1815 Driscoll Street, Houston, TX.

Charles Frederick Rogers was born on December 30th,1921. He disappeared on June 23rd, 1965

Charles was a pilot in the United States Navy and served in the Office of Naval Intelligence. He had a nuclear physics degree, worked as a seismologist at Shell Oil for nine years, spoke 7 languages and was said to be highly intelligent.

After becoming unemployed in 1965, Charles moved into his parents (Fred and Edwina Rogers) home in Houston TX. Charles was described as reclusive and only communicated with his parents by slipping notes under the door to them. Neighbors were unaware he was even living there, as he never left or returned during daylight hours.

On June 23rd, 1965 Houston Police were called when concerned family members could not reach Edwina and phone calls went unanswered. Upon arrival at 1815 Driscoll Street nothing seemed suspicious and other than food sitting on the dining room table, nothing looked out of place. One of the Officers peeked into the fridge and noted washed, unwrapped cuts of meat stacked neatly on the shelves. Assuming the meat was a butchered hog, he started to shut the door, this was when he saw two human heads staring at him through the glass of the vegetable bin.

The heads were those of Fred and Edwina Rogers. The slabs of meat were severed limbs and torsos.

After investigations, police determined Fred and Edwina were dismembered in the restroom upstairs by someone “with some knowledge of anatomy”.Their organs had been removed, cut up and flushed down the toilet. They were later found in the sewer. The house was thoroughly cleaned with little blood left behind. An autopsy revealed that Fred had been killed by blows to the head with a hammer. His eyes were gouged out genitalia removed. Edwina was shot, execution style in the head. Both Fred and Edwina were killed on Father’s Day June 20th,several days prior to being found.

In the 1950s Charles Rogers joined the Civil Air Patrol, where he met David Ferrie. David was later named as a conspirator in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The Man on the Grassy Knoll, a book written in the early 90s documented Charles Rogers life. According to the book Rogers was a CIA agent who impersonated Lee Harvey Oswald and was one of the shooters involved in the assassination. In this account Rogers killed his parents because his mom was tracking his calls and found out more than she was supposed to know.

Many have dismissed this theory and believe the murders took place after many years of abuse by his parents.

We will never know the true reason these murders took place but we do know Charles was missing from the home on June 23rd 1965 and has not been seen since. He was declared dead in 1975 by a Judge so that the estate could be probated.  1815 Driscoll Street remained vacant and unsold until 1972 when the home was torn down. From 1972 until 2000 the land remained empty until Condominiums were built.

1815 Driscoll St, Today.

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