Kelly Glover found dead after going missing from a Florida hotel.

Kelly Glover went missing from the Westin Hotel Ft. Lauderdale, Fl during the early hours of Thursday 9th Jan. She was there on a work trip with her best friend Krista, who is not a co worker.

Krista posted to facebook that Kelly had “slept walked” out of her room at 1.48am, she awoke at 4am to realised her friend had gone and the door was ajar. The police were called after the went to the front desk.

She updated this several hours later that police had dog and
helicopter searches in progress to help try and locate Kelly. Krista mentioned in other posts that she hadn’t heard Kelly leave.

The hotel cameras show Kelly leaving the hotel, in a white shawl with a bottle of water, Adam (Kelly’s Husband) later spoke to reporters, stating-
The hotel has limited video, there is footage that shows Glover going down the hotel stairs at 2 a.m. to an exit that leads out to open land and water. She was wearing pajamas, a light sweater and socks. She didn’t have her phone or her purse.

Her family, including Adam, travelled to Florida. He got no response from a text message he had sent her at 9am.
He knew something was wrong saying

“She left it in the room and that’s the last we’ve seen of her … We text each other every morning I get up before her. I hadn’t heard from her by 9 a.m. I knew something was wrong, sent a few more, the second her friend called me I already knew.”

Posting on facebook he confirmed he had met with police and they assured him they were searching for her.

Kelly and Krista

Right now it is not known if police have any footage of her outside the hotel.
Her family say she does not smoke, so not a reason to pop out during the night.

Her most recent employer is CHG Healthcare, a health maintenance organization based in Midvale, Utah.

A spokesperson for CHG Healthcare said that Glover was in Florida with a member of the company’s video team to film a project.

The company made travel arrangements for Bremer to fly out to Fort Lauderdale to help in the search for Glover.

Adams TV Interview about his missing wife-

Plans for a search.

Update- Adam confirmed Kelly had been found on the 11th and an investigation is ongoing.

The hotel grounds

Kelly –

Where the RUMOURS have come from about Kelly taking a sleeping pill. This a rumour. Just showing where it started from.

Kelly’s husband Adam –

Krista, the friend who was staying in the hotel with Kelly –

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