Found deceased — Alexander Holden missing from Sacramento in early morning hours of NYE

January 26, 2020 Alexander Hold was found deceased. No other information has been released.

A body was found along American River bike trail. Authorities said the body was located at around 3 p.m. The exact location has not been given. Police said there are no signs of foul play and coroners are on scene.

The identity of the deceased has not yet been released, but many are saying it is him.

From Reddit:

Alex Holden has been found deceased. He was found Sunday on the Northern Bikeway Trail underneath hwy 160.

LE found Alex’s body along the riverbank of the American River. They believe he fell off the bridge along the Sacramento Northern Bikeway. They do not believe there was any foul play but they will be performing an autopsy for further clarification.

His father said, “As I understand it, the water had been up in the river because of the rain the last couple of weeks. In the last two or three days the water went down enough that he was found in a little marshy, shallow area”.

Read about his disappearance below.

Note: There is a section at the end with every update released during the search. It was updated daily with updates from a close friend.

Alexander “Alex” Holden was last seen New Year’s Eve in Midtown Sacramento, California leaving his apartment on I Street near 22nd Street.

Before going missing, Alex has been out with some friends. They ended the night at LowBrau. His friends Ubered to their homes in Natomas and Alex said he was going to walk home. He made is back to his apartment at 11:45.

It was around 2:30 am when he got in an argument with his live-in girlfriend, Kennedi. He told her he was going to walk to a friend’s house in Natomas to spend the night. He appeared to be heading towards the Sacramento Northern Bikeway trail, where his phone must have died.

The Sacramento Northern Bikeway trail is 9.8 miles. Trail end points are at C St. between 19th St. and 20th St. (Sacramento) and Rio Linda Blvd. and Elverta Rd. (Rio Linda). More info can be found here.

Alex is a long-distance marathon runner and has done the trail many times. He also used to live in Natomas. So, according to Kennedi, “it all kind of connects”.

“We believe the route he took was:

  • 23rd & I to 16th & I
  • 16th & I to 16th & C St until Capitol Casino
  • Down Dreher Street to the Sacramento Northern Bikeway
  • Cross Pipe’s Bridge following Sac N. Bikeway
  • Left onto Jedediah Smith Trail
  • Follow either Garden Hwy or Northview Dr to get to Nino’s Parkway Trail until Hazel Strauch Elementary School.

But this is only what we speculate, not what is confirmed. We think this is the route because he has traveled that same route many times before.”

A new theory suggests that Alex may have headed back towards the bars on K St. that night. He left his apartment around 2:30 am, which is past last call but with the street vendors and busyness of the holiday Alex may have went back. Alex’s favorite bars to frequent are Pink Flamingo, LowBrau, & the Mercantile.

He was carrying his dead phone, passport, debit card, and AirPods. According to a friend, Alex doesn’t use a wallet or carry a drivers license. He uses his own passport for identification and as a wallet. There has been zero activity on his bank account and his phone has been dead since he left at 2:30 am.

His last text message was at 1:53 am and his phone died very soon after that. They have tried locating his AirPods but have had no luck.

Alex is the son of Greene County Judge Calvin Holden and Associate Judge Margaret Palmietto, both living in Missouri. His father was recently under scrutiny from the group Me Too Springfield, a group created to support survivors of sexual assault. In a social media post they said that Holden has a “well-known reputation for giving lenient sentences to those convicted of sexual crimes,” and they want him out.

Alex does not have any history of depression or mental illness. People who know him describe him as one of the most emotionally intelligent person they have ever met. He is said to have such a positive outlook on life and is very “mentally stable.” He’s never quick to anger, never abrupt or sporadic. Always collected in his thoughts and almost always smiling.

Today, January 5, was supposed to be his’s day back to work. He is a manager at Amazon. He didn’t show up.

Holden is 6 feet, 1 inch tall and weighs 190 pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes. At the time he left his apartment Tuesday he was wearing a tan sweater.

If you have any information about his disappearance, please call Sacramento police.

This is the tan sweater he was last seen in.

🔻Social media links:

Alex’s Facebook & Instagram

Kennedi’s Facebook & Instagram

Chrysa’s (Alex’s sister) Facebook

Find Alex Facebook

Find Alex Twitter

Find Alex Instagram

🔻Updates from Reddit user Mrsharbear:

The police and PI as well as volunteers have been in contact with local residences asking for doorbell and home security cameras. A lot of people have come forward with timestamps of people seen on camera at the time in question (2:00-4:00.) All of that information is being passed along and reviewed. To my knowledge, none of this footage has been confirmed to be Alex.

We have tried tracking through iPhone and also google maps but when his phone died we lost all of his last movements. Phone is still dead.

❗️Last text from Alex’s phone is at 1:53 AM PST❗️

Updated Phone Description:

•iPhone 7, white w/ silver back

•May have a white circle sticker/tag on the back (amazon asset tag) with an “a” on it.

•Clear thin case. Couple scraps on the back.

He has a garmin watch he wears for running but he wasn’t wearing it that night.

He deleted his Snapchat several months ago

** Update **

As of right now, there are still no official news on the exact whereabouts of Alex.

But the Sacramento police department have begun their investigation as well as the private investigator hired by the family.

If/when there is a plan for a volunteer search party we will communicate that out but… at this point we are letting the professionals do their job and any information that is found will be shared with the immediate family, respectfully.

** Update #2 **

After a day of looking over video surveillance we have reason to believe Alex may NOT have traveled the 22nd & I path to Natomas.

There has been 0 camera footage of Alex walking this path from all local businesses / residences that were along this path.

Our new theory suggests Alex may have headed back towards the bars on K St. That night we went to LowBrau for Motown Monday but concluded the night around 11:45 pm.

We now believe Alex may have walked back towards K St Bars or East Sac. The time he went back out is still 2:30am 12/31/2019 which we know is past last call but with the street vendors and busyness of the holiday, Alex may have went back. Alex’s favorite bars to frequent are Pink Flamingo, LowBrau, & the Mercantile.

If you are out tonight and/or in the area, feel free to show this flyer

The idea of him walking the Natomas path has not been completely ruled out but we are switching directions.

Edit: new updated flyer in link

** Update #3 **

We are going to meet at Sutter’s Fort Historic Park at 12:30pm Today (1/4/2020) to do some canvassing around local businesses and residences.

All are welcome to join to help.

Thank you

** Update #4 **

Today the police, PI, families, friends & other volunteers conducted another search.

A K-9 unit was used today & focused directly on 22nd / 23rd & I St (where Alex lives) path to help pinpoint a direction in which Alex may have traveled that night at 2:30am. The dogs were able to pick up Alex’s scent but,unfortunately , not able to pinpoint an exact location or route to follow. From what was explained to us, because Alex has been on that street & area so often the dogs seemed confused which scent to follow + a combination of the wind putting his scent everywhere in the vicinity. The dogs continuously led the detectives to Alex’s car, his SO’s car, & his home and along the street. Alex walks almost everywhere downtown Sacramento (coffee shops, restaurants, bars, etc) & runs outside almost everyday.

Drones from the police were also used today to comb the greater part of downtown Sacramento as well as along the American River (starting from the northern bikeway & moving outward) The police stated they even used infrared lens with the drones to look for heat signatures but still… nothing.

Family, friends, and volunteers began canvassing the Sacramento grid (16th-26th streets) around 12:30pm speaking with local businesses / residences for any video surveillance footage from that night. They looked at lots of video footage but still… nothing.

Throughout the day there were couple leads from people saying they saw him at some restaurants or East Sac college Friday night so police are looking into that as well.

It’s been a very frustrating process that we still haven’t been able to get any more clues/hints where Alex may have gone.

But we’re not giving up.

We will be doing another Volunteer Search Party tomorrow, 1/5/2020, @ 12:30pm starting at Capitol Park. Please meet at near the Peace Rose Garden at Capitol Park at that time if you are interested/available. All are welcome to join and help.

Thank you to those who helped out today, the community here has been so supportive.

** Update 5 **

Today we conducted another search and canvassing party for Alex. With the help of the families, friends, coworkers, & local volunteers we started at Capitol Park and walked every street between 16th-22nd & between H-M St’s. We spoke to any & every home, apartment, business, restaurant or building for any surveillance footage. Some of these were able to show footage right away, some of which are still in the process of viewing, and some were just unavailable.

We additionally took two separate groups down to discovery park and the American river. & rewalked the Sacramento Northern Bikeway. We did not find anything.

At this time, there is still no conclusive evidence of Alex’s whereabouts.

The police and PI are still conducting their own investigations and doing what they can to gain access and more information from Alex’s devices. The police also stated they are accessing as much traffic cam footage as possible to find Alex.

I just want to thank all of you who volunteered yesterday or today, shared out Alex’s story, or helped out in any way. I can’t thank you enough.

We are not giving up on finding Alex. But at this time, there are no plans for another volunteer search party for tomorrow.

Thank you all. I will do my best to update and respond as any new information becomes available. Please continue to hope for Alex’s safe and speedy return.

** Update #6 **

No new news to share.

Update from today

At 7pm, the detectives took Alex’s sneaker for a strong scent. The dogs led the detectives around Arden/Northgate area by the river but no true conclusions from this area.

They are still open to tips and exploring everything, but they will walk the trail area again in the morning when they have more light out.

There is a facebook page that was made today for Alex. (Linked above in the social media links)

Please like it or share it.

Once again, thank you everyone for continuing to spread the word, sharing the flyer, and thinking about him and his family.

** Update 7 **

Still no news to share.

The police took the dogs and their drones back out to look along the walking / biking trails of Northern Sacramento. They also searched along the American River but still nothing.

The police are staying hopeful that with these searches they have been able to narrow down important information regarding their investigation.

The police have also begun the process of getting warrants to access his bank accounts. More information to come.

We still haven’t been able to access Alex’s iPad which may contain important information regarding his devices, accounts, and contacts. We got locked out within the first 24 hours of Alex being lost after failed password attempts. The iPad is now disabled and we are having trouble unlocking the iCloud account.

Also, a common question that is being asked is if their is a plan to communicate to the public a reward for finding Alex. To answer that question, I have not received any information about the families plan to create a reward. If that ever happens, I will communicate it out.

People have also asked when the next search party will be. At this time, we are waiting for more leads to Alex’s whereabouts. If/when there is a plan to do another search party I will communicate that out. The suggestion to canvass sports games this weekend was a good one so be on the lookout for that as well.

Last but not least, we have had some people reach out to us with some possible sightings of Alex. We have passed along that information to the police / PI and waiting to see what we find. At this time, none of the sighting have been conclusive to be Alex.

BUT, on a positive note, what this means is Alex’s story is being shared and heard across the country.

So thank you to everyone. I can’t tell you how helpful the community has been for Alex’s family and friends.

Alex is out there somewhere and someone is going to find him. The best thing we can do is share Alex’s face to the masses until he is found and he is brought home to his family.

Thanks again.

** Update 8 **

Be on the lookout for a possible search group tomorrow for East Sac / Arden area around noon!

We will post out an official plan tomorrow morning on all platforms.

No real updates today. Sorry guys.

** Update 9 **

It’s a long one. TL;DR on the bottom.

Today Alex’s family and Alex’s SO & family had a meeting today with the Sacramento Detectives for an overview of their progress in their investigation so far.

The detectives communicated a couple things to the families:

• ⁠They have been scouting up and down the American river every day
• ⁠They have access to all of Alex’s phone records
• ⁠They have Alex’s known whereabouts all up to 2:30am

Last important bit of important information the detectives also communicated, the detectives are unable to gain full access to all of Alex’s accounts, devices, and information because this is not a criminal investigation. Alex is a legal adult and their is no evidence to show foul play or suspected criminal activity.

Last night we received a tip that Alex may have showed up to the Subway on Exposition Blvd to purchase food. The information that was given was showed up to Subway and ordered food. The Subway worker (SW) stated that the man who was placing an order was wearing clothes different than the clothes Alex was last seen in. In addition, the SW stated the man ordering food had two black eyes and tried to pay with card but their card was declined. The SW then proceeded to pay for the man’s food and the man left the store. The SW was then approached by their coworker and stated the man who had just ordered food resembled Alex’s description. All of this information was passed on to the Sacramento police in which the detectives took time to review their surveillance footage. No official confirmation to be Alex.

In response, there was a group of canvassers that explored the area south of that Subway location towards the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail. The canvassers followed all directions specifically towards Camp Pollock, 80, and near Cal Expo. The trail routed back to where we first believed along the Sacramento Northern Bikeway but a trail we didn’t initially follow. The canvassers interacted with some of the homeless that lives back there and shared Alex’s flyer but those individuals said they have not seen him.

We did another canvass trip today focused in the East Sacramento area. THANK YOU so much to the people that took time out of the day to help us canvass! East Sac is not an area we have really invested time in canvassing but with today’s help we were able to make a sizable dent. Thank you again.

We are looking to canvass the Sacramento Kings game tomorrow night! We will meet at 6pm at the DOCO sign by Punch Bowl (5th & J St corner) to pass out flyers to the public around the Golden One Center. Anyone is welcome to join!

Please use this flyer. . Thank you to those who have put up Alex’s flyer on their own. Do not worry, the old flyer still works but some information was changed.

Thank you again and again for everyone’s help. Thank you to those that volunteered today and thank you everyone for being so invested. Today was a productive day.


• ⁠no new information; some possible leads
• ⁠Updated Flyer
• ⁠Alex can’t grow a beard.
• ⁠Canvassing the Sacramento King’s game; meeting at 6pm at the DOCO sign by Punch Bowl (5th & J st Corner)
• ⁠Thank you everyone!

** Update 10 **

I created a Google Map for Alex’s Search Progress.

Thank you again for the recommendation, I will do my best to update the map as progress is communicated to me.

Canvassing the Sacramento Kings game was unsuccessful last night. We will probably not be exploring that avenue for raising awareness of Alex missing in the future.

LE are still looking at the Subway surveillance footage and following up if there are/will be more possible sightings of that individual. The police aren’t very convinced it is him.

Police, PI, and Close Friends & Family are searching and canvassing every day, following any possible leads.

Thank you all for your support

No updates on the whereabouts of Alex.

** Update 11 **

One of Alex’s friends created a website to help crowdsource video footage from local residences and businesses from the night of Alex’s disappearance to any other time in which their was a possible sighting of Alex. Really helpful way to pool all possible sightings of Alex and help piece together Alex’s whereabouts.

Please visit & share

Other news, the GoFundMe that was created to help support efforts in finding Alex has already reached its goal within 2 days!! That is pretty incredible!! THANK YOU! I will make sure to share details on how those finances will be used to help find Alex when I receive that information.

A follow up on the Subway Footage…

The families and friends were able to view screenshots of the surveillance footage from the possible sighting of Alex at the Subway Restaurant on Exposition Blvd. General opinion of the screenshots from the families and friends is that it does not appear to be Alex. Important to note that the person’s face is not clearly visible in the screenshots and the family and friends have not been able to see the video in motion. LE have been able to view the footage in motion but unable to share that footage to the families. Seeing the screenshots my self, the individual looks like the build of Alex but his general posture and the way it looks when he is walking frame by frame, it does not look like Alex. This is just my opinion. It would help to see the video footage in motion to give a better opinion.

The detectives have also shared that they finally are gaining access to video footage from Bonfare Liquor Store on 20th & H St as of tomorrow. This is important video footage because it may provide conclusive evidence of Alex’s travel path after leaving the apartment. LE believe he left from the apartment on 22nd & I St and traveled westbound until 20th and I st. Alex’s last known ping on from his phone is 20th & I st. LE have already viewed all the footage from Law Firm: Mastagni Holstedt on 19th & I St and Alex is nowhere to be found on any of their 5-10 cameras. LE also viewed surveillance footage from Maverique Style House on 20th & I St from that morning and have video footage of an individual walking past at the 2:00am-3:00am mark of 12/31/2019. The video footage is too blurry and too dark to officially identify who that person was. This puts Alex’s potentially traveling westbound from 23rd & I St all the way to 20th & I and then turning a different direction. The Bonfare Liquor Store footage may be able to show that same individual and maybe even more clearly identify if that person is Alex traveling northbound down 20th Street and onwards, possibly towards Natomas. If you know anyone or any business that resides on 20th & I St – 20th & C St please ask for them to check their cameras from that night. We have canvassed that area before but could use more help!

That being said…

We will be doing another Canvassing Trip on 1/14/2020 @ 2:00pm meeting in the parking lot between Law Firm: Mastagni Holstedt & Maverique Style House.

Here it is on google maps . All are welcome to join!

Still no official news on where Alex is but we won’t be giving up any time soon.

Thank you guys.

More information to come.

** Update 12 **

Alex’s Family Posted a $10,000 Reward for information leading to his return.

Here is the video.

Here is the New Flyer & Information.

Anonymous Tip Line: 916-732-0100

Most of you already received this information but in case you haven’t.

Police are still waiting on footage from the Bonfare Liquor Store to confirm Alex’s travel direction. Fingers crossed they will be able to view the footage by tomorrow. The Police plan on releasing information to the press Tuesday or Wednesday if they make any conclusions from any of their leads.


Here it is on google maps . All are welcome to join!

We will be doing another Canvassing Trip tomorrow, 1/14/2020 @ 2:00pm. We will meet in the parking lot between Law Firm: Mastagni Holstedt & Maverique Style House.

We will be using the new reward flyer!

Thank you to those that have reached out with suggestions of other places that in that general vicinity that may also help in this case. Feel free to join us tomorrow to help talk to some of these residences and businesses.

Last but not least, there was news shared today about a body found in Roseville. It is confirmed that it is NOT Alex Holden. Rest in Peace to that individual.

Please continue to visit and share

Thank you guys

** Update 13 **

No news for Alex’s whereabouts.

Official Flyer: 8.5×11″

Official Poster: 11×17″

A professional by the name of Robert at Commuter industries volunteered his services and created a professional flyer/poster for Alex. This will be the official flyer / poster we use moving forward. Thank you Robert.

Update on the Bonfare Liquor Store video footage:

Due to the store using an older surveillance system, the police are unable to pull the video footage until the current surveillance system is upgraded or replaced. Once that occurs, the detectives can retract the footage and review it. (We can’t catch a break.)

Regarding the possible Yosemite sighting, the detectives haven’t been able to tell us much more than they received a tip that Alex was there.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all those who helped canvass today. We truly appreciate those of you who took time out of your lives to help spread Alex’s story. If/When we do another canvassing trip, I will communicate it out. Thank you all so much.

Please visit and share:

I truly wish I had more information to share.

Thank you guys again.

** Update 14 **

No news to share.

Please visit and share

Follow @findalexholden on Instagram & Twitter

See a lot of people volunteering on their own to search / canvass for Alex. Thank you all so much.

  1. ⁠We have materials for you at At Ease Brewing
  2. ⁠Suggestions of places to look:

• ⁠Natomas
• ⁠Folsom
• ⁠Auburn

We have exhausted the discovery park area.

Thank you all, time and time again.

** Update 15 **

Yesterday the Police conducted their largest search party since this investigation has started. They had almost 100 volunteers with search dogs from all different parts of law enforcement from multiple different counties all around the Sacramento area.

They conducted a complete search through Discovery Park, combing every inch of the area looking for Alex. The search party was able to track their routes using GPS technology to monitor the areas they touched and ensure all areas were covered.

They additionally searched all along the river adjacent to discovery park several miles up and back. They were on boats. I do not know the extent of how they searched; whether they used diving equipment or not.

The volunteer search was inconclusive in finding Alex or any evidence to suggest Alex was/is there.

At this time, the police have stated they do not believe they will be conducting any more searches. They did state they will continue to follow leads given by the public.

Also, Alex’s parents have returned back to MO. They are still in contact with LE for any leads and possible investigations. Please respect the circumstance of this situation.

The search for Alex has been frustrating for everyone; Alex’s family, Alex’s SO, Alex’s friends, Alex’s coworkers, Law Enforcement, the many volunteers who have helped, the Sacramento community, the Springfield community, and everyone else who has been following Alex’s story. I want you to know that we are all frustrated. We still don’t have many answers. And we wish we did. The unknown of Alex’s whereabouts and his condition has been one of the toughest aspects of this situation. This is me speaking personally. You don’t know how to feel because you don’t know have any answers…


The search for Alex hasn’t stopped. Their is a team in Sacramento/Springfield that will continue to raise awareness and share Alex’s story. That’s the best thing we can do at this point.

Alex is out there. Somewhere. And he will turn up. It’s just a matter of when.

PLEASE continue to share your leads and share possible sightings. Nothing is out of the question. If you have the slightest belief you have just seen Alex… 1.) Call the anonymous tip line: 916-732-0100 2.) Be Safe 3.) If possible, try to take a picture 4.) Get an accurate description of your location (pin, cross streets, mile marker, etc)

Reddit, Facebook, Twitter should only be used to escalate sightings after you have used the anonymous tip line. That is first priority

I appreciate the help the community as provided for this very weird situation. To those who have stepped up in any way; those who have gone above and beyond and to those who have simply just shared Alex’s story, thank you.

I am going to continue to update this thread with relevant information and continue answer questions about Alex and his story and what I know.

Please be on the lookout for future events and information on

Cannot stress this enough, we are not giving up.

Thank you guys.

** Update 16 **

No conclusive leads to Alex’s whereabouts at this time.

The body found at Galt confirmed NOT Alex.

u/Merman_Mike and another volunteer diver dove today in the American River right off the river bank of Camp Pollock. Here’s the news story on it. I spoke with Merman Mike over the phone about his dive. Mike was not able to find anything conclusive in his dive but stated he wishes to take more dives of the Pipe’s Bridge area. Mike stated he had some issues searching more of the Pipe’s bridge area because of how strong the current was and the coldness of the water. There is more info about the dive in a separate comment below. Mike also was able to tell me he will be taking a couple more dives around the area Pipe’s Bridge Area coming from different angles and sides. If anyone has diving experience and is available please reach out to u/Merman_Mike.

I have also updated the google map with the area he searched.

Huge thank you to Mike and his buddy for their help and time!!

We are currently in communication with a company helping put Alex on a billboard.

We are using this design.

An idea was brought up that this design also could serve as a Facebook cover photo which could help spread the word out as well.

Speaking on the website: There was a recent update that includes a surveillance tracking spreadsheet. Here is the link.

CANVASSING EVENT 1/26/2020, 12:45!!

On the website, you will see an event posted for canvassing, Sunday January 26th, 2020 @ 12:45 – 3:00pm meeting @ Northgate Park 2825 Mendel Way (Parking lot on Brewerton Dr.) Please RSVP by following this link to the posting on the website; then following the RSVP button.

Participants in this canvassing event will be provided with a drink ticket good for one post-canvassing pint at At Ease Brewing Co. 🙂

Still no updates of where Alex is but the many volunteers helping and stepping up is truly amazing. We are so grateful. Thank you so much.

Please continue to visit and share:

Thank you.

SIDE NOTE: I believe all updates are now going to be made on the website vs being made on Reddit. So make sure you are checking there for updates, and I will keep posting them here also.

** Update 17 **

Alex was found deceased yesterday.

LE found Alex’s body along the riverbank of the American River. They believe he fell off the bridge along the Sacramento Northern Bikeway. They do not believe there was any foul play but they will be performing an autopsy for further clarification.

I don’t know if I’m going to be posting anymore on this thread. If there is an event or public service for Alex, I will be sure to let you all know.

The website will stay active for now. We will see.

Thank you all again. I appreciate everything this community has done for my friend Alex. All of the suggestions, ideas, recommendations. All of the tips and leads. All of the outreach, volunteering, and getting Alex’s story out there. Thank you guys.

Alex is the best guy I have known. So kind. So caring. Always smiling. Always there for you. Such lame humor. But so funny. Simple guy, didn’t need much. Content. Comfortable being uncomfortable. Challenges you to think differently. Challenges you to be a better person. Believed in humanity. Believed in people.

Strong. Happy. A good friend.

Yesterday was a tough day but I am happy we have answers.

Thank you guys again.

I love you buddy.

17 thoughts on “Found deceased — Alexander Holden missing from Sacramento in early morning hours of NYE

    • Exactly my thought. This just seems off. He is no where to be found, no videos of said locations for him. He argues with his GF and allegedly walks to a friends house. Doesn’t add up. Not pointing fingers but I think his GF, friends, and coworkers all need to be investigated….

  1. I am not sure if they have tried this and I’m not sure who to tell about this. I also don’t know the logistics of it, but someone with access to his “find my iPhone” or another device of his should try to ping his AirPods. There’s lots of info online about it.

  2. Are you sure it was 2:30 am? Why I saw this is why did his girlfriend and him fight roughly 3 hours later? Maybe it was 12:30 am and she was sleepy and read a digital clock incorrectly? Hopefully they’re watching videos from all hours of the night.

    • I’m sure only because that’s what everyone (girlfriend, friends, family) has reported, but idk if the girlfriend was mistaken. I think it’s the correct time though bc his last text message was at 1:53 am.

  3. Has anyone tried to ping the location of the Airpods he was carrying? The charge on those lasts a very long time and location can be found on the “Find My” app on any of his other devices if anyone has access to that?

  4. Someone told me they will find him in the river and it’s possible that it’s related to the serial collage killings. This person that told me this I believe 110%

  5. Someone told me they will find him in the river it’s possible that it is related to the college killings. The dogs lost scent at the water. I believe this person 11O percent.

    • Possibly the smile face killers of college aged men that are all over the country. Happening near water after a night of drinking and partying and might have been slipped a date rape drug. They should look in the water where the dogs lost the scent.

  6. I live in Midtown, nine blocks from where Alex was last seen. There is an easier way to access the Sacramento Northern Bikeway from Alex’s apartment. It would make more sense to head north and pick up the bike trail at the main entrance at 19th and C (pictured in your blog post).

    For example, he could have gone up 22nd, taken a left on D (or any other cross street), right on 19th, and right on C. C Street is blocked off at the railroad tracks and also at the Blue Diamond gate, so the only way to get to the bike trail is from 19th Street. The trail goes by the almond factory, turns right, and crosses the bike/ped bridge before joining the Jedediah Smith bike trail. Hopefully the police have checked cameras at Blue Diamond as well as Rite Aid on 22nd and F.

    If he did go back to the bars, it would be strange not to catch him on camera somewhere. There are lots of businesses on J and K streets, just a couple blocks from where he was last seen. Also, many homeowners in Midtown have Ring cameras. (I checked on mine and didn’t see anything.)

    Hopefully he will be found safe and sound. The weather has been damp, chilly, and rainy the last 10 days.

  7. Man I bet either the girlfriend killed him or he wanted to escape his life and live a new one with no connection to the last

    • The latest update was update #13 (which was posted on Reddit 16 hours ago) and is at the very end of the blog post. But that’s the newest update I’ve seen 😕

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