The downfall of Parker Mays – Part Two

Earlier in January 2020, we told you the sad story of a sibling murder. Parker Mays killed his sister Layne on January 14, 2020. You can read the original blog post here.

New details have emerged about the murder. Hours before he killed his sister, Parker visited a store in Lawrence, KS. He told employees there that his family was dead and that he needed a gun to protect himself. It is assumed that he was not allowed to purchase a gun on the spot.

One hour after he left the store, his van was spotted on CCTV pulling into the driveway of his family home. Parker got out and stayed at the residence for 20 mins, before leaving again.

Parker’s mother, Tamra called police to the residence at 1.38pm. She told them that she found her daughter ‘all cut up’ and that her son was ‘crazy’.

When police arrived, Layne was declared dead at the scene. She was found with knife wounds to her face and wrists. Following an autopsy, her cause of death was actually determined to be strangulation.

Layne’s instagram account

A woman later called the police while driving on the highway, where she matched the van description and license plates with Parker Mays. She said he threw a boot, two gloves and a floor mat out of the van as he drove. All were recovered by police and were found to have blood on them. Blood was also found on the driver’s door of Parker’s car.

Parker has denied killing his sister. His next court appearance is scheduled for January 31.

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