Murder-suicide by train – a husband and wife die after he drives their vehicle onto train tracks

Markus Leitner (39) and his wife Nikoleta (29) died in June 2019 after Markus drove their car onto train tracks and into the path of an oncoming freight train.

Emergency services attempted to pull the car from the wreckage. Picture: CEN/australscope
The aftermath of the murder-suicide

According to local media, the crossing did not have a barrier but the warning lights were operational, warning the couple that a train was fast approaching them. It appeared these warning lights were deliberately ignored.

Observator TV revealed comments made by the freight train driver which suggested that Markus had intended to collide with his train.

The train driver allegedly said the driver of the Mazda had stopped his car before the tracks, but suddenly “accelerated and came directly to the train”.

The couple were married in a lavish ceremony in 2018 and they leave behind three children.

Nikoleta and Markus looked like the perfect couple in their wedding photos. Picture: CEN/australscope
Markus and Nikoleta in happier times

So, what caused Markus to snap?

Just 30 minutes before their deaths, Nikoleta made a facebook post, with a shock announcement.

“My darlings. I have some good news and some bad news for you,” she wrote. “The good news is, I am offering hair extensions for 150 EUR. “The bad news is, the location of ‘Niko and Beauty’ is moving to Monaco.”

A translation of the post also suggests the move was due to “personal problems”. Police are now investigating claims that Markus intended to kill himself and his wife, after Nikoleta allegedly said she was leaving him to move to Monaco.

Mystery surrounds the tragic death of couple in possible murder-suicide

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