Four members of one family dead after a shocking murder-suicide in Gravette, Arkansas

Tragedy has rocked the small town of Gravette, Arkansas (population 2,325).

On Friday, July 5, police responded to a home at Crossover Road, following reports of a hostage situation. Instead, they found four bodies on the property.

Police at the crime scene

Justin Barnes (45) had called police to the house. He had shot and killed his wife Inga, and their two sons Levi and Casey. He then turned the gun on himself, before police arrived. There is one surviving family member, a daughter, who was not present at the time of the shootings.

No motive for the shootings has been released.

The Barnes Family

“This is very tragic. A lot of time were a small community here. We all know a lot of people. A lot of us grew up here. It hits close to home whenever something like this happens because a lot of times it’s someone we know personally. The community would more than likely would know them personally. It’s not only going to impact one family it’s going to impact multiple people.”


Justin and Inga Barnes

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