Who Killed Missy Bevers?

Written by Amie Arieno

45-year-old fitness instructor and mother of three, Missy Bevers, was stabbed to death inside a Midlothian Texas Church on April 18, 2016.

Missy was setting up for an early-morning Camp Gladiator fitness class. Students arriving to her class discovered her body. She was unresponsive with multiple puncture wounds to her chest and head.

Nothing was taken from the church.


Time unknown – The suspect arrives at the Church and forces his way inside.

3:50 AM – The suspect is first seen on surveillance video.

4:16 AM – Missy is seen on surveillance video arriving in the parking lot and entering the Church building.

5 AM – The first 911 calls come in from Missy’s students who had arrived at the Church, reporting that Missy was unresponsive.

The Creepy SWAT Surveillance: 

Immediately after her slaying, police released surveillance footage of a person wandering the halls in SWAT-type gear and swinging what appears to be a hammer.

In the Surveillance :

The Authenticity of this gear is not known.

Height analysis estimates the vertical distance from the floor to the top of the headwear of the suspect to be approximately 5’8″, +/-1.53 inches.

The suspect appears to have a unique walk or gait. The suspects’ feet appear to turn outward away from the body, more predominantly on the right foot. Investigators are interested in persons who have a similar walk or gait or may have had a similar walk or gait during the time of this offense. It is possible the walk or gait was caused by a temporary condition, injury or other factor and the suspect will no longer exhibit this walk or gait.

Investigators still don’t know the gender of Missy’s killer.

Creekside Church of Christ Surveillance 4/18/16

The Altima

A 2010- 2012 Nissan Altima (not yet identified) was captured on surveillance equipment of a nearby business in the early morning hours before the murder.

The vehicle of interest is driving slowly around the closed business; the driver turns the lights off and on multiple times and then parks for a short time before exiting the parking lot.

Investigators are still interested in locating this vehicle. 

SWFA Surveillance 4/18/16
(another creepy video)

Brandon Beavers (Missy’s husband) has been ruled out due to him being 600 miles away on a fishing trip at the time.

Randy Beavers (Missy’s father-in-law) has been ruled out due to being in California with his wife at the time of the murder.

Investigators are actively working this case and are focusing time between reviewing the existing case file as well as investigating new leads. This includes assistance from multiple law enforcement agencies and forensics experts.

A firearm recovered from the scene was confirmed to have belonged to Missy. The firearm was not used during the crime and was located in the victim’s vehicle.

The police sent DNA found at the scene to a crime lab, but it yielded no results. Unfortunately, they did not have enough of a sample to perform the test.

Missy posted about her class on Facebook the night before her murder.

Anyone with information can share tips with police by texting MIDL and a tip to 847411 or by calling Ellis County Crime Stoppers at 972-937-7297.  

Tips can also be submitted by privately messaging the Midlothian Police Department on Facebook.

Midlothian PD Press Conference 
Midlothian Press Conference #2

Midlothian Police Department Facebook page

Dallas News


12 thoughts on “Who Killed Missy Bevers?

    • I watched it for the first time when I was posting it and I got so creeped out. And what the heck was that car doing?! Such an odd case.

  1. I believe in the power of prayer , let’s all keep praying for her family and please let’s pray to find the sicko that took a mother away from her girls ,in the name of the father ,son and Holly ghost amen .. find the person that harmed Missy ..

  2. Bevers or Beavers? The spelling is changed or the husband’s name is different than the wife’s?

  3. I’d like to see proof of Randy Bevers in California when this crime took place. Watch the side-by-side video of Randy walking and the killer walking. That’s him, no doubt.

  4. Bobby Wayne Henry got away with murder. Just because he had an alibi of where he was,does not mean his wife told the truth. it happened in the early morning hours meaning he could have slipped away from home quickly with his wife sleeping,but she would obviously cover for him. He passed the polygraph and his dna could not be linked/no dna found, this guy is a former police officer and knows exactly how the system works. tactical gear, even the size and structure how he is build and how he walks is identical. Bobby Wayne Henry commited this crime but unfortunatly evidence is needed,a confession or witness who can testify. This person was murdered, not only her life was taken away, but a mother and wife of someone also taken away due to one person’s selfishness. but the arm of the law is very long. The suspect will be caught soon and i hope he gets what he deserves.My money is on Bobby Wayne. Police need to dig deeper on that guy.To many coincidences. sorry english is not my first language. From: a Detective Seargent in the South African Police service.

    • Can’t see what motive Bobby Wayne Henry would have. I think it is more likely the fat wife of Missy’s affair partner, dressed as a man.

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