HLN: Lies, Crimes & Video – “Shopping with a Killer”

I think most of us at least vaguely know the story of Cherish Perrywinkle – the 8-year-old girl who was lured out of a Florida Walmart by a sex offender in 2013.

The footage of her in an orange sundress walking out of the store beside Donald Smith became somewhat iconic because of its chilling nature.

HLN‘s next episode of Lies Crimes and Video: “Shopping with a Killer” will feature her heartbreaking story.

First of all, HLN did an amazing job compiling and interweaving all of the surveillance video, 911 calls, dispatch, interrogation, along with current interviews to really immerse the audience into the story. As a viewer, I felt all the feelings – slow suspense, anxiety, pain, sadness, anger… It was very well done.

You can virtually see the whole story play out while Cherish’s mother remembers the events of that night. You see Donald Smith fresh out of jail hunting Dollar General for a family to prey on, Donald Smith building just enough trust to lure Cherish away at Walmart, Cherish’s mother slowly realizing what has happened and beginning to panic, Donald Smith’s white van driving away, the police pulling over and arresting Donald Smith… It’s amazing to see everything as it happened.

Most importantly, HLN highlights the failure of the justice system when it came to Donald Smith and how important it is to keep predators like him in jail. Donald Smith had MULTIPLE crimes against children spanning over decades but he continuously got out of prison early and recommitted without any remorse.

He even brags that he will be bigger news than Casey Anthony.

He was only out of prison for THREE WEEKS when he abducted Cherish.

This is a great watch and a great reminder to always trust your gut. Be sure to check it out on Saturday at 8 p.m ET/PT!


Check out the 3 minute preview below to hold you over ⤵️

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  1. The Mother is responsible for her daughters being abducted and killer. What Mother lets her child out of sight and go off with a stranger. Also, what was she doing out with her children dressed in a short dress (trying to attract attention to herself, for whatever reasons). All she showed were crocodile tears.

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