Leila Cavett is missing after her son was found wandering the streets alone

On Sunday July 26, 2020, police in Miramar, Florida were alerted to a young child that was wandering the streets alone.

Lori Rodriguez‚ who helped search for the boy’s parents, told Local 10 that a neighbor had seen the child wandering and had been asking around to see if anyone knew anything about him.

“We walked around and looked to see if anyone was nearby. None of us have ever seen the baby before,” she said.

The little boy wasn’t wearing shoes or socks and he needed his diaper changed.

At 8:22 p.m., Miramar police sent out a status update: “We are very concerned considering we are approaching 12 hours since the child was located.”

This case started gaining traction on social media. People began posting that the child’s mother is Leila Cavett.

You can see Leila’s Facebook here.

Leila posted this photo of herself and the child in February this year.

Member’s of Leila’s family started posting on social media. They said her child’s name is Kamdyn:

Even though Kamdyn was found in Florida, the Walker County Sheriff in Alabama have issued a plea, asking for information:

There have been some unusual social media posts from Leila’s family and friends:

A man named Levi was originally suggested online to be Kamdyn’s father. He has come forward and said that he was dating Leila after she had Kamdyn, and he is not the father and has not seen them for over a year.

Leila’s family have no idea what she was doing in Miramar, or even why she was in Florida. Leila and Kamdyn live in Georgia:

Miramar Police have just released a new statement about the case, saying they are concerned for Leila’s safety:

Group members found a FB marketplace post from Leila, where she was selling a car. Her location was listed as Dawsonville, GA.

Image may contain: 1 person, car, text that says "X ? serious inquiries ONLY PM FOR PICTURES $2,900 Listed over a week ago in Dawsonville, GA Send seller a message Hi Leila, is this still available? Send Message Save Share More Seller Information See Profile"

If she did reside in Dawsonville, it’s a VERY long way from there to Miramar. What is going on?

A man named Dannylee West has come forward and said that he is Kamdyn’s birth father:

Image may contain: text that says "Dannylee West |am the blood father please someone contact 10m Like Reply Toye Anderson Brownlee Dannylee West call Miramar police department Like Reply Dannylee West Toye Anderson Brownlee did 4m Like Reply"

Dannylee has stated that he spoke to Leila on Friday 24 July in the morning:

Dannylee posted some photos of him and Kamdyn:

The family tree for this one is confusing. Dannylee is Kamdyn’s biological father but he is not named on the birth certificate. Levi Arnold was dating Leila when she was pregnant, and he is named on Kamdyn’s birth certificate. We believe Kamdyn also took his last name and – Kamdyn Arnold.

Miramar Police have released images of the car that Leila may have been driving:

No photo description available.

Image may contain: car and outdoor

A strange text that Leila sent to a friend recently has also been made public:

As of July 28, Leila is still missing. Dannylee has said that she was in Georgia as of 24 July.

Leila’s sisters held a media briefing on July 28:

The woman that found Kamdyn gave this information:

“I asked him where is your mommy and he kind of just pointed everywhere. I reached out my hand for him. He grabbed my hand and I just walked around the complex hoping that I would find someone looking for him.”

Family members told CBS4 they have attempted to contact Cavett on her cell phone, but after several rings, no one picks up. The woman’s grandmother was the final person to have any communication with her through a Facebook message on July 26, according to family members. They said Cavett had no plans to come to Florida.

A True Crime Society member put together this timeline:

Thursday 7/23. 12:34pm. Dannylee sent money to Leila at Dawsonville, GA Wal-Mart

Friday 7/24 Dannylee talks to Leila and he said she was in GA at the time.

Saturday 7/25 A friend claims she talked to Leila

Sunday 7/26. around 8:30am someone finds Kamdyn wandering in Miramar, FL.

Around 11am Dannylee is messaging Leila asking to see Kamdyn. No responses from Leila or answering of his calls around 6pm. Messages show unread.

Per interview with sisters on 7/28 grandma claims to have received a thumbs up from Leila through FB messenger on 7/26

A group member spotted an interesting thing on one of Leila’s posts. She had dating sites open in her browser:

The tabs were for WhatsYourPrice.com and Mate1.com.

This info comes from WhatsYourPrice.com:

Our mission: Make dating more rewarding for everyone.

WhatsYourPrice makes dating simple and more rewarding for everyone. With our first date incentive, our members discover high-quality, frequent first dates.

We have changed the “dating game”

WhatsYourPrice levels the playing field for men and makes dating more rewarding for women. All it takes is a little generosity. Instead of wasting time messaging, like on other dating websites, WhatsYourPrice is straight to the point and gets you on your date. Our unique system increases men’s chances with women and can turn any response to a “yes”.

Our dating system

Launched in April 2010, WhatsYourPrice has created a better dating experience for over 3 million men and women. Not only is it the easiest way to date, it is also the safest.

Could Leila have met someone in Florida from one of these sites?

The Miami Herald are reporting that Leila had drug issues in the past:

Alabama court records show that Leila was arrested in Walker County on Sept. 16, 2019, on a charge of having a controlled substance and marijuana. It was not clear whether the case has been settled.

According to the Daily Mountain Eagle, the Jasper daily newspaper, Leila received two traffic tickets in October. The paper reported that Leila skipped a February court date and her license was suspended in March.

A family member filed a report with the office claiming that Leila had been using crack cocaine in a residential home, and had “thrown a can of soda at her and yelled at her,” a report said.

On July 29, the police in Hollywood, Florida announced that they would be taking over the case. They said Leila was last seen in Hollywood. They also confirmed that her vehicle had been found in the Hollywood area.

Hollywood is not far from Miramar:

Interview with Leila’s father and grandfather. Her father states he spoke with a man Wednesday (7/30) who invited her to Florida for the weekend.


Hollywood Police Department also asked for the public’s assistance in locating Leila.

You can see Leila’s car being towed after it was recovered:

On August 3, police announced that they had made contact with Leila but that they had not located her yet. Does this mean she willingly left her son????

You can see the Dawson County News article here:

Leila’s sister and also the attorney for Leila’s family have said that Leila has not made contact:

The Dawson County News has since retracted their information:

Image may contain: 2 people, food

A man named Shannon Ryan has come out and said he was the last person seen with Leila. I hope I am getting this right as this case has really blown up and gone off on an unexpected tangent!

Shannon released a 51 minute long video about his involvement in the case:

Nikki did this amazing summary of the video in case you don’t have a spare hour to waste:

Days before Leila’s disappearance, Shannon mentioned her in a post as an “apprentice” of his, he edited her name out of the post hours later.

Leila’s brother has been commenting on Shannon’s social media rants:

Shannon also posted information and photos of the FBI searching his vehicle:

The Attorney handling Leila’s case released this statement:

Update 13th August-

Press conference

FBI officials said Cavett, who had previously been living in Georgia, came down to Florida on July 24th, with a photo showing her a the Cracker Barrel in Vero Beach near Interstate 95 that day.

The next day, July 25th, she was seen in the Fort Lauderdale Beach and Las Olas areas during the day and at a RaceTrac gas station in Hollywood that night.

Cavett was last seen near a Walmart parking lot near U.S. 441 and Hollywood Boulevard the night before her son was found. Her vehicle was found in Hollywood on July 28.

‘Very Mysterious’: FBI Continues Search for Missing Mother of Wandering Boy

Left picture is Leila and Kam at Cracker Barrel. Right picture is Leila and Kam at RaceTrak.

The right picture was at 10:20pm July 25th.

Leila seen entering and exiting a Lexus sedan at about 3pm July 25th at the same RaceTrak.

Dr. Phil did an episode on Leila’s case:

Update – August 15/16

Shannon has been arrested!

Shanon Demar Ryan was arrested on Aug. 16, 2020, in connection with the disappearance of missing Alabama mom Leila Cavett. Ryan is shown in a Broward Sheriff's booking photo.
Shannon’s mugshot

Update 17th August

A TCS member kindly typed it up quick for us-

Updates 8/18

Nikki put together this amazing timeline of movements – Shannon’s story vs. FBI information/google searches (click on it to enlarge)

Missy, a member in our group, has compiled this amazing database of the players in this case:

Leila Cavett – https://www.facebook.com/leila.cavett.5
Kamdyn Cavett : Leila’s son
Curtis Cavett : Leila’s dad
Tina Kirby-Cavett : Leila’s bio mom
https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100034585983163 https://www.facebook.com/tina.kirbycavett
Cara Cavett : Leila’s stepmom
Robin Jenkins : Leila’s grandma (maternal)
Curtis Cavett : Leila’s brother
Curina Cavett : Leila’s sister
Tyuania Cavett : Leila’s sister
Gina Lewis : Leila’s sister
Carol Ferdinand : Leila’s grandma (paternal)
Robert Ferdinand – Leila’s grandpa (paternal)
Jujuán Fèrdinand – (Alberto) Leila’s uncle
Alberto Ferdinand – Leila’s great-uncle
Evon Cavett – Leila’s great aunt (Paternal)
Holly Bonner – Leila’s aunt (maternal)
Bubba Matthews – Leila’s uncle
Tish Gravley – Leila’s aunt
Javaron D. Buckley Sr. : attorney representing the family
https://www.facebook.com/javaronr https://www.facebook.com/buckleylawgroup/
Levi Arnold – Leila’s ex boyfriend listed as father on Kamdyn’s birth certificate
Josh Freeland – Leila’s ex boyfriend
DannyLee West – Kamdyn’s bio dad but not on birth certificate
https://m.facebook.com/dannylee.west.5?hc_location=ufi https://www.facebook.com/dannyleewest.west https://www.facebook.com/danny.l.west.1
Amy Turner – DannyLee’s fiancé.
Danny Joe Cunningham – sent Leila money on Venmo. Leila and Kam possibly lived with him for awhile?
James “Red” Brown – Leila’s roommate in Dawsonville after she left aunt’s house
Cheryl Collins – Leila’s roommate in Dawsonville after she left aunt’s house
Shannon Demar Ryan – a witch? (alias BAruEL) who claims he’s being investigated


Possible businesses/related pages:
https://www.facebook.com/Magnetickundalini5448/ https://www.facebook.com/magnetickundalini5447/
https://www.facebook.com/spiritualsoullife/ https://www.facebook.com/TheConsciousObservation/ https://www.facebook.com/AdeptsofTheBrotherhoodofLight/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/oracles_of_neteru?igshid=bnn1ew0g2vo

https://oraclesofneteruguidancereadings.com/ https://www.pinterest.com/oraclesofneteru/
Gabriella Scarlett – first mentioned BAruEL
Ÿuuki Yasha (Christina Lawson) – BAruEL’s apprentice from Omaha, Nebraska that lives in Hollywood, Florida. Currently in the hospital. Shannon used her debit card to buy supplies listed in affidavit.
Delisha Natoya Winston – Christina’s friend who lives in nearby apartments to where Kam was found. Nurse at Memorial Regional.
William Lawson – Christina’s dad
Indigo Weaver – BAruEL’s apprentice and FB friends with Leila
https://www.facebook.com/renee.weaver.10 https://www.facebook.com/oya.oya.37454961
Kali Belaye – another BAruEL follower (but not apprentice) located in Canada.
Milcah Lovelace – BAruEL’s apprentice
Meghan Godfrey – BAruEL’s apprentice
Mimi Lenay – BAruEL’s apprentice lives in Houston, Texas
Samantha LightShade – Leila and apprentices all follow her, Shannon’s mentor and he is now the content director of her business page

Tiffany Sandles – BAruEL’s apprentice, ex-gf mom of meditating child, Leila supposedly lived with her and Shannon in Alabama
Melissa Gish – Tiffany’s friend who debunked Shannon’s version of how him and Leila met.
Shay Love – Shannon Ryan’s ex-girlfriend?
Javon Ridley – BAruEL’s apprentice, lives in Columbus, Ohio
Jozey Biatch – Josie Brown, BAruEL’s apprentice from GA
Ja’Mesha Arlene – (doiinmehh) SR’s mentee
Kind Bee – Stacey Irene Kelly, got left by Shannon who accused her of stealing and being a methhead.

Lulu Ryan Clemmons – Shannon’s mom (now blocked by him) listed as residing with him in the past

Mark Sawyer – Lulu’s longtime boyfriend?
Patricia O’Neil – possibly owner of Lexus
Sobek – SR’s iguana meditation partner. Also, an incubus demon that impregnates women in their sleep and through meditation
Julio Melendez – friends with SR who lives in Florida
Ashleigh Hiller – one of Shannon’s most outspoken defenders…until he was arrested.
Lauren Dumolo – also missing in Florida
Cieha Annette Taylor – also missing in Florida
Veronica Reyes-Diaz – also missing in Florida

Deanna Adams – also missing in Florida
George Cavett – someone claimed (in another group) that he is a POI but no one here could link him to family.
Andrew Eagle Flores – randomly mentioned as possibly being involved

Alex Ramirez (Sero) – randomly mentioned as possibly being involved

Ebony Williams – found Kam
Juniper Sage – ? spreading false info from her pseudo secret FBI friend
Lori Rodriguez – changed Kam’s diaper after Ebony found him
Gregoni Jenson Mendez – picked up by US Marshalls the same day as SR
Luis Patino – picked up by US Marshalls the same day as SR
This Willie from the FBI- Shannon’s imaginary FBI SA
George Piro – Special Agent, FBI
Samual Band – Special Agent, FBI

August 20th – Video surveillance showing Leila’s last known whereabouts is released.

The dumpster at RaceTrac has also been towed away by police.

Updates 8/21 –

Shannon Ryan appeared in court today. One of our members, Jaymey, was kind enough to type up a summary of the hearing.

– LC social media account was active until August 26th. (I think they meant July 26)
Facebook messages between SR and LC. Messages were about her travel to FL to be an apprentice to SR. Apprentice is in reference to SR practicing witchcraft, would be in relation to the teaching of witchcraft.
– Did LC practice witchcraft? Reason to believe she may have practiced some, but cannot say definitively
– Where was she coming from? From GA to FL.
– The truck has OHIO tags. Who was truck registered to? To the OG owner and had been sold more than once without a tag or registration transfer.
– Was LC final purchaser? That is my understanding.
– Do you know where she was living in GA and with who? No.
– Was there communication between LC and her family? Yes.
– Was any of that communication in reference to KA? Yes.
– What was the nature of the communication about KA? Multiple photos sent to family member sand friends. Cannot recall exact communications.
– Aside from family and SR, did she communicate with anybody else? Yes.
– Have you been able to learn who those individuals were? Not every single person, but numbers have been identified and interviewed.
– Were any of those located in FL? Not to my knowledge.
– Are those individuals in GA? Some where in GA.
– Aside from SR; was she communicating in any other way with any other individuals in FL? Not to my knowledge.
– Do you know if she was employed? She was selling items in fb marketplace for income.
– Any indication FB marketplace was reason to ravel to FL? Not at this point.
– Sole reason for coming to FL was to meet SR as an apprentice? At this point, yes.
– 1,000 hours of Racetrak surveillance footage.
Racetrak activity; July 25 initial appearance of LC.
– On July 25, did you review 24 hours of the video? Yes.
– On the 25th of July, was there any sign of the white GMC truck at the racetrak? Yes.
– Gold Lexus? There was a sign of SR’s vehicle at the Racetrak on the 25th.
– It would appear according to the complaint, SR met with LC on July 25th at Racetrack? Yes.
– Does the video confirm this meeting? Yes.
– Have you also reviewed the walmart video from the same day? I viewed clips of the video.
– Does the video include the parking lot? It does.
– Was there any sign of the white truck on the 25th? Yes.
– Was there any sign of the gold lexus? Yes.
– What does the video of Racetrack show of LC and SR? SR exited his vehicle and pointed which direction to park.
– What happens after that? They are not longer in that video. It appears as though she parks in walmart lot.
– What does that video show ; Once the truck is parked, the 3 of them leave the parking lot.
– Did they leave together in 1 car? They leave in SR’s vehicle.
– Did that truck leave the parking lot between 25th and 27th? yes.
– When? *consults notes* 27th at 11:11am truck leaves the vicinity of the parking lot.
– What about on the 25th? Not to knowledge.
26th? Cannot definitely say it was there the entire day.
– We can exclude the truck left on the 25th. Did anybody get in the truck on the 26th? Not to my recollection.
– On the 27th, the truck did leave? That’s right.
– Did the video capture who got in? Cannot say definitely, Video is at a distance.
– How many people got into the truck? The truck was seen entering racetrac; you can see SR and only SR exit the vehicle.
– Was both driver’s and passager door opened, or just driver’s side. “Cannot answer definitely which door was entered and by who.”
– You can’t tell me only 1 door was open? no.
– July 27th Ractrack video: did anybody else appear in the truck? no.
– Was the gold lexus seen that day at the RaceTrac; earlier in the day.
– What happened in the video of the truck on the 27th? SR is seen approacing the dumpters and throwing away numbers items from the truck.
– Were you able to determine what those items were? Not at this time, no.
– Do they appear to large or small items.? Both.
– Were those items taken from interior or exterior? Both.
– And what happens after that? SR enters vehicle and leaves parking lot.
– When was truck found/seen again? I cannot tell you.
– The truck; where was it recovered?
– When was truck parked there? cannot say what time, and who exits.
– The date? July 28th? July 28 is when contact was made with SR. The vehicle was in the parking lot before then.
– SR cell phone was seized with search warrant, was there any calls between his and LC’s phone? at what point?

– Let’s go day by day…. July 28th? no. 27th? no. 26th? no. 25 – video chat on fb messenger and messages on messenger.
– That’s the day they’re official meeting in South FL? Yes.
– Were those messages in relation to staying together? yes.
– Did SR have texts with LC? Did not see text messages, solely FB messenger.
– Prior to July 25; there was phone call? Video chats through messenger.
– Have you been able to log cell towers? For that day? yes.
– After SR and LC meet and leave, cell tower location? Fort Lauderdale area.
– Beach area? Yes.
– Does it indicate where they might have gone? heading back to Hollywood
– Did that include walmart/racetrak? Yes.
– Any other movement that day? the movement appears to be to fort lauderdale beach and hollywood area.
– July 26th SR cell phone tower location? Where is movement? 26th; around 8-8:30am, SR cell phone uses single tower that covers area of apartments.
– After leaving that apartment complex, where is the next tower? returns to hollywood area.
– Where did it go after? stays there in hollywood area for a time after child is dropped off.
– Where was the other tower located? Tower in area of Sunrise.
– Cell phone tower location returned to same tower in Hollywood evening on the 26th? yes.
– Did it stay there the rest of the night? Yes.
– 27th? Cell tower location change? Stayed in general hollywood area.
– LC’s phone checked for cell tower locations? Yes.
– Was it used on 7/28? no.
– 7/27? no
– 7/26 Phone is wifi only. Can only see wifi access. 26th? no wifi connection.
– 25th? Last known connection icloud backup to LC’s phone 1120-11:32pm. That wifi is in relation to Racetrack wifi.
– Where was her phone recovered from? It was not recovered.
– Prior of 11pm connection, prior connections? I do not recall.
– Did LC use any credit cards or electronic payments? there are numerous accounts associated with her, and we submitted suponea.
– Were any of her credit cards recovered? not to my knowledge.
– Any returns shown action? No.
– Video on news last night of LC at Racetrack where she pulls in driving lexus is that right? Earlier in the day, there is footage of her driving, and exiting the driver’s seat.
– LC goes from driver’s seat into RaceTrac? Yes.
– Was there anybody else in the lexus with her? SR enters the RT after she enters the RaceTrac. Cannot say he was in the lexus.
– What day are we talking about? The 25th.
– What time of day? 3pm.
– Where did she get into the driver’s seat before arriving at the RT? I believe at the walmart earlier when she parks the truck.
– Does the walmart video shows this? too difficult to say.
– Is there any video of KA was at the time? no.
– 25th video at RaceTrac; KA is not with her, right? correct.
– Do you know if there was a car seat in the truck? I don’t know.
– Same day, same time, SR walks into RaceTrac; did he also exit from the lexus? cannot say.
– What did LC purchase in RaceTrac? I don’t know.
– When lexus leaves, where did it go? cell phone tower location; headed to beach.
– 1st interview with SR? 28th.
– Where? Walmart parking lot.
– How was the encounter? Consensual with Miramar PD.
– What was he doing at the walmart.? – Walking towards LC’s truck.
– What does he tell police? SR says he met with LC on Saturday, went to the beach. Meeting was to buy the truck for $3,000. He left LC and her son on the 26th. (Around 230am)
– Was in he in custody at the time? no.
– FB messenger indicate selling the truck? no.
– The truck had a damaged window? Driver window is broken.
– Was there broke glass found around the truck? Located broken glass in parking lot cannot determine if related to truck.
– Glass inside the truck? Broken glass found inside the door frame.
– Drivers side sunshade damage?
– Forensic workup on the truck? Being done right now. Evidence is being sent to Quanitco.
– Was there 1 shovel? There were 2.
– Were they inside the truck or the bed? in the bed.
– One had red sposts on it? It appears that both had red spots. a lab updated, one has presumptive blood.
– There’s an initial indication that 1 has blood? Yes.
– Human or non human blood? not known at this time.
– There was apparently blood on the seat of truck? confirmed blood of the driver’s side rear passenger seat and head portion of the seat.
– Blood splatter analysis done? not at this time.
– Have you seen pictures? I have seen pictures of what looks like blood stains.
– Large sports or small speckles? appears to be larger than specks of blood.
– Has the lab determined this is blood? confirmed blood.
– Have they determined human or non human? Not at this time.
– Forensic analysis, bottle of isoproply alcohol empty in the truck.
– Finger print or dna analysis confirmed yet? no
– Anything else recovered from the truck? there were a lot of items.
– Garbage bags? from the lexus.
– duct tape? no
– Carpet cleaner? container not found; powder found on floorboard switch, cannot say it was carpet cleaner. White power found in truck and lexus.
– Lexus: carpet cleaner found under passenger side front seat? carpet cleaner? Sorry, I meant white powder.
– Garbage bags in lexus were they used or new? some where still rolled up.
– Box was opened? I don’t know a box was recovered.
– Duct tape found in lexus? no
– Bottle of carpet cleaner found in lexus? bottle of cleaner was found in lexus, not empty.
– Blood matter recovered in lexus? presumptive blood found on 1 of the seats in the lexus.
– Has the lab determined? Yes, they’ve just done initial test, and everything is not completed.
– Was there an initial confirmation of blood? presumptive blood at this point.
– Where was that recovered in the lexus? driver’s seat.
– Any other DNA or blood recovered? Blood spot on front passenger seat of truck that has not been discussed, presumptive as well. Other than that, swabs have been collected during searches. DNA analysis have not been done yet.
– How many times was the defendant seen around the dumpster at RaceTrac? he has been seen near that dumpsters on the 27th 5-8am, not that entire time frame.
– What does the video capture? Did he take anything out from the car? too difficult to say he appears to approach his vehicle and his dumpster

– Multiple trips back and forth? Yes.
– Small or large items? Both.
– Does he take things from the trunk? Cannot recall.
– SR made at post arrest statement. Where? FBI office near las olas
– What date? This past Saturday?
– He was in custody at that time? Yes.
– Was the interview recorded? Yes.
– What did SR say? SR identified his vehicle in his video at Edge apartments, explained he was there due to a flat tire.
– Does the video show the entirety of the time at the complex? Yes, the video we have, he was shown surveillance
– Video aside from surveillance, does it show KA in his car? It doesn’t’ show him in the car, but it shows them leaving the area
– Does the video show KA getting out of the car? no.
– Did you interview (unclear) in the complex? law enforcement did.
– Did anybody see KA get out of the car? no.
Thank you for your time.
– Govt is seeking detention due to risk of flight and danger.
– 20 year mandatory applicable to kidnapping charge, up to life.

They summed everything up by saying that SR was using CL, his girflriend’s card while she was in the hospital.  He claimed no bank accounts, and claimed indigent.  SR was homeless; living in his car and in and out of hotels. Extensive criminal history. Multiple drug charges. Burglaries. He admitted a drug addition. Has a prior failure to appear for a drug possession charge. Was released from parole less than a year ago.

Judge: The court finds there has been nothing to rebutt the presumption onf dangerousness in this matter; although there is no eyewitness testimony, there is a strong circumstantial case.
Clearly the defendant is a risk of flight, he has no ties to anywhere. He’s homeless, and using his gfs debit card while she’s in the hospital, and he’s going to be given a mandatory of 20 years, no incentive to appear, and he’s clearly a risk of flight.
Pre-trial detention ordered.

Court finds probably cause to believe defendant committed the crime in the complaints. Will be sent over to Grand Jury for consideration for indictment.

SR will remain in jail with no bond. His next court date is August 31st.

August 24th it was announced that the FBI is also looking for a possible witness.

On August 28th, a motion to continue was filed and Shannon’s arraignment hearing was moved to January 22nd, 2021 at 11am

This is a developing story. Please join us on Facebook for the latest real time updates.

6 thoughts on “Leila Cavett is missing after her son was found wandering the streets alone

  1. Why can’t I pull up the Facebook page linked at the bottom of the page?? I would like to follow this case & others— you guys are the best in True Crime out there these days!

  2. I don’t know much about the Everglades and it’s inhabitants but I sincerely hope the police have a way of searching there because I believe that is the last place this poor girl may have been alive. I don’t want to seem like I am judging, especially during these times of BLM and other injustices but if you listen to the very long story of the person who claims to be “the last one to see” Leila, there are many discrepancies that make him look very suspicious. One part for example is when he claims he spoke to the men in the black car he said looked like the men from the beach, due to his ego based reaction, they drove off, he then follows up with confronting Leila about talking to them and then that she took her baby and went with them… I am sorry but that doesn’t add up and there are other ares that hold the same lack of credibility. He also mostly said things like Leila “was” over “is”… now I am no psychologist and I don’t believe I was looking for signs of his guilt or innocence, but those words stood out to me. It seems he has a lot of emotion when it comes to Leila as he admitted his ego prompted him to react at the gas station and he presents himself to be someone who planned to give her a new life in a way that included more than just employment like when he said that he believed she was coming out for him to take care of her, he stated “we have a truck, we have a car”. I also found it interesting that he stumbled over whether or not they hugged when they got out of the vehicles at Walmart but he doesn’t recall giving her money until much later in the story. He also switched between “my truck” and “her truck”.

    His anger over the harassment of his hospitalized friend is stronger than his concern for a missing girl, who he claims to also have concern for also a person could question that if he is the witch he claims to be then why doesn’t he consult with his spirit guides about where she is instead of focusing on how he is feeling misjudged.

    Although my words may seem to have a tome of accusation, please know that I am fully aware that I do not know what happened. I find these types of cases sad and interesting and these are only my observations from watching the video statement.

    My heart breaks for Leila’s son and I pray his survival of this ordeal allows him to grow into a strong and healthy man and the rest of her family can find closure soon.

  3. I’m sorry but I just remembered one more issue I have with the voluntary video statement… from the beach in Fort Lauderdale they went to the Cheesecake Factory, then he is pretty sure they went back to Hollywood to the Race Trac station and he was sleeping, now I can’t help but wonder what are the odds that the men in his story at the gas station, are the men from the beach ??

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