Brandon Lawson – The 911 call that led to a mysterious disappearance.

Brandon Lawson worked long hours in the oil field to provide for his four children and common law wife, Ladessa Lofton. On August 9, 2013 Brandon and Ladessa had gotten into an argument, he was last seen leaving his home in San Angelo Texas at 11:53pm.

Brandon ran out of gas on Highway 277 near Bronte, Tx, while headed to his father home and he called his brother, Kyle, for help.  In the meantime, 911 Dispatch received a call from a motorist reporting a truck blocking a lane.  The Officer, Kyle and Kyle’s girlfriend, Audrey, all arrived on scene at the same time. Brandon, his cell phone and keys were all missing.

While at the scene, Kyle was not aware of a frantic 911 call Brandon made after calling his brother.  According to local media reports, the officer did know about the call but it was dispatched as a motorist who ran out of gas NOT as a man needing help and being chased. Brandons family discovered he made this call AFTER cell phone records were obtained by Ladessa. Law Enforcement NEVER informed family of the 911. Listen to this call below.

911 CALL

911 Transcript 2013; 050 and 38 seconds – a ding heard is recording equipment
9-1-1 Emergency: 9-1-1 Emergency?
Brandon: Yes, I’m in the middle of the field …(inaudible)…(inaudible-possible: pushed some guys over or pushed some cars over) ..right here, goin’ towards Abilene, on both sides…… truck ran out of gas… there’s one car here…(inaudible-possible….it (or I) got taken through woods.) Please hurry.
9-1-1 Emergency: Ok. Now. Run that by me…..?
Brandon: (possible “No, (or Oh) we’re not talking to em” ( inaudible)  (inaudible- possible: “no I ran into em” “told you I ran into em”)
9-1-1 Emergency: Ahhh…you ran into them? Ok.
Brandon : (inaudible- Possibly saying… “yes, the first guy” or “not, the first guy.” or “got the first guy.” )– sounds to me like Brandon mentions someone having Buckshot. (ammo)??
9-1-1 Emergency: Do you need an ambulance?
Brandon: “No, I need the cops.”
9-1-1 Emergency: Is anyone hurt?
9-1-1 Emergency: Hello?
(Original tape has three hello’s.)
9-1-1 Emergency: Hello?
9-1-1 Emergency: Hello?

Below is a timeline of events and phone calls from the night Brandon went missing.  *It is important to note that much of the evidence and timeline we now have has been provided by Brandon’s family and friends. Nothing had been given to us by the police.  Phone ping location, 911 call and phone records were all leaked by Ladessa.  Also important to note, according to Ladessa, the calls Brandon made to her were missed because she left her phone charging in her car. She did speak to Kyle, he did inform her that Brandon was out of gas. Ladessa told Kyle she would leave a gas can on the porch for him because she would be in the shower.

  • 11:53pm: Brandon leaves his home in San Angelo, TX headed for his father’s home in Crowley, TX.
  • 12:00am: Ladessa calls his cell phone and asks him to return home or go to his brother’s. 
  • 12:34am and 12:36am: Ladessa misses 2 calls from Brandon.
  • 12:38am: Brandon calls Kyle to tell him his truck has run out of gas
  • 12:40am: Kyle calls Ladessa to tell her that Brandon ran out of gas.
  • 12:48am: Ladessa misses another call from Brandon.
  • 12:50am: Brandon calls 911.
  • 12:51am: Kyle calls Brandon and leaves a voicemail.
  • 12;54am Brandon calls Ladessa. No answer.
  • 12:57am: Brandon calls his neighbor.
  • 12:58am: Brandon calls Kyle three times. Calls do not connect
  • 12:58am: Neighbor tries calling Brandon 3 times. Calls do not connect
  • 12:58am: A passing motorist calls 911 to report Brandon’s vehicle blocking the highway.
  • 1:04am; The 911 dispatcher called Brandon. She leaves a message and attempts to call again.
  • 1:09am; Brandon calls Kyle three times. Calls do not connect.
  • 1:10am: Kyle and an officer arrive on scene to find Brandon missing.  Kyle claims to be on the phone with Brandon at this time.
  • 1:12am; Kyle calls Brandon three times. Calls do not connect.
  • 1:15am; Brandon calls Kyle twice. Calls do not connect.
  • 1:18am: Audrey texts Brandon to tell him the police are still at his truck.
  • 1:19am: Audrey receives a phone call from Brandon; he states that he is 10 minutes up the road and bleeding. Phone pings indicate he walked north, away from the vehicle, at 1:10am.
  • 1:19am: Audrey and Kyle drive back towards San Angelo, out of sight of the officer, and wait 45 minutes for Brandon before returning home. Ladessa misses multiple calls from Brandon.
  • 2.00am Kyle and Audrey arrive home.
  • 3am: Brandon’s phone is either shut off or loses battery power.
  • 8:30am: Brandon’s truck is towed.
Comment made on a social media message board.

Many theories regarding Brandon have been discussed on social media. Some think he left on his own, he had a warrant and maybe he didn’t want to pay it or spend the time in jail to clear it up. Maybe he left because he no longer wanted to be a dad and husband? But why call 911 if you are planning a getaway? Others are convinced its part of a cover up with local law enforcement. There is actually lots of interesting information on this theory over on reddit. Was Brandon on drugs? Did someone do something to him, maybe he owed money to drug dealer? Did he just get lost in the woods and never found? I just don’t understand where all these missing people go.

In April of 2019 Brandon’s brother did an interview with a true crime podcast. There’s lots of firsthand information in it as he walks us through the timeline. He is also painfully honest and discusses Brandons drug use as well as the days leading up to his disappearance.

Crawlspace Podcast April 2019

It’s been over six years and Brandon is still missing. Every new piece of information we get leaves us with more questions than answers. 

Brandon was 5’9″, weighed approximately 230lbs, and had multiple tattoos as well as a scar on his chin and left knee. He had one ear pierced. At the time he went missing, Brandon was wearing a yellow shirt, green camouflage shorts, and white 2013 Air Max sneakers.

Anyone with information about Brandon Lawson’s disappearance can call the Coke County Sheriff’s Office at 325-453-2717

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  1. To me it sounds very clear that he says he accidentally ran into someone or something and then says “shot the first guy”. There is at least one shot fired in the background.

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