to that and substance abuse. …

“I just can’t believe she took the kids. I don’t know. I just don’t understand it.”

Bryce’s grandmother, Janet Whisman is demanding to know how Brandy could have accessed a gun.

“I’m devastated. I’m furious. I’m trying to wrap my … It’s not real yet,” Janet said.

Billy (the father of the baby) said “There was nothing I could do, and I basically watched my son fade from my hands, because I knew something bad was going to happen and no one would help us.” 

“We got to have some checks and balances and some accountability when it comes to mental health in this state, because as it sits now, it cost my baby his life and it cost two other, two kids that I consider my children, their lives too,” he said.


Nancy Johnson (37) lived in Semmes, Alabama with her two children Mia (5) and Jacob (2).  She and her husband Derek had been having marital difficulties and Derek filed for divorce twice from Nancy in 2023.  The couple were originally from Utah and Washington and had only moved to Semmes in 2023.  They moved after the cost of living got too much in their previous locations.  

Derek has since told the media that Nancy’s mental health began to deteriorate during the pandemic.  

“It all started with QAnon and I would get phone calls at work from her saying that we were going to have blackouts that we need to have a meeting point, she I mean , she got bad,” Derek said. “She went from one thing to another and just keep jumping and jumping to all sorts of things online…. She couldn’t see it was taking over family life.”

“She refused to get any sort of help,” Derek said. “You can’t force someone to get help. You know a long time ago you could call the paddy wagon and they pick you up and take you, but not anymore and honestly that could’ve made the difference.”

In December 2022, Nancy began asking for a divorce but she could never give a reason why.  Despite this, the family pushed ahead with their plans to move to Alabama.

Derek mainly worked out of state.

Derek has said that Nancy started to file ‘strange’ police reports against him, on dates when he wasn’t even in the state.

According to a court document filed in June, Derek claimed a DHR worker said that there were concerns about Nancy’s mental health and about the children’s safety. 

“The DHR worker expressed concerns regarding the Plaintiff’s (the mother) mental health and the safety of the minor children. The DHR worker informed the Defendant (the father) that they do not feel it is safe for the minor children to remain in the care and custody of the Plaintiff (the mother). ”

At that time, Derek was attempting to get custody of the children. He filed for emergency custody.  

 A few weeks later, the couple agreed to undergo counselling instead.  

“She took advantage of my love towards her,” Derek told Law&Crime. “And was able to cancel the divorce. Able to cancel the emergency order through her persuasion, through me. I was stupid. I didn’t see what she was doing.” 

In August 2023, Nancy accused Derek of domestic violence.  I believe at this point, Nancy had taken the children from Alabama to Utah.  She was issued a protection order by a judge there.  Derek accused Nancy of taking the children out of the state without consent at this time.  This was also one of the times that he filed for divorce this year.

This info is from court documents:

”On or about September 17, 2023, almost immediately after the Defendant Mother arrived in Alabama, the Plaintiff forced his way into the home previously shared by the parties, causing damage to the home as he broke in through a window. Once inside the home, the Plaintiff physically attacked the Defendant Mother and attempted to grab one of the minor children. The Defendant Mother was able to break free from the Plaintiff and fled to her vehicle with the children. The Plaintiff was found on-scene by officers of the Semmes Police Department. The Plaintiff was subsequently arrested and booked into the Mobile County Metro Jail on Domestic Violence charges.”

Police Chief Todd Freind said that law enforcement had responded to 6-8 calls of abuse from both Derek and Nancy. 

“The last several months we’ve had a lot of domestic disturbance calls out here from the couple,” Chief Freind said. “Just different domestic type calls, anything from harassment to physical.”

Derek spoke to Law&Crime about the altercation on September 17.  He said that there was a pickup truck outside the house that he did not recognize.  He said he tried to get into the house through a back window because Nancy had changed the locks.  Nancy apparently tried to push him out of the window and clawed at him.   Derek tried to hug his children.  Derek said he briefly hugged Jacob before the boy was ripped out of his arms by Nancy and began to cry. 

Derek says Nancy took the children, left the house and called the police.  

After that, he said he was arrested for the protective order he never knew about and then spent 24 hours in jail.

As part of the custody agreement, Nancy and Derek were meant to alternate living in a camper that was parked at the back of their home.  While one parent was in the camper, the other was to live in the house with the children. 

Nancy returned the children to Alabama to appear before Mobile County Circuit Court Judge Walter Honeycutt for a custody hearing on September 20.

On September 26, 2023, the judge issued a visitation order in which Derek and Nancy agreed to alternate custody weekly.  

On September 28, an emergency hearing was held.  Judge Honeycutt verbally ordered DHR to remove the children from Nancy’s home due to safety concerns  There is no written order about the reasoning behind this, so it is unclear why the Judge made that move. 

Derek became worried when he noticed that the lights had remained off inside the house for 24 hours.  

“I noticed there was no sounds,” he told Law&Crime. “There was no movement in the house. All the blinds were closed. It was very dark. There was only one light on in the master bedroom.”

“I drilled out the deadbolt in the back of the French doors and the back of the deadbolt fell off inside and as I opened the door it was dark and quiet and…. I saw my kids,” he said. 

Derek said Jacob and Mia were laying on the couch.  He said it looked like they were taking a nap.

“I saw my children, but I didn’t feel them,” Derek said. “I don’t – I don’t know how else to say that. They were there, but I did not feel them. And I went over to my son and put my hand on his back to wake him up, and … he was just stiff. And then I saw foam coming out of his mouth and nose, and he had discolorations on his – and I started panicking. And then I went over to my daughter, and she had the same thing. And then I started wondering where their mom was.”

“I knew something was wrong because that deadbolt falling on the ground should’ve woken them up and when I looked at them it didn’t seem like they were there. I saw them…. But I didn’t feel them,” said Derek. “I just can’t grasp what happened, her family just can’t grasp what happened and reality hasn’t set in that they’re gone.”

In the bathroom, he found an awful scene — a blood-and-water-filled tub. That sight, he said, he could barely process except as something that shouldn’t be the way it was. Then, he checked some of the closets on the way to the master bedroom. He finally found his wife sitting in a “collapsed position” with blood on the floor.

“After that, I really don’t remember much other than to call 911,” Derek said. “And that’s all I remember.”

Police were initially called to the home for a triple homicide.  It was soon discovered that the tragedy was actually a murder-suicide.

Autopsies showed that Nancy had drowned her children before hanging herself.  Mia also had lacerations around her neck.

“It’s definitely not a typical homicide scene,” Semmes Police Chief Todd Freind told local news outlet FOX10. “It is more brutal than normal, than what we normally see.”

Nancy was found with some wounds on her neck and wrist that investigators believe she inflicted at the same time that she murdered her children. 

When police interviewed neighbors, they learned that Nancy had told them that if anything was to happen with her, Derek should be the main suspect.  

The day before she murdered her children, Nancy left a suitcase with the neighbors that contained a note about something happening to her, some cash, clothing and her phone.

Police seem to believe that Nancy attempted to orchestrate her suicide to look like murder in the hope that Derek would be arrested.  

Mobile County Sheriff Paul Burch said that Derek had cooperated with the investigation.  “He was cooperative, and we were able to corroborate the timeline where he said he was and where he came from, and he was truthful in those statements,” Sheriff Burch also said that he hoped “social media comments” suggesting the man was guilty would stop.

“We know DHR was involved in I guess some of the filings and I guess domestic-type situations,” Sheriff Burch said. “We’ve been made aware there may be the possibility of some mental instability.”

Derek spoke about his children.  

“They just they were the best kids. They loved running around playing, they were smiling and always happy.  “That’s the one thing we always made sure our house environment was really welcoming and happy for them.”

Derek also had positive things to say about Nancy. 

“She was one of the best mothers I knew and she was one of the mothers that would just hover around her children no matter what. She always made sure they had what they needed, and I don’t think people realize that she mentally just degraded, and she was still in her mind a good mother but the actions she was taking was not benefitting them and for the people that say she’s a bad mother? You’re wrong.”

A gofundme was started to raise money for Derek.  This info is from that page, which was shut down after it raised $17.5k.

I loved Mia, Jacob and Nancy so much. Nancy had been struggling with mental issues and was having an identity crisis since the pandemic started. She let the teaching and rumors of the world consume her and no matter how I tried to help her she pushed me away and I could not force her to get help. We have been in a custody battle for the past 6 months and she kidnapped my kids for around 2.5 months, so I had no contact with them and then they were suddenly taken from this world in the worst way possible around a day before I arrived back to the house. The amount of happiness and love that emanated from Mia and Jacob was very apparent to all that they were around. Our house was filled with joy and happiness, their future was so bright in every way possible. So much love and care was put into them for the 7 years of our marriage. Now I am at ground 0 and left with around 25k in debt, a bathroom that I can’t possibly stare at where my children were drowned, I want to tear it all out. $1800 in property taxes due soon and I just don’t have foresight on when I will go back to work. Any help is appreciated, I have 0 motivation in life right now and can’t function that well at the moment. I do eventually want to write a book to help others identify and see the dangers of mental illnesses in a relationship. There is a wonderful and terrible story to tell to the world that I hope helps others stops future dangers to their children.

After the fundraiser was closed, Derek gave this final update:

Thank you all for donating and helping me through these extremely difficult times. The donations will help immensely with many loose financial ends that were put on me and will allow me to think and figure out my life since my entire life was taken away. I love Mia, Jacob and Nancy so much and still can not comprehend that they are gone. I have constant waves of depression, anxiety, sadness and anger that I am learning to deal with. Once I am back to a somewhat normal life I hope I can give back to the community around me.

I know I will see them again due to the covenants and sealing power Nancy and I took in the temple to God. I am grateful for being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, my main support has been from them in these times. It is truly a blessing to have that kind of support when your family is not that large and is far away. I encourage other families to build a support net in case situations like these may arise for your families. Please constantly remind your spouse that you love them and make sure their thoughts are positive in these times where constant terrible news bombards our lives. Never feel above or too proud to reach out for mental help, it can save or change your life for the better,

God Bless and cherish the family you have in your life. Build photo albums that aren’t digital and don’t worry if its a terrible photo, the imperfect photos are the most memorable.



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  1. About Nancy Johnson

    There is a lot of outdated and not accurate information here.

    They only repeat what the estranged husband said
    The sheriff Bunch is struggling today to support the narrative he gave.

    My Sister’s autopsy and even my niece and nephew were not released Yet.

    The officers just questioned him by 45 minutes including some waiting in the middle. A very soft questioning. He violates a PFA several times and the officers in semmes threatened my sister for calling so much times, they even don’t want to arrest Him while he was violating the PFA.

    I conducted 142 interviews now in a independent investigation and interviews showed he was around my sister’s house days before. He said a lot of lies. And people even donate really fast, but GoFound Me blocked the fundrise, it was not like he stoped it.

    The week before burial he was celebrating with his sister and a friend. Was disgusting for neighbors.

    • Hello James

      Every source is linked here, so I don’t believe there are any inaccuracies on our part, we are just reporting what has been said.

      I know many people believe Nancy was murdered and if that is the case, I hope justice is served. If there is anything you would like us to add to the blog, please let us know.

      I am sorry for your loss.

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