Florida Cosplay/Cam Girl, Melissa Turner stabs her boyfriend to death and waits 4 hours to call 911

Melissa and boyfriend Matthew

Melissa Turner, 26, has been arrested and charged with the bloody murder of her boyfriend Matthew Trussler, 25.

The couple argued after he woke her up when returning home at 4 am on October 18th. During the fight she stabbed him to death and left him to bleed out.

After waiting 4 hours to call for help, she claimed she found him on the back patio of their property in Riverview, FL, and that she tried to revive Trussler but didn’t know what had happened to him.

Her story changed once police detectives found chilling surveillance footage, from the neighbours, that captured audio around 4.30 am that morning of a female telling someone “you stay down” and “so, fucking die” and what sounds like glass breaking. Over the next several minutes the female voice can be heard saying “I hate you,” and then “get up,” whilst a male voice is unable to be made out.
Moments later, the female voice screams ‘no!’ and what sounds like ‘what did I do????’

Jail records at Hillsborough County Jail show that Melissa is currently being held without bail. They show her occupation as “modeling/cosplay.”
She is also a porn star/cam girl, under the name Twothornedrose, as found on her NSFW Instagram and Twitter but the couple also had a Youtube channel and porn content together on many websites.

This video on their youtube shows the pool deck area where the murder took place.

Investigators noted a defensive wound on Trussler’s right forearm, a large cut on his right bicep, small cuts on his shoulder and chest, and a large wound in the middle of his back consistent with a stab wound. Melissa is now facing life in prison for second-degree murder with a weapon.

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