Alexis Boberg: A substitute teacher uses snow cones to become a sex offender.

Alexis Mercedes Boberg, a suburban Baltimore high school substitute, allegedly used snow cones and alcohol to manipulate a student into a sexual relationship.

The 25-year-old turned herself into police after the student from the Center of Applied Technologies North told police that the two met up for sex at various locations, one being her grandparents’ home.

It all started when they exchanged numbers at school and began snapchatting. The messages quickly became sexual and Boberg began sending the student “explicit photos” (aka nudes).

It’s a trap.

Before their conversations escalated, Boberg took the teen and a friend to a “snow ball” stand. She bought them both snow cones and the three hung out in her car.

Boberg then drove the boys – whose ages have not been revealed, but are obviously underage – to a liquor store and bought them mini bottles of rum, which they drank together.

Just days later, on May 24, Boberg reportedly met up with the boy at her grandparent’s home.

Police say the boy was waiting outside until Boberg gave him the signal to sneak into the backyard and enter through a back bedroom where they had sex.

Days later, prosecutors claim the two met one more time at the local mall before returning to Boberg’s car to perform “sex acts” on one another.

Police were informed of the two instances on June 5, shortly after the boy confided in his mother about the relationship.

The mother filed a court order to forbid Boberg from contacting her son and to stop appearing at the school.

The school

‘During the last 20 days, my son has been manipulated into a sexual relationship [with] his substitute teacher at school,’ the teen’s mother wrote in the application for the motion.

Boberg has been charged with two counts of fourth-degree sex offense for having sexual contact with a person while in a position of authority.

She has also been charged with consuming alcohol on public property.

Boberg appeared in court for the first time on Monday and was later released of her own recognizance.

Her attorney Peter O’Neil told the press that his client intends to plead not guilty against the charges.

Boberg has taught as a substitute teacher for several schools in the county since 2016, but she was fired immediately after the allegations came to light and has been banned from teaching.

Fourth-degree sex offense is a misdemeanor. Boberg could spend up to a year in jail and would also be required to register as a sex offender. If she is found guilty of both counts, she could spend two years in prison.

Detectives executed a search warrant of her home on June 5 and took ‘relevant items’ into evidence.

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