Gannon Stauch screenshot collection

This blog is going to be rough, out of order and a bit of a mess but what I am going to do is save screenshots and important links, thread by thread.

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So they are not clogging up new threads.

It is your job to look for them if you need more information like context or where they came from.

Here is the main blog-

Social media/ Whos who
Tee Stauch (stepmom)
Julz JuJu Locklear (stepmom Tee/Letecia sister)
Debra Sue Locklear (stepmom Tee/Letecia mom)
#1 Landen Hiott (Bio Mom)
#2 Landen Hiott (Bio Mom)
Aimee Lowery (stepmom sister)
Veronica Turbeville-Strickland Birkenstock (Aunt of Gannon-bio mom side)
Treva Thigpen (commented on stepmom sister posts about blood in house)


Police later said he was no confirmed on cctv
In the replies to above status
Was not him
Step grandma 

Drone footage uploaded by neighbours


News report- may be updated since first posted

Thread 3

Her sugarbaby page

Thread 4

Thread 5

Thread 6

Thread 7

The house


Thread 8

May be updated

Thread 9


He was not found in landfill. Some news reports ss say body found but it was a mistake


Thread 10

Hopeful this link will work

Gannons youtube video


Thread 12

Sheriff’s Office Asks for Assistance in Locating a Juvenile


This is the thread with the step mothers interview is covered

Thread 13

Also a thread mainly talking about step mums interview

Thread 14

Also mainly talking about interview

Thread 16

Is is the step grandma or step mum talking?

After this point are screenshots send to me or posted in threads 18-20



Thread 21

Thread 22



Thread 36. Yeah I am behind. Go join the group. No one reads this anyway. Pickles.

Home and where clothing was found

Family appeal

I have been too busy to keep this updated but here are some important ones modmins have saved for me

Al files for divorce

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15 thoughts on “Gannon Stauch screenshot collection

  1. ive said it a million times…go to helen hunt falls/gold camp road, ALL of the trails in cheyenne park, i would almost bet money that they find that poor child there..she has a picture of the bridge from helen hunt falls on he facebook, even. ive jokingly told my husband many times that if i had to dump a body, this would be the place because during a weekday, there is no one there, during the winter, there are many places to pull in, and then leave. i hope im wrong.

  2. This is so overwhelmingly sad. I do believe that the LE is keeping what important information they have close to their vest. I was shocked by the stepmother’s interview. She should have faced the camera and with being knowledgeable she did not chose her words carefully. Speaking in past tense speaks volumes in itself. Also I can see there is friction in her marriage. Like little cracks in a seam. Something is going to happen soon. I pray that the little boy Gannon is located safe. Yet, the step mom’s video haunts me. In the video of the step mom leaving with Gannon, it appears like someone on the other side of the vehicle after she backs in and gets out. Maybe it was my eyes playing tricks on me. Oh gosh, this case is so sad, it is so cold out, where is that little boy?

  3. The screen shot of the clothes found off 115 near turkey creek, was that reported to law enforcement? I cant see the original poster but it’s heavy on my mind to ensure this was reported to LE and not just posted on the internet… that could’ve beeen an important lead

  4. Did you all read Spencer Wilson’s tweet, He was told they had to stop in Kansas because Leticia Stauch slipped out of her handcuffs and punched an officer…so they had to book her into Kansas jail while they took the injured officer to hospital

  5. It looks to me like Al Stauch filed for divorce on 1/1/2020
    am I right???

    And then she is let go from her teaching job 3 days before she kills Gannon because her background check came back and she had lied!


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